Recipe | Green Dragon Sugar ,cannabis sugar, weed sugar call

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Green Dragon Sugar ,cannabis sugar, weed sugar call it what you want

From - Posted: Apr 04, 2011 - 26,486 views
Recipe | Green Dragon Sugar ,cannabis sugar, weed sugar call it what you want | Green Dragon Sugar ,cannabis sugar, weed sugar call it what you want
Green Dragon Sugar ,cannabis sugar, weed sugar call it what you want
Green Dragon Sugar ,cannabis sugar, weed sugar call it what you want
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This is a recipe that teaches you how to bond THC to Sugar. It's as simple as the recipe states. Enjoy, Eric
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I MADE A BETTER VIDEO!!! WATCH THIS ONE INSTEAD This video isn't edited and the camera man didn't understand the zoom function very well, but I wasn't trying to get my face, I wanted to show you how to make medicine at home that can greatly reduce your chances of getting cancer, or help heal you if you do! Not only that, these little pills will help with your Anxiety, Depression, Sleeping or eating disorders, MS, Epilepsy, Cancer, I can go on and on. It helps with everything! These pills are easy to make. You need a capsule machine (I call it) there is various kinds but they sell them in health food stores. Buy empty gel capsules, they cost around $25 for over 1000, which should last a while. I recommend taking with food, even if it's just a smoothie or glass of juice. It causes little burps that don't taste all that great if you eat on an empty stomach. Plus it can make you a little dizzy or even sleepy if taken during the day. When first trying these pills I would take one at night, a couple hours before you plan on going to sleep. See how it affects you, and then take another. If still nothing after two hours take a third pill, then you should have a very restful night sleep! This way you can see how the pills will affect you and not mess up your day with unwanted side effects. SIDE EFFECTS are very few, but still can make you dizzy or an upset stomach if taken without food. They may cause you to get sick or throw up without food. If this happens to you, next time EAT! If you don't like the feeling they give you then don't be alarmed or give up on them, just don't take them during the day. The medical benefits will still be working in your system even when you wake up! The CBD's in these pills have a calming and cancer preventing effect,! These are especially for those who DON'T smoke on a regular basis and don't like the feeling of being "High", these are for you! Try them! They are very low cost. The whole cost to make 1250 pills is around $50 for the first time, once you have all the equipment. Then it's only $25 for empty capsules every few months. Most growers will give you trimmings for free or for a very low price. Otherwise ask your local dispensary. I'M NOT A DOCTOR!! I'M A PATIENT!! This is how I survive! I just want to help others to do the same! I hate man made pills; they make me very sick, and cause terrible side effects that are just not worth the pills benefits themselves. I have tried everything there is for my disease (Epilepsy) and nothing works without worse side effects that I'm forced to live with the rest of my life, and worse, is the long term side effects that are still unknown. I have had enough and any other sick person out there should feel the same! TRY THIS! I promise you will feel better overall!!
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