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Edens Secret Soap Making

From - Posted: May 23, 2011 - 20,556 views
Recipe | Edens Secret Soap Making | Edens Secret Soap Making
Edens Secret Soap Making
Edens Secret Soap Making
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Edens Secret Making Soap Balls

Getting the preperations ready to make one of my popular soaps, Mint choc chip, so am using cold process soap to make the balls
110,312 views | Jul 01, 2011

Edens Secret Chance Natural Handmade Soap

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29,352 views | Jul 15, 2011

Edens Secret And now for the Piping of Love Spell Cupcake Soaps

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14,664 views | May 22, 2011

Edens Secret Request Video on Rose Petal Soap Cake

To buy go to:- Again, you'll notice the English Rose fragrance moves very fast, so for the frosting I didn't put ANY fragrance into it, so it was as smooth as cream.
7,353 views | May 30, 2011

Edens Secret Soap Making Technique Especially for Beginners.

To buy go to:- This is a simple design that any soap maker who knows the basics of soap making can do. As usual any questions either ask in a comment or send me a PM.
221,799 views | May 30, 2011

Edens secret Making Bubble Bath Cupcake Bases

Buy Online at:- I'D ALSO JUST LIKE TO ADD THAT I HAVE NEVER OR WOULD EVER CLICK A DISLIKE BUTTON ON ANYBODY'S CHANNEL - AND I DON'T HAVE A CLUE WHO WOULD!! I'D LIKE TO REMIND THE HATERS CULT THAT I AM STILL RECORDING AND HAVE BEEN RECORDING EVERY PIECE OF HATE TOWARDS ME WITH MY VIDEO CAMERA FOR A VERY LONG TIME NOW AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO THAT TOO!! I ALSO HAVE SOMEONE IN THE STATES DOING THE SAME FOR ME TOO!! Now then - I'm sorry to have to bring this all up yet again - but the haters leave me no choice, and I will have to keep referring to it from time to time. Just so you all know:- Firstly I want to thank God because he has shown me he is on my side, he knows the truth of all that has happened here and he knows that I have been open and honest here and that I do not have the time to trawl up and down comments looking to creat any hate at all, I'm too busy for that. I don't profess to be perfect, but like I have said, I have done nothing to the "Haters Cult" - not a thing!! and the haters actually know that, so no matter what they tell you, I have not done anything wrong!! I do mistrust the leader because she has got a fair few people to attack me, so I think I have good reason to mistrust her. My channel is and always will be a place to share our love of crafts, it will be peaceful, full of love and caring people. The haters have turned many people against me, by getting them to remove me from their channels, remove themselves from mine and have even got some soapers to block me, can you believe that! What did I ever do to them, but I think they are maybe scared that they may get the same treatment I have had, so I sort of understand it. They block some people who comment on my video's even though I hardly know those commenters, they comment nicely on everybodies videos, so why block them? They are controlling all of their friends moves. Some of those people wish they had not joined the dark side, but are now stuck there festering away in the brew of hatred and cannot see a way out of it. I've been blessed with no hate whatsoever in me, and have also been blessed with forgivness, (sometimes I wish God had not given me forgivness but I'm stuck with it) so I don't blame those who joined the "Cult" - it wasn't their fault, but were pressured into it -"Gosh we all gotta show Karen how very much and how many people hate her, then she will go from YOutube" - but if I did go, then they would have to find someone else to hate. And I can't have that! I pray that God can send them some peace and love and use their energy for sharing love with those they love instead of the full time job of hating me, scrolling up and down all my comments, messaging each other about everything I do, let them find peace. AMEN!! THE TRUTH IS IMINENT!!
22,276 views | May 17, 2011

Edens Secret Another Cupcake Soap Video

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5,838 views | May 23, 2011

Edens Secret MAKING Vegetable Glycerine Soaps

Two fabulous fragrances ehre in "Angel Skin" and "Peaches & Cream" - to find them, just click this link to be taken to our website:-
158,813 views | Feb 28, 2012

Edens secret Blue Angel Cupcakes Soaps Part 2

Pouring in to the base mould or mold if you are in the states.
8,800 views | May 17, 2011

Edens Secret Cutting My Big Lemon Love Soap Cake

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18,675 views | May 21, 2011

Edens Secret Lemon Meringue Cold Process Soap Cake

Like to buy, go to:- - With my five essential oils, this soap is scented with Lemon, Lemongrass, MayChang, Bergamot and just a hint of Ginger, loved by teh ladies but especially the Men.
9,955 views | Jun 04, 2011

6 Color In The Pot Soap Swirling

Using the In The Pot Method, watch how I swirl 6 colors of soap to create a fun and colorful bar. More information on the soap here: http:www.kbshimmer.comKaleidoSoap.html
16,785,494 views | Jun 16, 2011

Edens Secret My Soap and goodies shelf P1000711

Like to see my soapies and stuff altogether. You can buy them online at:-
47,587 views | Apr 05, 2011

Edens Secret Blue Angel Cupcake Soaps Part 3

Now for the mixing and piping of the frostings.
5,565 views | May 18, 2011

Edens Secret Faeries Dance Massage Bars
14,218 views | Oct 04, 2011

Edens Secret Label Making

MY LOGO IS COPYRIGHTED AND CANNOT BE COPIED IN ANY WAY - but I just wanted to show you how I make my labels, to help you get an idea of how to make something for yourself.
3,538 views | May 30, 2011