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Dumplings Recipe Domácí knedlík Czech Cookbook

From - Posted: Apr 08, 2013 - 23,584 views
Recipe | Dumplings Recipe Domácí knedlík Czech Cookbook | Dumplings Recipe Domaci knedlik Czech Cookbook
Dumplings Recipe Domácí knedlík Czech Cookbook
Dumplings Recipe Domaci knedlik Czech Cookbook
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Ingredients: Now you can learn how to make an amazing Czech dumplings. And you don't even need to buy flour from Czech ;) As promised here is the video of Bread dumplings: © Copyright Czech Cookbook
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Soña teaches me a new way to make the Czech dumpling that my Grandmother passed onto my mother.This is often served as a traditional dinner of Pork and Dumplings, with sauerkraut that cooks all day. When it all comes together it is an incredible combination.I claim no rights or ownership or privilege to the music in the back ground. All credit goes to Vince Guaraldi. Please don't remove the sound track.
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Please share this video on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Reddit. Submit your video idea here http:thebestsauces.comcookingwithjacktoo I will help you edit your video if you need.Here is the recipe: Ingredients: Boneless...Skinless Chicken Breasts Unsalted Butter Salt...Pepper and Garlic Powder Foil Cooking Spray Bisquick Chicken Stock Directions: Preheat oven to 400F 204C Place Chicken on foil sprayed with cooking spray, season as desired top chicken with a slice of unsalted butter, spray another piece of foil and top chicken, fold up all edges at least 3 times to make a sealed packet. Place foil pack on a rimmed baking sheet just to be safe.Bake for 45 min. Mix Bisquick with Chicken stock to make a thick batter.. Add 2-3 inches of stock to pot and bring to a high simmer.. Add dumpling mix by large spoonful and do not over fill pan.. Dumplings will swell. Cook uncovered at a simmer for 10-12 min then cover and continue to cook for another 10-12 min. Bisquick has measurements on the box if you chose just use chicken stock in place of water for a more flavorful dumpling.. You can also add veggies to foil pack.. I sometimes use onions and baby carrots.
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