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Tip Memasak dari MAGGI Ayam

From Youtube.com - Posted: Dec 18, 2012 - 737 views
Dinner | Tip Memasak dari MAGGI Ayam | Tip Memasak dari MAGGI Ayam
Tip Memasak dari MAGGI Ayam
Tip Memasak dari MAGGI Ayam
Duration: 03 minute 48 seconds 
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Understand the basics of cooking and be entertained with the help of Chef Muluk. This episode he will show you how to debone a whole chicken and then show you how you can chop a chicken into 10 bite-sized pieces. Try it! It's much easier than you would imagine.
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Tempe Kacau Goreng Petai

Rich in protein, spice and flavour, this recipe for Tempe Kacau Goreng dengan Petai is a delight for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Featuring our Japanese head market auditor, Shusaku Kimura and Chef Muluk.
2,924 views | Dec 18, 2012

Tip Memasak dari MAGGI Udang

Prawns are a delight to eat especially when it's already been shelled and cleaned. Entice guests to delight in your prawn dishes through the use of these preparations methods as demonstrated by Maggi's Chef Muluk.
577 views | Dec 18, 2012

Udang Bersalut Sos Supreme MAGGI

Prawns in Supreme Sauce may sound like a difficult dish to prepare but as Mr Chee and Chef Muluk will show you, it's easier than you think.
1,556 views | Dec 17, 2012

Sup Buah Kundur

The charismatic Chef Muluk returns with Brett Whitfeld our Procurement Manager from South Africa will show us how to make a traditional Chinese recipe for Winter Melon Soup. Try it for an easy recipe that will surely satisfy.
1,188 views | Dec 17, 2012

Resep Sup Ayam Jahe

Air harus mendidih dulu di panci baru kita masukkan ayam utuh untuk mendapatkan kaldu yang bening.Kaldu dan isinya ¾ panci isi air 1 ayam utuh 1 jahe gajah di-keprek 1 kentang kupas dibelah empat 1 wortel kupas besar dipotong besarBumbu kaldu 3 bawang putih dirajang pendek 5 bawang merah dirajang pendek 1 bawang bombay dirajang ½ pala diparut Margarin 1 ikat seledri diikat 2 batang daun bawang Garam Gula Merica Caranya : 1. Rebus air sampai mendidih di atas api besar.2. Masukkan ayam utuh dan jahe. Kecilkan api.3. Panaskan margarin dan tumis bawang putih, bawang merah, bawang bombay hingga masak. Tambahkan pala. Tumis terus hingga harum.4. Masukkan tumisan bumbu ke rebusan ayam. Masak terus.5. Setelah daging ayam tampak lepas-lepas dari tulang dan kaldu terasa harum, masukkan wortel dan kentang.6. Jika wortel dan kentang sudah setengah masak, masukkan seledri, dan bubuhi garam hingga terasa pas. Bubuhi merica sesuai selera. Rebus terus hingga masak.7. Terakhir, masukkan daun bawang. Matikan api. Untuk Resep Lainnya, Kunjungi www.rasamasa.com
21,072 views | Nov 05, 2013

MAGGI Jom Masak Masak Mushroom soup

How to turn simple mushrooms into an impressive soup? Check out this quick-and-easy cooking video with host, Chef Muluk and special guest, Rosalyn Simba, Business Executive Manager, Food Malaysia and Singapore, Nestlé. It's so simple that you absolutely need to try it!Check out the recipe here: Ingredients: 1 litre Water 300 g Chicken fillet, diced A   2 teaspoons MAGGI Chicken Concentrated Stock 1 teaspoon MAGGI Oyster Sauce ¼ teaspoon Sesame Oil50gm Small Carrot, diced 10 White fungus, soaked until soft, torn into pieces 50gm Button mushroom 1 stalk Spring Onion, diced Salt, to tasteCooking steps: 1. Mixed chicken with A ingredients. 2. Add chicken to boiling water and simmer for 10 minutes. 3. Add white fungus, mushroom, carrot and cook over medium heat for 10 minutes or until carrot are cooked.
8,600 views | Jun 18, 2012

Tip Memasak dari MAGGI Ikan

Make your fish dishes look more impressive through theproper filleting method, which will be shown to you by Chef Muluk. He will also show you how to do a special "butterfly" method, a technique used by some of the finest seafood restaurants.
1,202 views | Dec 18, 2012

Chinese Maggi Noodles

My Previous Video: http:www.youtube.comwatch?v=yWk9i_LV2Y4My Make up Channel: https:www.youtube.comusercheezz12345Facebook: http:www.facebook.comCheezzMakeup
9,060 views | Dec 18, 2013

Roti or Chapati or Aka or Pulka Fulka Indian soft bread Video Recipe b...

Bhavna from http:www.indianrecipevideo.com and http:www.bhavnaskitchen.com shows you how to make soft roti that stays almost 3 days as soft as made fresh...Learn start to finish... Many times, oil is not added while the dough is prepared but I prefer to add just little oil to keep them soft for longer period of time.
2,319,457 views | Oct 03, 2009

MAGGI Kari ala Penang

Terokai cara memasak Mi MAGGI Kari Kandar Pulau Pinang bersama selebriti, Scha Alyahya dan usahawan, Jusharaa.MAGGI Kari ala PenangBahan-bahan1 bungkus M2MN Kari 360 ml AirA 5 helai Daun kari 50 gm Terung, dihiris nipis 1 keping Tahu putih, dipotong kecil 1 sdk Sos Tomato MAGGI 4 sdb Santan pekat 50 gm Isi dada ayam, dipotong kecil dan di rebusHiasan 1 sdb Daun sup dihiris nipis ½ biji Cili merah, dihiris nipis 1 sdb Bawang goreng 1 biji Limau nipis, dibelah duaLangkah-langkah1 Dalam periuk, didihkan air 2 Masukkan perencah kari dan bahan A, biarkan mendidih semula 3 Masukkan Mi dan masak selama 2 minit 4 Hidangkan panas bersama bahan hiasan
195,116 views | Nov 30, 2012

MAGGI Jom Masak Masak Lemon Grass Chicken with Vegetables

Easy to make and suitable for a balanced diet, this delicious recipe is packed with flavour! Our host Chef Muluk and special guest Khoo Kar Khoon, Communication Director of Nestlé will show you how simple it is to prepare this dish.Check out the recipe here Ingredients: 500 gm Chicken breast, boneless and slicedA 3 pcs Green chili, seeded and finely chopped 3 stalks Lemon grass, thinly sliced 4 cloves Garlic, finely chopped 4 cm Ginger, finely chopped 2 tbsp Cooking oilB 2 tsp Sugar ¼ cup Water ½ tsp White pepper powder 2 ½ tsp MAGGI No Added MSG Concentrated Chicken Stock 2 tsp Corn flour, mixed with 1 tbsp WaterGarnish 1 tbsp Coriander leaf, sliced Cooking steps: 1. In a pan, heat oil. Sauté ingredient A until aromatic. 2. Add in chicken pieces and cook for 3 minutes. 3. Add in ingredient B and cook for another 2 minutes. 4. Add in corn flour mixture and cook until thickens. 5. Garnish upon serve.
4,654 views | Jun 25, 2012

How to Make Cereal Butter Prawns 麦片虾

Recipe: http:kitchentigress.blogspot.sg201102how-to-make-cereal-butter-prawns.html Tips: http:kitchentigress.blogspot.sg201208cereal-butter-prawns-video.htmlMusic: JewelBeat.com
169,400 views | Aug 12, 2012

How to Debone and French A Chicken Leg and Thigh

This video will demonstrate how to debone and french a chicken leg and thigh. To see an example of how to stuff and cook a Frenched Chicken Leg, please watch this video: http:youtu.becypzhAtiYCEFor more information and related techniques, please visit this episode's show notes: http:www.stellaculinary.comcks43
36,265 views | Jul 11, 2012

How to make Maggi more interesting

Maggi -- the Indian two-minute-noodle brand -- can be made far more edible and interesting. Here's how
172,872 views | Jan 26, 2010

New MAGGI Magic Meals Ayam Masak Kicap

Selebriti terkemuka, Dynas Mokhtar menunjukkan cara mudah bagaimana memasak ayam masak kicap dengan menggunakan MAGGI Magic Meals.
196,572 views | Mar 14, 2013

Gordon Ramsay s Festive Home Cooking GB 2013

Let's end 2013 with Gordon Ramsay being unusually nice on television.All content belongs to Channel 4.
370,288 views | Dec 21, 2013

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