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MateFit 14 day Mini Teatox Results

From - Posted: Dec 29, 2013 - 39,958 views
Dessert | MateFit 14 day Mini Teatox Results | MateFit 14 day Mini Teatox Results
MateFit 14 day Mini Teatox Results
MateFit 14 day Mini Teatox Results
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Matefit Tea Review Weight loss energy

Hey guys, im so sorry for such a horrible video, im starting school tomorrow and I couldn't record this over again. I sound like a grumpy old man, i had a sore throat, haha! Bare with me for now, but thank you so much for PLEASE CHECK THEIR PRODUCTS OUT! Instaram: MatefitThis is not a sponsored video, All products are purchased by me. Use promo code: BRETTFIT for 10% off!Youtube.comcarlibybel- Makeup page Youtube.combrettcap- Fitness pageYou can also get a discount code on your order if you go watch bretts video " motivational tips to lose weight"Please give this video a thumbs up if you want more reviews of beauty, health and fashion products :)
38,936 views | Jan 11, 2014

Tiny Tea Review Is It Worth it? My Results Thoughts!

Hey beauties! So in today's video I share with you my thoughts on the 14 day Tiny Tea! If you found this video helpful & want to see more reviews on products please THUMBS UP this video for more! If you have any other questions do not hesitate to ask me girls! Leave me your video requests down below as well! I LOVE YOU ALL! xoxo-------------------------------------------Your Tea's Website ! SUBSCRIBE For More! Don't Miss My Previous Videos:Hair Care Routine For Dry Damaged Hair: http:youtu.betBC7NgoiJeQPop Of Color Makeup Look: http:youtu.behrfG5LeD4wwEasy Spring Up Do: http:youtu.be0mU7gdfhzx4April 2014 Beauty Favorites: Ready With Me | Spring Makeup Edition: http:youtu.bezYg0HUd0d8c----------------------------------------Let's Be Friends :)Twitter: https:twitter.comjuicyyyyjas Instagram: http:instagram.comjuicyyyyjasBusiness Inquires Only: juicyyyyjas@yahoo.comThanks so much for watching!! xoxo, Jasmine ❤
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How I Lost 25 pounds in 1 Month ♡ BodyBeautyBrilliant

How I lost 25 lbs in one month and got a bikini body. My tips and tricks for fast and effective weight loss. Lose the weight and keep it off in 2014!Please vote for me! http:woobox.comv5h4ntHow I Get My Teeth So White: Ciarahoneydip I also forgot to mention that I cut out caffeinealcohol for the most part and did a cleanse! I apologize for the long wait. I will be more consistent with these in the future as I make more progress;)♡Beauty Channel: ♡Twitter: http:www.twitter.comciarahoneydip ♡My Blog: ♡Facebook: http:www.facebook.comciarahoneydip ♡Tumblr: ♡Instagram: Ciarahoneydip ♡Business Inquiries for this channel: Ciarahoneydip00@gmail.comBikini Bootcamp How to lose weight fast and naturally DASH diet cleanse lose weight for 2014 weight loss bikini boot camp tone it up tuesdays bikini boot camp 1 bikini boot camp movie bikini boot camp pop pilates bikini boot camp wwe bikini bridge how i lost 25 pounds in 1 month
145,708 views | Mar 13, 2013

How To Lose Weight Fast and Easy NO EXERCISE

Credits: MUSIC : Jordan Sparks - One Step At A Time. (I do not own the music, tune, lyrics, or song).How To Lose Weight Fast & Easy w NO EXERCISE.HOW MANY CALORIES SHOULD YOU EAT? I personally eat 1200 cals a day but thats for my height, This doesn't apply to everyone as all women come in different shapes and sizes. What i can recommend is for you to find out your BMI and it will calculate everything for you depending on your height. Some people who saw my video got mistaken and assumed I've told all women to eat UNDER 1000 Cals, including men. In order to reduce the amount of assumptions i get and unnecessary notification that are rather unimportant as even me making a video falls of def ears to a few tempered humans, i thought of adding this into my description. Type into your "Google Toolbar" for a BMI calculator, and you shall be presented with one online. Also, notice how i said don't starve yourself. If i would say that, it would be so incoherent to saying to eat under 1000 cals which literally is STARVING YOURSELF. WHAT DID I SAY AT 11:20-11:25? I said "SOUP" can fill you Up. (btw soups with creams are Fattening).PLEASE THINK BEFORE YOU COMMENT THINGS THAT MAY HAVE CONTRADICTIONS WITHIN IT, DO NOT PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH, YOUR COMMENTS ONLY REFLECT ON YOU.Foods That will help you see results in 2 weeks: Lemon Lime Pineapples Apples Prunes (After or Before every meal {CAN ALSO BE USED FOR SNACKING). GreenTea ( For 3 - 4 months [MORNING + LATE AFTERNOON + EVENING] half an hour after every meal. Oolong Tea Wulong Tea (After 3 - 4 months). half an hour after every meal. Honey + Lemon + Hot Water (Before Sleeping).TIPS & WARNINGS: Green Tea & Oolong is best from either a traditional Chinese marketstore or Walmart. Do not add too much honey to your prior sleep drink because it can cause heartburn as normal honey does. Do not Eat over 5 - 6 Prunes a day. It might cause irritation to your bowl movement. Do not go overboard with Pineapples and Apples just because it helps burn fat. Everything should be eaten in healthy quantities. Fruits can cause uncomfortable bloating or a beautiful gassy BUM!!! hahahaha Eat frozen yogurt instead of regular Ice cream.Hope I haven't missed out any important Tips or Additional Information.PLEASE SUBSCRIBE , REPOST, SHARE , SEND TO THOSE THAT ARE SEEKING HELP IN THIS CRITERIA, AND SEND IN REQUESTS OR ANY QUESTIONS.Hi i make tutorials regarding Makeup (Eyes, Lips, Eyebrows, Contouring etc), Hair, Weight Loss, Diet, Fashion, and basically anything Infact! :) Hope you like my videos. Don't forget to Subscribe, Request, Share, and Like, MWAH EVERYONE! Don't Forget to Subscribe, Share, Send Requests, Follow, and Like my VideosExtra Links. Mwah!!HOW I DID MY EYELINER? Check out my other youtube video link : Links: Facebook http:www.facebook.comAbigaleKirstenMAKEUPKeek (Video Blogs and Funny vids) http:www.keek.comAbigaleKirstenTwitter http:www.twitter.comAbigaleKirstenInstagram http:www.instagram.comAbigaleKirstenFollow me on: http:twitter.comAbigaleKirsten http:instagram.comabigalekirsten http:www.keek.comAbigaleKirsten http:www.facebook.comAbigalekirstenMAKEUPEDITOR: Adobe Premiere Pro CS4LOVE YOU ALL. HAVE A GREAT DAY.YOU'LL ALWAYS BE BEAUTIFUL!!!
6,611,658 views | Aug 06, 2013

How to increase Your Metabolism

How to increase Your Metabolism - Dr. Stan Headley introduces the topic of how to increase your metabolism and several things you can do to burn extra calories.Want more? Subscribe to this channel !!Get all news and most recent updates below:Website: http:drstanheadley.comTwitter: twitter.comDrStanHeadley******************** Here are the links to the clips or topics discussed in this video. Feel free to check them out and if you like what you see... why not subscribe.Doctor Oz: replay this video: http:youtu.begOlAqdRzsTY
31,370 views | Jul 12, 2012

MateFit 14 Day Teatox Review

opeeeen :) so my before and after don't look significantly different but I have and do feel different, like i said it helped with my bloating and I lost a good 5 to 7 lbs during the two weeks so definitely a product that I would re order and recommend Thanks !
23,956 views | Feb 12, 2014

My Current Diet Routine Carlibel55

Hellllo ladies! So I wanted to get up a video talking about some of my favorite things to eat right now. I have changed my diet since last years video on this so I wanted to update you all! I used to eat 1-2 meals a day which was NOT ok. Not only did I not lose weight, I slowed my metabolism. After I decided to start my journey the healthy way I quickly found how rewarding it was. Not only do I feel better, but my body looks tighter and more toned! I know everyone ALWAYS wants the easy way out of things, but when it comes to losing weight I highly suggest proper healthy diet & exercise. You may think you have no time and it cannot be done, but in order to CHANGE you must take the first step. Hope this helps :) Love you muffins!!! P.S. I AM LOVING THE GIVEAWAY VIDEOS SO FAR. You all made me cry numerous times. I cannot wait to see more! Find out how to enter Here:*5-6 Small meals Breakfast-snack-lunch-snack-dinner-snack None of my portions are big. I eat small portions for my main meals and a granola bar, yogurt or a smoothie in between!SONG: Thunder by Boys like Girls: http:bit.ly17vsNhDBrett's Fitness & Healthy Living Channel: - ON ME! Top: Only $37 HERE: http:bit.ly143qX9i Earrings: Asos SIMLIAR: http:bit.ly17tp4RL*HOW WE PREP OUR CHICKEN: 10 EASY WORKOUTS @ Home: Your Arm Circuit @ Home: Inner Beauty Youtube Channel: - Breakfast foods I love: Oatmeal (Maple Brown Sugar YUM) Steel cut oats Egg White omelets- onions & peppers Protein Smoothies -I love the breakfast essentials vanilla powder mix to add in!Lunch's I love: Hard boiled eggs Grilled Chicken Vegetables Sweet Potatoes Brown Rice TurkeyDinner: Grilled seasoned chicken Tuna VegetablesStir Fry Brown Rice Whole Wheat PastaSnacks: Kashi Malt Go lean bars* I think I ate them too much Bc now I can't eat them :O Greek Yogurt VANILLA Whole wheat pita chips Hummus - I love dipping veggies in Hummus Popcorn*WANT TO SEE HOW I DID MY FOUNDATION ROUTINE?! WATCH HERE: Website! : http:www.carlibybel.comFollow me on KEEK for more videos!!! KEEK: @Carlibel http:www.keek.comgetappCome check out my beauty page for quotes & love! http:www.facebook.combeautybycarliInstagram: @CarliBel @TheFashionBybel - My Fashion Page for OOTD*DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a sponsored video.
890,321 views | Aug 15, 2013

MateFit Tea Review

MateFit 14 Day Mini Detox Diet | Before & After Review. I'm giving away 14 Day Detox set June 18th, 2014! Go to to enter! Questions? Tweet me @BrittanyBegley
4,157 views | Jun 12, 2014

Tea Detox Review Flat Tummy Tea

The discount code is no longer valid. Find Flat Tummy Tea: Website- http:goo.glbckoObI love tea! video- Healthy xBusiness inquiries only- ♡ Blog- Facebook- http:www.facebook.comScolaFitness Instagram- http:instagram.comscoladondo Twitter- https:twitter.comScolaDondo ♡ For Advicehelp email- (Please check through my videos FIRST as i have videos on many topics to do with weight lossfitness: http:goo.glgGsdj1 ) *Sponsored video though all opinions are my own :)
81,361 views | Apr 24, 2014

How To Make Easy Hassle Free Compost Tea

MORE TIPS LIKE THIS @ : Compost tea the way it was meant to be done! no steeping, no teabag, no brewing, just down to earth basics, and some healthy plants as a result! enjoy! MIgardener Store: https:www.facebook.comMIgardenerapp_251458316228 Join the fun on facebook @ http:www.facebook.comMIgardener Follow the fun on twitter @ http:www.twitter.comGardenersRUs
31,323 views | Jun 29, 2013

Tiny Tea TeaTox Review !

Hello my loves !.. So here is my Tiny Tea Review ! This was highly requested to film ever since I started the teatox ! I hope this video was maybe helpful :) Be sure to leave me your feedback & some video requests down below!! I hope you enjoyed !! : * This is not a sponsored video. Intro Outro Song: Picture perfect Her Youtube Channel: https:itunes.comCharityvance https:www.charityvance.netCheck out her music I seriously LA LA LOVE ! ♡ SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, & COMMENT ♡ PO BOX 6832 Monroe TWP NJ 08831 Send me letters (; xoxoIf you are a company & would like me to do a review on a product contact me : bcmakeuplover@yahoo.comxo
12,229 views | May 12, 2014

Tiny Tea TeaTox Review Alexa Re

.: OPEN ME :.❤ TINY TEA ❤❤ Previous Video ❤❤ WRITE ME ❤ Alexa Re' P.O. Box 7835 Little Rock, AR 72217❤WANT TO KNOW HOW I KEEP MY TEETH SO WHITE? TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MY DISCOUNT CODE! ❤ --- Enter "SMILE32" at checkout to take the price from $99 to $25! http:shop.smilebright.infoAt-Home-Instant-Teeth-Whitening-Kit-with-LED-lighting-System-SBTW-4651.htm❤ Southern Chevron Shop ❤ www.etsy.comshopsouthernchevron❤KEEP UP WITH ME❤ [TWITTER, VINE, KEEK, PINTEREST, INSTAGRAM] @xoAlexaRe [FACEBOOK] www.facebook.comxoAlexaRe❤Want to sign your beauty channel with an awesome network?! Let me refer you!! ❤ For business inquiries, please contact me at: ---
4,905 views | Mar 14, 2014

Tiny Tea detox ♡ Review

Tell me what you thought of this video! Do you like reviews? Would you like more in the future?Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe! ♡⩓⩔⩓⩔⩓⩔⩓⩔⩓Learn more about this teatox and other teas' from the brand YourTea:http:www.yourtea.comThey do offer international shipping.⩓⩔⩓⩔⩓⩔⩓⩔⩓Instagram: sweetklara Twitter: https:twitter.comSweetKBlog Blog: Business e-mail: sweetkblog@hotmail.comDisclaimer: YourTea did send me this teatox to try out, however they did not pay me to make this video and all opinions are my own.
34,521 views | Mar 09, 2014

India s 40lb Weight Loss with Before and After Pics!

This was by far the most difficult video I've ever had to make. The emotions that go along with weight gain and the process of trying to lose it came out. I am pleased with my progress but it was hard to look at were I came from. I was in denial! But it was a reminder that I don't want to go back to my previous weight. I hope that I inspire some of you to join me on this journey. I will use my testimony to reach as many of you as I possibly can. I thank God for giving me the strength to stick with this and the opportunity to share it with the world!#91 -- Most Discussed (This Week) -- Howto & Style #53 -- Top Rated (This Week) -- Howto & Style
308,905 views | Sep 10, 2011

Fitness Fit Tea Journey 8 Days│BeautyWithBrittanyXo

Fit Tea- 14 Day Detox is $25 & 28 Day Detox is $45Fit Tea 14 Day Detox- Promotes Fat Burning! Boosts Immune System Promotes & Soothes Digestion Promotes Loss Of Body Weight ❤Pumpup- beautywithbrittanyxo❤ Follow me on Instagram at http:instagram.combeautywithbrittanyxo ❤ Follow me on Twitter at https:twitter.comBrittanyA_Xo ❤ Follow my on Facebook https:www.facebook.combeautywithbrittanyxo ❤ Follow my blog ❤ Subscribe to my vlog ❤ Pinterest http:www.pinterest.comBrittanyBXoXoEarn money back for shopping online!! http:www.ebates.comreferraldefault.htmWant to send me a letter?!? P.O. Box 984 Frankfort, IL 60423Sigma *Affiliate link Use code JUNE10 for $10 off your purchase _________________ What's on my nails? Essie A Crewed Interest and Essie Mint Candy Apple _________________ What am I wearing? Top- American Eagle Necklace- Tiffany & Co Bracelet- Alex & Ani _________________ How did I do my hair? _________________ What's on my face? Skin 79 Super BB mixed w Revlon Colorstay Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer bareminerals Hydrating Mineral Veil Eyes- Too Face Chocolate Bar Palette Benefit They're Real Mascara Brows- Jordana Fabubrow- Taupe Lips- NYX Butter Gloss- Peach Cobbler and Apple Strudel Blush- MAC Warm Soul MAC Extra Dimension Bronzer- DelphicMUSIC Landon Austin http:landonaustin.comCharity Vance http:www.itunes.comcharityvance http:www.charityvance.netFAQ: What camera do you use? Nikon D5100 Lighting: Natural and http:amzn.to1u9DNf2 How old am I: 22 Are you a natural redhead: YESDisclaimer This tea was sent to me for review. I am always honest and give you my 100% open and truthful opinion.
11,367 views | Jul 01, 2014

Healthy Protein Shakes

Make sure to use code "BRETTFIT" for 10% off: http:matefit.mecollectionsproductsproductsmetabolic-boost http:matefit.mecollectionsproductsproductssuper-goji-blast"Laughing is exercise for your heart" ************************************************************************************ What's up guys- Back to you with this video on my Plant Protein Post-Workout Shake -- I like Plant Protein because it does a lot of good for your body's digestive system, and is packed with PHYTONUTRIENTS (natural chemicals found in plants Phyto comes from Greek word for plant) which are very good for dieting andor in the gym! IMPORTANT TIP: If you don't like dairy, or are lactose-intolerant, or perhaps on a dairy-free diet, you can use Almond Milk, Soy Milk, etc. All that stuff - whatever you want to mix your protein powder with you can as long as you enjoy it and are smart about it! Very important to remember that! HEADS UP: The brand of your Plant Protein Powder does NOT matter..just find the best powder that works for you and I recommend picking a flavor that is strong to your liking.SIMPLE INGREDIENTS: 1 12 Scoop Vanilla Bean Plant Protein Powder 1 12 Solo Cup Organic Skim Milk 1 Decent Pour of 100% Liquid Egg Whites 1 Tablespoon MateFit Super Goji Blast Powder I RECOMMEND YOU BLEND THIS! Thanks guys!!Please Share This Video On Facebook with the Link Below!! http:youtu.beqmF14nD4ZHwPLEASE FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAMTWITTER! http:www.twitter.combrettcap http:www.instagram.combrettcap HASHTAG #BRETTCAPFITNESS TO: STAY UPDATED, COMMENT & POST TRANSFORMATIONAL BEFOREAFTER PICS!PLEASE LIKE MY PAGE ON FACEBOOK FOR UPDATES :) http:www.facebook.comBRETTCAPFITCheck out my latest video on HEALTHY HONEY MUSTARD CHICKEN out my latest video on DIFFERENT PROTEIN POWDERS: out my MOTIVATIONAL TIPS video on BURNING BELLY FAT FAT: out my MOTIVATIONAL TIPS video on REACHING FITNESS GOALS: http:youtu.beTTYDpEd397sCheck out my SIX PACK ABS IN 15 MINS VIDEO: out my NUTRITIOUS BREAKFAST IDEAS: out my video on HOW TO PREP YOUR CHICKEN FOR MEAL PLANS: All Beats Produced by Mike Cash YOUTUBE FACEBOOK https:www.facebook.compagesElectr... SOUNDCLOUD https:soundcloud.comelectric-bodega
35,890 views | Sep 19, 2013

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