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Gastronomad Spanski kolac sa limunom

From - Posted: Oct 02, 2013 - 1,653 views
Dessert | Gastronomad Spanski kolac sa limunom | Gastronomad Spanski kolac sa limunom
Gastronomad Spanski kolac sa limunom
Gastronomad Spanski kolac sa limunom
Duration: 12 minute 22 seconds 
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Gastronomad - Spanski kolac sa limunom rts 1
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Rudolf Rozata Bresilienne Kolač od banana i kikirikija recept

Rudolfova pekara Rudolph van Veen u ovoj epizodi pokazuje kako se prave: Rozata Bresilienne & Kolač od banana i kikirikijaKolač od banana i kikirikija Sastojci:275g smeđeg šećera, 2 jajeta, 2 banane, 290g brašna, 1 kašičica praška za pecivo, 1 kašičica cimeta, prstohvat đumbira, 145g putera, 100g kikirikijaGlazura: 1 belance, 200g šećera u prahu, 1 kašika kakao prahaRozata Bresilienne Sastojci:Testo: 1 vanila, 1 limun, 250g brašna, 1 jaje, 1 žumance, 125g putera, 100g šećera u prahuPoslastičarski krem: 12 vanile, 125ml mleka, 1 žumance 1 kašika šećera,12 kašike brašnaPunjenje: 3 jajeta, 75g šećera, 75g brašna, 500ml mlekaBresilienne: 200g listića badema, 4 kašike šećeraPotrebno je za ukrašavanje: 500ml pavlake, 100g šećera, šećer u prahuPosetite nas na: http:www.limundo.comClanhomer3300SpisakAukcija http:www.kupindo.comClanhomer3300SpisakPredmeta
677 views | Jun 02, 2013

Lemon pie Tart od limuna

Recept koji prati ovaj video možete naći na blogu Ja u kuhinji... na sledećem linku: http:1331999.blogspot.com201306tart-od-limuna-lemon-pie-video-recept.htmlThe recipe that follows this video is available at the link: http:1331999.blogspot.com201306tart-od-limuna-lemon-pie-video-recept.htmlMusic by Levitation - More Than Ever People
2,579 views | Jun 26, 2013

Lava kolač лава колач brzi dezert

Mi to tako
12,555 views | Jan 26, 2013

Gastronomad Involtini od sira i patlidzna

Gastronomad - Involtini od sira i patlidzna rts 1
345 views | Oct 06, 2013

Gastronomad Fritule

Gastronomad - Fritule RTS 1
3,404 views | Sep 22, 2013

Gastronomad Kebap u patlidzanu

Gastronomad - Kebap u patlidzanu RTS 1
697 views | Sep 22, 2013

DESERT Limun kolač

Sva prava na sadržaj video zapisa polaže Osječka TV.
1,920 views | Nov 04, 2012

Anina kuhinja Krema od limuna

2,061 views | Oct 24, 2013

Gastronomad Jagnjetina na provansalski nacin Francuska kuhinja

Gastronomad - Jagnjetina na provansalski nacin - Francuska kuhinja rts 1
1,843 views | Sep 23, 2013

Vreme je za bebe Рађају се бебе доле крај Тополе

Emisija Vreme je za bebe RTS, недеља, 26. дец 2010: Народна песма Обраше се виногради доле крај Тополе добила је нови наслов - Рађају се бебе доле крај Тополе. За нови почетак заслужни су главни актери данашње епизоде, брачни пар Маријана (34) и Дарко Милојевић (33) из Жабара, код Тополе, епицентру Шумадије. Милојевићи су једанаест година у браку, а 24. октобра су по други пут постали родитељи маленог Игора. Ћерка Марица, њихова прва родитељска срећа, ове године прославила је шести рођендан. У крају који бележи негативни прираштај, рађање деце је права светковина. Маријана је по струци фризерка али је запослена у "Ливници" као сервирка. У истој фирми ради и Дарко, аутоелектричар по професији. После радног времена њих двоје се баве разним пољопривредним радовима. Једно време гајили су цвеће, а сад углавном праве аранжмане од сувог цвећа. Имају тезгу на Опленачкој берби где излажу своје производе (грожђе, вино, ајвар) иако нису велики произвођачи и немају велики виноград, али им је тезга прошле године била проглашена за најлепшу. Ове године, изостало је то признање, али је Маријана незванично проглашена за најлепшу трудницу на Опленачкој берби. Маријана у шали признаје да није имала конкуренцију, јер је била једина трудница за тезгом. Режисер: Владимир Петровић Продуцент: Небојша-Неле Гарић
120,028 views | Jan 02, 2011

Gastronomad Spanska tortilja

Gastronomad - Spanska tortilja rts 1
1,551 views | Sep 24, 2013

GastroNomad Lepi Brka Vranje Gradska Meana

Tarana po vranjskom receptu
7,287 views | Mar 24, 2013

RECEPT Rafaelo kroglice

SESTAVINE: 1 dcl vode 20 dag sladkorja 20 dag margarine 30 dag mleka v prahu kokosova moka mandeljniNajprej skuhaš vodo in sladkor. V drugi posodi zmiksaš margarino in mleko v prahu. Potem temu dodaš ohlajen skuhan sladkor.Vse skupaj daš za tri ure v hladilnik.Oblikuješ kroglice, na sredino daš mandljevo jedrce in povaljaš v kokosovi moki.ENGLISH: 1 dl water 20 g sugar 20 g butter 30 g milk powder coconut flour almonds
122,908 views | Jun 12, 2012

BAKLAVA ROLLS It s easier than making squares

PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION FOR RECIPE AND VARIATIONS. You can put whatever you want in this baklava. You don't have to follow my recipe perfectly. Make it to your own taste. If you like ghee, use ghee. If you prefer pistachios, use them, if you prefer cashews, use them (very yummy actually), if you like more nuts, put as much as you want (just beware that there comes a point that there are too many nuts and it breaks the phyllo). If you like spices in it, then put spices. If you don't like the spices, don't put them. The beauty of this recipe is that it is so flexible. The only reason I posted this recipe on Youtube, is because I have a lot of friends who ask me how to make it. I give this link to my friends when they ask me. For any youtubers out there also looking for something different than Baklava squares, this method is a lot easier to make. But just because I made a video, doesn't mean the exact method is written in stone. Thank you all for sharing your ideas for variations. I'm pretty sure I have addressed every possible variation in this description & the original recipe is written here for anyone who actually wants to try it that way. You will need: For the syrup: 1 & 34 cup of sugar (435 ml) 1 & 14 cup of water (310 ml) 1 tsp of lemon juice (5 ml) For the Baklava you will need: 1 pastry brush 9*13" Baking Pan (3L) 1 rolling stick - about 34" in diameter... I bought mine in a building box store, cut it in half, sanded, washed and oiled it.... It's also great for rolling bread dough for making pizzas or other bread pastries... Baklava Ingredients 1-1 lb package phyllo pastry (454 g) 34 - 1 lb of unsalted butter or the equivalent amount of vegetable oil. (I made this video well over a year ago, now I use mostly vegetable oil but still add a bit of butter to give a richer taste) ****6-8 cups of ground nuts - your choice of unsalted walnuts, pecans, almonds, cashews or shelled pistachios. You can put a little less if you want but if you put approximately 12 cup - 34 per roll they will be very thick and tasty. If you're using Pistachios, you'll have to buy the whole, unsalted, shelled nut, and grind it yourself. What I do is I buy a lot of nuts and grind them, then keep them stored in plastic or glass containers. Directions: Melt the butter and mix with oil, or just use veg oil. Spread it over the phyllo pastry using the pastry brush. Spread the nuts. Roll with the rolling stick. Spread oilbutter over a second layer of phyllo pastry. Roll the first roll inside the second layer. Squish it and place in the pan. Repeat this process until all phyllo pastry is used. If you're left with one sheet at the end, cut it in half so that you can still get two layers. Once the phyllo is finished and your pan is full, spread the "clearest" part of the butter mixture over the top again using the pastry brush. You do not need to finish all of the butteroil mixture. Bake at 350F for anywhere from 30-45 minutes, depending on the type of oven you use (convection is faster) and the pan (glass pans have a tendency to burn the bottom). It should be evenly brown and crispy on both the top and bottom. While it is baking, bring the water, sugar and lemon juice to a boil. Boil for 10 minutes over med-low heat, then remove. Once the baklava is cooked and cooled to a "warm" temperature, cut it to bite size pieces, and spoon the warm syrup mixture over top. Top with crushed Pistachios. Wait 1-3 hours before eating to ensure the syrup is absorbed. For a recipe of Baklava squares, Binnur's Turkish cookbook is a great site - I made her squares and they turned out beautifully... http:www.turkishcookbook.com200610turkish-baklava.php
1,229,296 views | Aug 23, 2009

Američke palačinke Pancakes

Recept koji prati ovaj video možete naći na blogu Ja u kuhinji... na sledećem linku: http:1331999.blogspot.com201211americke-palacinke-video-recept.htmlThe recipe that follows this video is available at the link: http:1331999.blogspot.com201211americke-palacinke-video-recept.html
7,987 views | Nov 20, 2012

cokoladna torta cetiri uzitka chocolate cake four pleasure

Torta od čokoladnog biskvita, kreme od tamne, svijetle i bijele čokolade
6,045 views | Dec 30, 2012

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