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Dee Lusby Organic Beekeeper 2013

From - Posted: Mar 13, 2013 - 28,669 views
Dessert | Dee Lusby Organic Beekeeper 2013 | Dee Lusby Organic Beekeeper 2013
Dee Lusby Organic Beekeeper 2013
Dee Lusby Organic Beekeeper 2013
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A trip to the bee yard with Dee Lusby, a Treatment Free Beekeeper with over 700 hives in southern Arizona. Dee does not use any chemicals, treatments or artificial feeds of any kind. Her bees are small cell bees raised using housel positioning and an unlimited broodnest system. Most of her hives are 5 deeps tall. For more information please visit
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The wonder of Bees with Martha Kearney Ep1 First broadcast: Apr 2014. Episode 14 Martha Kearney's year gets off to a bad start when unseasonal snow in spring threatens to kill the bee colonies she keeps in her garden in Suffolk. With help from a master beekeeper Martha feeds her bees and takes one of the hives to a wildflower meadow at a neighbour's house along with two brand new hives.She discovers the intricate hierarchy within the bee colony and learns how the organisation of the hive has become a metaphor for human society. At a London school she learns the secrets of urban bees' success even while bees in the country as a whole are in decline. The episode ends with three new hives established on a wildflower meadow, ready to start producing classic British wildflower honey.
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Beekeeping. Part 1, building hives. Bodies.

This one is pretty exciting. I was fortunate enough to find someone who could teach me about Beekeeping (or as my friend says "bee-HAVING") This is the beginning of what will hopefully be a lifetime activity.. Here I take you along from the idea, to the acquisition of materials and the building of my first hive. Here's the plans I used. http:www.beesource.combuild-it-yourself10-frame-langstroth-barry-birkey
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The Sustainable Apiary by Mike Palmer

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Beekeeping Robbing the Bees.

I'm showing my method of robbing the bees. I don't use a bee brush. I have some fairly impressive full frames of honey to show. I ended up with 14 boxes in this video plus another 8 boxes from the previous afternoon & this afternoon.
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Honey Bees and Beekeeping 3.2 The brood nest

Presented with permission of the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education. To purchase the complete "Honey Bees and Beekeeping" television series on DVD or accompanying book, please call 1-800-359-4040.
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Cleaning Melting and Filtering Beeswax

It's a beekeeping update. Sort of. I wanted to show ya'll how I deal with all that left over wax from my crush and strain honey extraction. It's pretty simple. Wash the wax with cold water. Then melt it in a pot with 2" of water in the bottom. Let cool over night, dump out water. Then scrape the bottom of the wax hunk with a knife. Once all the loose goo comes off, go through the process again. I took 4-5 meltings to be satisfied with the results. It's pretty easy all things considered. Just time consuming. Follow me here:Website: Twitter: http:twitter.comraintogreen Pinterest: http:pinterest.comraintogreen
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I was keen to show off my full frames of honey plus my NEW BOXES!!!
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