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Somali Rice Pilaf Bariis Maraq البيلاف الصومالي

Colourful rice cooked in a flavourful broth. The broth and rice are vegan with the omission of the chicken bones. Print the recipe from Soo'...
107,283 views | Jan 13, 2013

One Pot Rice Goat Meat Bariis Isku karis Potée de Riz à la Viande de C...

Somali-style Rice. Each grain of rice is loaded with flavours from the goat meat, tomatoes, and spices. VOIR CI-DESSOUS LE FRANÇAIS.
105,056 views | Dec 21, 2011

Somali Doughnuts Kac Kac Beignets Somalis الدونت الصومالي

These tasty snacks were sold in traditional Somali restaurants (maqaayo Soomaali) in Mogadishu and other cities in Somalia. We did not make them too sweet an...
153,640 views | Aug 15, 2012

Somali Shortbread Cookies Icun 2 nooc Sablés Somalis الغريبة

In Somalia, street vendors selling these cookies say, "Icun icalaanji caloosha iggee (iggeli)." It means "Eat me, chew me, and dispatch me to the stomach." T...
152,851 views | Aug 11, 2012

Chicken Steak Bisteeki Digaag

Pan-fried chicken steak prepared with a quick and tasty marinade. Visit for more details.
50,540 views | Dec 19, 2011

Samosa Pastry Burka Sambuuska Pâte à Samosa عجينة السمبوسه

Samosa pastry made from scratch. Easy to follow steps. VOIR CI-DESSOUS LE FRANÇAIS المكونات في الأسفل (٢ كوب طحين (د...
559,487 views | May 24, 2012

Bravanese Bread Maanda Muufo Baraawe

Traditional bread of Brava, Somalia. Easy, step by step instructions. Visit for more details. ٣ كوب سميد ناعم ٣ كوب سميد خشن ١٢ كوب سكر ١ مل...
51,796 views | Apr 04, 2012

Somali Chapati Sabaayad

East African Chapati. Tender and flaky, the way it is meant to be. Visit for more details.
62,536 views | Jan 31, 2012

Fried Fish Kalluun La Shiilay السمك المقلي

Deep fried whole red snapper with a crunchy skin and moist, succulent flesh. Print the recipe from Soo'da waxaa ka daabacan kartaan www.xawa...
41,591 views | Jan 05, 2013

Somali Grits with Beef Stew Soor iyo Maraq

Visit for more details.
28,501 views | Oct 16, 2011

Roasted Chicken Drumsticks Lugo Digaag La foorneeyay دجاج بالفرن

This dish is inexpensive, quick, and very easy. The chicken is tender, moist, succulent, and flavourful. Visit for more details. ROAST UNCOVE...
32,458 views | Jul 31, 2012

Somali Style Lamb Liver Kidneys Beer La Solay

Visit for more details. Cooking Lamb Liver, Kidneys, and heart, directly on charcoal.
8,577 views | Sep 09, 2011

Eritrean Injera Zigni Canjeero iyo Zigni Injera d Erytrée et Zigni

An easy method for preparing Zigni that is not very spicy. No need to spend hours in the kitchen! The injera is also simplified without compromising the tast...
109,434 views | Mar 25, 2012

Bajiya The Full Episode

Bajiya. For more details, visit For the featured song, visit BabuNL Production on YouTube. VOIR CI-DESSOUS LE FRANÇAIS. http:xawaash...
113,999 views | Sep 18, 2011

Lamb Stew Maraq Ari مرق لحم غنم

A very aromatic lamb stew. Not only tasty but good for you too: turmeric, fenugreek, ginger, garlic, tomatoes, and the list goes on. Visit fo...
31,603 views | May 29, 2013

Basbousa Basbuusa Basbousa بـسـبـوسـة

Perfect basbousa! Also included is a bonus recipe for "Sticky Basbousa Pudding". VOIR CI-DESSOUS LE FRANÇAIS Ingrédi...
491,294 views | Apr 28, 2013

Xawaash Somali Spice Mix حوائج

A very aromatic spice mix. Try this recipe and you will never buy the ready made one. Visit for more details. ١٢ كوب حبوب الكمون، ١٢ كوب حب...
111,479 views | Mar 30, 2012

Eye of Round Roast Hilib Aroosto روستو العجل

An inexpensive and easy roast cooked in a flavourful broth. Dip a good, crusty bread in the juices and enjoy! Visit for more details.
13,131 views | Sep 07, 2012

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