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Wood saving stoves

From - Posted: Sep 04, 2006 - 2,076 views
Cooking | Wood saving stoves | Wood saving stoves
Wood saving stoves
Wood saving stoves
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With the help of WWF, people living in villages around the panda reserves in Sichuan, China have installed wood-saving stoves to limit the amount of fuel-wood they gather from the forest. Fuel-wood harvesting has put significant pressure on the panda habitat.
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Biogas 2

Villages around the panda habitat in the Minshan Mountains are using biogas as an energy efficient source of power for heating and cooking.
5,531 views | Sep 04, 2006

Biogas 1

Villages around the panda habitat in the Minshan Mountains are using biogas as an energy efficient source of power for heating and cooking.
2,370 views | Sep 04, 2006

Rocket Stove Workshop

Workshop on building a rocket stove with Niels Corfield. Soundtracked with Graham Burnett's "Permaculture Plot" Visit Graham at
195,647 views | Jun 29, 2007

The ONIL Stove Overview

In this video we learn about the hazards of open, three-stone fires, the traditional method of cooking in many parts of Central America. In an effort to get people to use a more safe cooking method ­ and one that will save on firewood, money, and time spent on collecting firewood ­ Don O'Neal, HELPS International, and others have introduced the ONIL stove. This video helps to understand how this stove is impacting and changing lives in a profound way.
146,860 views | Jan 22, 2008

Hybrid Stove Making Charcoal

Biomass cooking stove burns wood to charcoal and saves the charcoal. One pound of wood cooks 6 kiols of rice and makes 65 grams of char
74,094 views | Jul 26, 2007

Wood gas clip

Homemade Wood Gas Stove
3,551 views | Mar 06, 2008

Wood saving stoves

Wood saving stoves in Minshan Mountains, Sichuan province, China. The stoves are reducing the pressure on the panda habitat as people need much less wood fuel from the forests to stay wamr and cook their food.
3,605 views | Sep 04, 2006

Biogas Wood Stove Demonstration Wood Gas Producer Gas

http:www.USH2.combiogas_stove_sale.htm This stove is a partial oxidation gas generator stove. It produces Hydrogen, Carbon Monoxide, Methane and other cracked organic compounds. The same principle is in our books on gasification of wood for engines and cars. Yes, you CAN run a car off this type of system and over 1 million vehicles did this during WWII... it can still work today
760,721 views | Apr 23, 2007

CARE Energy saving stove in Chad Energiesparende Öfen Tschad

CARE is managing 3 IDP sites in Eastern Chad. To face the lack of natural resources in the region, CARE provides energy-saving stoves to IDPs and local population. The stoves save up to 80 per cent of wood comparing to a traditional fireplace. CARE: Energiespar-Öfen im Tschad CARE betreut 3 Flüchtlingslager im Ost-Tschad. Da die natürlichen Ressourcen in der Region immer knapper werden, verteilt CARE Energiespar-Öfen an Flüchtlinge und die einheimische Bevölkerung. Diese Öfen reduzieren den Holzverbrauch um bis zu 80% gegenüber einer traditionellen Feuerstelle. Copyright: CARE Deutschland Thomas Schwarz Besonderer Dank an Andreas Kökce, Cutter aus Linz am Rhein!
7,554 views | Sep 11, 2007

Estufas Ñuke el orígen

Explicación de la alta eficiencia de las estufas Ñuke - This video is an explanation of why Ñuke wood stoves are so energy-efficient
14,184 views | May 11, 2008

DAXU, China, Stoves designed to burn crop waste Ashden Award winner

This video can be downloaded here: http:www.ashdenawards.orgwinnersdaxu DAXU won an Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy in 2007. You can follow us on: Facebook http:bit.ly9GKbIM Twitter http:twitter.comAshdenAwards Blog: http:www.ashdenawards.orgbloglatest Beijing Shenzhou Daxu Bio-energy Technology Company Ltd (Daxu) has succeeded in developing an innovative stove design that replaces coal by burning widely available crop waste as well as burning wood much more efficiently. Most families in China still cook using stoves that burn coal or wood which has led to severe deforestation and dangerous levels of indoor air pollution, particularly from coal use. Crop waste is widely available in China yet very few stove designs have been able to burn this waste effectively. The Daxu stove is not only designed to burn crop waste, either loose or in briquettes, it is also 40% efficient, produces hardly any smoke, cuts cooking and heating costs by 50% and, if it replaces a traditional coal burning stove, it can saves around eight tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. With its two hot plates, it also allows families to cook a stir-fry dish and steamed rice at the same time. Some Daxu stove models also come with a back boiler which provides hot running water and heating to rural families, often for the first time. It is hardly surprising that since September last year, 25,000 models have been sold, with 10,000 sold in the first three months of 2007. There is enormous potential for introducing this technology throughout China, since over 20 million wood and coal stoves are sold each year.
11,955 views | Feb 26, 2008

Compact Wood Burning Stove

Invented by Jim Falk of
280,423 views | Oct 21, 2007

GIRA, Mexico, Fuel efficient stoves Ashden Award winner

This video can be downloaded here: http:www.ashdenawards.orgwinnersgira GIRA won an Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy in 2006. You can follow us on: Facebook http:bit.ly9GKbIM Twitter http:twitter.comAshdenAwards Blog: http:www.ashdenawards.orgbloglatest The Grupo Interdisciplinario de Tecnología Rural Apropiada (GIRA) has developed the 'Patsari' stove for making tortillas and general household cooking, and has measured significant improvements in the health of women who use the stoves as well as reductions in air pollution and wood use. About 95% of rural Mexican households cook with wood on open fires. Although this is bad for their health and uses unsustainable wood resources, the majority cannot afford to change to cleaner liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), even though the government encourages this. This situation is especially acute among poor indigenous people in the Central Mexican Highlands, where thousands of micro-enterprises run by women sell hand-made tortillas cooked over open fires for long hours each day. GIRA started a stove programme to improve the health and security of households, bring new opportunities for small businesses, and improve the supply of wood. The Patsari stove, developed through a participatory approach involving stove-users, is an improvement on the 'Lorena' design with a more efficient combustion chamber and made of more durable materials, including a prefabricated metal chimney and hotplates. GIRA has shown that respiratory disease decreases by 30% and eye infections by 50% in women who use the Patsari stove rather than an open fire, thanks to 70% reduction in indoor air pollution. Fuelwood use is halved. Users greatly appreciate having cleaner, smoke-free kitchens.
29,076 views | Feb 29, 2008

Wood Harvesting In Central America

This is how some people unload logging trucks in Central America. It's crazy.
2,768 views | May 12, 2007

China s Green Beat Bioenergy in Yunnan Yunnan province in Southwest China is a multicultural, beautiful place and a hotbed of biodiversity. Many rural people rely almost solely on firewood for their energy needs of cooking and heating. Over collection of firewood is the most immediate and significant threat to biodiversity in Northwest Yunnan, because of the amount of deforestation and destruction of habitat that takes place to harvest the wood. The use of biogas digesters and efficient stoves is increasing, however, which is in turn decreasing the need for wood, saving time and labor for rural people. For more information on The Nature Conservancy's China program, please click here: http:www.nature.orgwhereweworkasiapacificchinastrategiesart13329.html
6,251 views | Jul 16, 2008


Energy wood harvesting
45,844 views | Aug 11, 2007


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