Cooking Wood Cookstoves In Sweden

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2,489,070 views | Apr 17, 2015

Swedish military stove Cooking with wood

Warning!!! The windscreen can get damaged when using it as a woodstove. I have one testament to that. My own is a bit softer but I have no problem using it but there is a risk you will damage...
7,536 views | May 20, 2012

Starting a Wood Fire Review of Camping Wood Stove

My review of the Portable Military Camping Tent Steel Wood Stove Heater (STOVE-2346) and my attempts to cook chicken on the stove by burning wood. 1.
67,912 views | Aug 07, 2011

bushcraft skills the swedish torch stove my way

a day out into the woods after some serious rain, presenting the swedish torch - my way: you don't need to cut and split big logs, and you can do it with your sak saw (although i preffer my...
1,085,135 views | Feb 20, 2011

Swedish Fire Torch

This video is for the Challenge that Waldhandwerk (sepp) is having hope you enjoy.
13,904,507 views | Feb 02, 2011

Wooden Wood Rocket Stove.wmv

Make a wood stove out of wood.
136,883 views | Mar 12, 2012

Bushcraft Finnish Fire Stove, splitting wood with a knife and wedges W...

More videos at Like and Subscribe if you want me to make more videos like this Facebook page - https:www.facebook.comWilderloreBushcraft?ref=hl Follow me on twitter...
43,847 views | Dec 22, 2013

Camping Emergency Preparadness Cook Kit, Wood Multi Fuel Stove, Pot Fu...

If you're a lover of the outdoors who enjoys campfires and outdoor cooking or someone who want's to be prepared in case of emergency. You'll find this Cook Kit usefull. The Pot is made of...
3,358 views | Jun 12, 2014

Cooking Breakfast on the Wood Fired Adobe Stove

Using hotplates, potholes and rings above a wood fired firebox to cook a big breakfast on a Saturday morning. All inside a mud plastered surrounding with a flue to effectively remove the smoke....
483 views | Sep 20, 2013

STEALTH WILD CAMP, Swedish Army Trangia Cooking, Tarp Set Up, Night Da...

Stealth style wild camp in woodland. Tarp - part pyramid config' with para cord, bungees and use of adjustableadaptable eyelet loops on tarp. Drapped camo netting and foliage to blend into...
64,859 views | Oct 26, 2010

Swedish Fire Torch Stove Bushcraft

How to build a Swedish fire stove torch. Learned from the local Swedes and now I am sharing it with you so you can use it on your next painting adventures to keep warm or to cook some food,...
2,819 views | Dec 13, 2014

Swedish Fire Torch Quick Lighting Version Tip Of The Week E42

The Swedish Fire Torch - Imagine a wood fire that is completely self-sustaining, burns an incredibly long time, and even features a built-in cooking surface... well this is it! This video demonstra...
86,902 views | Oct 05, 2013

Ammo box wood stove

Fantastic little tent stove! Great for camping in the outdoors. It cooks your food, heats your tent and you can use it as a BBQ outside your tent or tipi. For more information write me an email.
25,989 views | Apr 15, 2012

Trangia Mini Stove and Solo Stove Combo first test

A test of the cook system we'll be using on a long distance Appalachian Trail hike this summer. The alcohol stove is a Trangia Mini that fits nicely inside a Solo wood-burning stove that fits...
27,188 views | Jun 23, 2012

Sterno Camp Stove Cooking

Using My Brothers Camp stove to cook up some sliced potatoes and also using my wood burning stove with a Trangia Swedish Stove. I apologise for the sound my camera is not the greatest.
2,795 views | Jan 03, 2009

A Heavy Duty 6 DIY Rocket Stove

In this video I layout a pretty simple process for building a rocket stove that will you a lifetime and uses a very small amount of fuel (wood, sticks, pinecones, etc) to cook your meals with....
411,032 views | Dec 10, 2013

cooking toasties on a wood burning stove

using the toastite grill to cook lovely cheesy toasties on a Hobbit stove. This grill is a great stove accessory but can also be used on a camping stove, camp fire or cooking hob. A super bit...
169 views | Jul 12, 2014

How to make a Swedish Fire Torch Canadian Candle. Made by a genuine Sw...

How to make a Swedish Fire torch aka Canadian Candle or in German Schwedenfackel. It's known that during the Thirty Years War that took place in Europe 1618 - 1648 soldiers used these torches...
38,343 views | Apr 26, 2013

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