Cooking Wood Cookstoves In Sweden

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Smokeless Fire Improved Cookstoves

3 billion people cook and heat their homes using open fires and leaky stoves by burning wood and animal dung. Such cooking and heating produces high levels o...
5,168 views | Aug 14, 2012

Starting a Fire in a Wood Cookstove

Video on how to start a fire in a wood cookstove. This video was done in June but just now able to get it on youtube.
7,726 views | Jul 27, 2011

Swedish Army Cook Stove Cooking

Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector The Swedish Army Cook Kit is a great cooker. I wanted to use this kit before taking it backpacking to besure it was goi...
377 views | Sep 01, 2011

Wood Stove Cooking E52 Hotdogs and Beans

Hot Dogs and Beans Please Subscribe! For More Wood Stove Recipes Visit me at: For More Electric Easy Recipes. Visit me a...
668 views | Nov 02, 2012

HOBO Rocket Stove Heating Cooking VIDEO

A DIY rocket stove made from steel food cans is an efficient, wood-burning, portable heating and cooking solution for survival, bug-out, SHTF, bushcraft or r...
861 views | Oct 21, 2013

Wood Stove Cooking E51 Stovetop Baked Cornbread

Stovetop Baked Cornbread Please Subscribe! For More Wood Stove Recipes Visit me at: For More Electric Easy Recipes. Visi...
926 views | Oct 09, 2012

Wood gas stove throttle paint can

Here is a fully working version of my Throttled Wood gas Stove! This design was meant to imitate the way you can control the heat on a charcoal grill. At the...
83 views | Feb 23, 2014

Cooking and Boiling Some Water

My Brother and I are cooking some potatoes and boiling some water.My Brothers Sterno Cook Stove has a Trangia Stove Inside, He took the top of a heiney can a...
1,026 views | Jan 03, 2009

Survival gear Vargo Hexagon Wood Stove

http:www.survivalistboards.comshowthread.php?t=107987 Giving this Vargo Hexagon Wood Stove one more test before taking it on a real hiking camping trip....
64,826 views | May 08, 2010

Vortex high temperature cooking stove

I made that stove from coca-cola stainless steel syrup bottle. Inside a double chamber with holes create vortex with a help a small computer fan.. The burnin...
5,333 views | Feb 06, 2013

Peppers and Onions on MINI 12 wood burning stove by

Cook surface on MINI 12CT hot enough to pan fry while showing no visible smoke. The MINI 12CT is only available from . More informatio...
86 views | Dec 29, 2013

How to Make a Swedish Torch

Here's a very simple way to create a fire from a single log perfect for cooking, or just long-lasting warmth. Based on this article: http:www.ehow.comhow_...
619,904 views | Jan 10, 2011

Mini 12 Tiny wood burning stove

All about the Mighty Mini 12 inch wood burning stove, made by hand in the USA. For more info, mail
53,160 views | Feb 28, 2012

Make a Fuel saving Stove Lorena Energy saving Stove Making an Energy-saving Stove (or fuel saving Lorena stove) is another great 'African Gardens' project. This special stove d...
11,860 views | Apr 20, 2012

Woodgas Stove Simple Version

Woodgas Stove - Simple Version Originally uploaded on Mar 26, 2009 I've gotten several requests to make a simpler woodgas stove than what I've been making la...
52,573 views | Feb 01, 2012

Trangia Stove Review Cooking Beef Bean Burritos

I recently purchased a Trangia alcohol stove and needed to test it out before I take it on a camping trip. I have also been doing some dehydrating at home an...
15,699 views | Jan 27, 2013

How To Use Antique Potbellied Wood Coal Stove Sears Roebuck No Hot Pot...

I have an old antique Sears Roebuck No Hot Pot 30A potbellied wood and coal stove. It has a built in water boiler all around the burning chamber. It is more ...
5,874 views | Apr 18, 2013

Trangia Mini Stove and Solo Stove Combo first test

A test of the cook system we'll be using on a long distance Appalachian Trail hike this summer. The alcohol stove is a Trangia Mini that fits nicely inside a...
21,343 views | Jun 23, 2012

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