Cooking Wood Cookstoves In Sweden

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Why does a biomass cook stove make perfect sense in an emergency?

During a disaster or emergency, a biomass-fueled cook stove could be worth its weight in gold for cooking and boiling water for purification and sanitation. ...
4,221 views | Nov 30, 2013

Starting a Fire in a Wood Cookstove

Video on how to start a fire in a wood cookstove. This video was done in June but just now able to get it on youtube.
7,915 views | Jul 27, 2011

Volcano Cook Stove

You Can Cook Anything You Want on a Volcano.
1,149 views | Mar 20, 2010

HOBO Rocket Stove Heating Cooking VIDEO

A DIY rocket stove made from steel food cans is an efficient, wood-burning, portable heating and cooking solution for survival, bug-out, SHTF, bushcraft or r...
946 views | Oct 21, 2013

Wood Stove Cooking E52 Hotdogs and Beans

Hot Dogs and Beans Please Subscribe! For More Wood Stove Recipes Visit me at: For More Electric Easy Recipes. Visit me a...
707 views | Nov 02, 2012

Wood Stove Cooking E51 Stovetop Baked Cornbread

Stovetop Baked Cornbread Please Subscribe! For More Wood Stove Recipes Visit me at: For More Electric Easy Recipes. Visi...
982 views | Oct 09, 2012

Sterno Speed Cook Stove with Heat Intensifier Boil Tests Reloaded

I'm reloading some of my old videos after I do re-edits because the music police marked a lot of them, "Video blocked in some countries." as a result of my m...
3,251 views | Apr 12, 2013

Cooking and Boiling Some Water

My Brother and I are cooking some potatoes and boiling some water.My Brothers Sterno Cook Stove has a Trangia Stove Inside, He took the top of a heiney can a...
1,027 views | Jan 03, 2009

Wood gas stove throttle paint can

Here is a fully working version of my Throttled Wood gas Stove! This design was meant to imitate the way you can control the heat on a charcoal grill. At the...
95 views | Feb 23, 2014

How to Make a Swedish Torch

Here's a very simple way to create a fire from a single log perfect for cooking, or just long-lasting warmth. Based on this article: http:www.ehow.comhow_...
627,056 views | Jan 10, 2011

Peppers and Onions on MINI 12 wood burning stove by

Cook surface on MINI 12CT hot enough to pan fry while showing no visible smoke. The MINI 12CT is only available from . More informatio...
101 views | Dec 29, 2013

Make a Fuel saving Stove Lorena Energy saving Stove Making an Energy-saving Stove (or fuel saving Lorena stove) is another great 'African Gardens' project. This special stove d...
12,263 views | Apr 20, 2012

U.S. Stove Country Hearth Wood Burning Stove

CLICK HERE To see all of our Fireplace and Hearth Items. Melissa Introduces U.S. Stove Country Hearth Wood Burning Stove. Th...
9,153 views | Sep 26, 2013

Cook Pinto beans on a Biomass Stove in the Rain Survive Emergency Cook...

Survival situations could have bad weather associated with them. So I decided to test this SilverFire Hunter stove and Dragon pot on a rainy, windy afternoon...
3,261 views | Dec 05, 2013

Trangia Stove Review Cooking Beef Bean Burritos

I recently purchased a Trangia alcohol stove and needed to test it out before I take it on a camping trip. I have also been doing some dehydrating at home an...
16,790 views | Jan 27, 2013

Rocket Heater Wood Stove Build Part 2

PLEASE CONSIDER A DONATION: https:www.paypal.comcgi-binwebscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=RFYRZHKX6464A https:www.facebook....
6,267 views | Aug 30, 2013

DIY How to make a backpacking wood gasifier stove

A DIY for a portable high efficiency wood gasifier backpacking stove. It is small light and only needs a handful of twigs to boil a few cups of water. A grea...
306,661 views | Feb 02, 2011

Woodgas Stove Simple Version

Woodgas Stove - Simple Version Originally uploaded on Mar 26, 2009 I've gotten several requests to make a simpler woodgas stove than what I've been making la...
54,601 views | Feb 01, 2012

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