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Maggiemoo s Little Acre Wonderbag and wonderbox cooking versus solar oven

From - Posted: Sep 16, 2013 - 3,536 views
Cooking | Maggiemoo s Little Acre Wonderbag and wonderbox cooking versus solar oven | Maggiemoo s Little Acre Wonderbag and wonderbox cooking versus solar oven
Maggiemoo s Little Acre Wonderbag and wonderbox cooking versus solar oven
Maggiemoo s Little Acre Wonderbag and wonderbox cooking versus solar oven
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Cooking bean soup in my wonderbag and comparing it to cooking in my solar oven. Heat retention versus solar! Both a perfect way to conserve energy and time.
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How To Make a Wonder Oven

This is the BEST alternative cooking. For a pattern go to this website: http:foodstoragemadeeasy.netfsmedocswonderbox.pdf Scroll down for the hyperlinks of "sewing instructions" and "patterns for pillows" (they are about 5 paragraphs down)If you still can't figure out the pattern, send me an email and I will ship you a paper one for a $2 cost. colonialbloom@gmail.comRecipes can be found at these sites: http:www.laytoncity.orgdownloadsLCCCPrepFairWonderOvenCooking.pdf http:ecowonderoven.comrecipesall-recipes http:myfoodstoragecookbook.comcategorywonder-oven-cookingExperiment with your "crock-pot-like" recipes and lemme know what you come up with.
13,354 views | Jan 15, 2012

Home made solar oven cooks chicken.

Home made Solar oven cooks Chicken and potatoes in uk.
6,449 views | Nov 07, 2012

Solar oven in a day.

I was gathering parts to make a solar oven for weeks. It was time this weekend. It took the whole day Friday to build. Saturday the Scout Troop 373 was out for a cooking class. What a good time to test the oven. Sun all day. More testing and tweaking for summer cooking.
14,210 views | Jan 13, 2013

Simple Thermal Cooker

Easy haybox made from styrofoam cooler, plus additional styrofoam insulation. This is an easy, low energy, inexpensive and effective way to cook beans, rice, or almost any other long cooking food in a pot. If this was combined with a rocket stove a full one-pot meal could be cooked using only a few sticks.Link to one of bctruck's rocket
13,680 views | Apr 21, 2012

Solar Furnace for under 50

Shows start to finish how to build a solar furnace in a day for under $50.
125,146 views | Sep 27, 2012

The cooking benefits of using a Pot Cosy in the outdoors

When cooking over a camping stove, the best way to save fuel and make it last much longer is to use a Pot Cosy. The modern term for a Hay Box and although the materials have changed, the principle is still the same. Simply place your hot cooking pot full of warm food, into the Pot Cosy, seal it and let the retained heat do all the simmering for you. In this video I perform a simple experiment and show over an hour, exactly how much heat can be retained in this way. It was conducted on a chilly Spring day, however the final result is even more impressive during Winter.I've been using this system for some time and I'm still amazed how many outdoors people are unaware of the practicalities. Whether you cook over gas, meths, alcohol stoves, wood stoves, solid fuel tablets or candles this item adds very little to the bulk of your pack, weighs a few grams at most and will keep your food cooking while you prepare your camp.Listen to our Audio Podcasts No 336 and 337, where I cook up a three course full Christmas meal using one stove and a couple of cosy systems in a small tent during a December storm. Sure it took some juggling with the timing but the pleasures of the meal soon meant any stress was long forgotten.You can make a Cosy out of most materials. An old sleeping mat, a few sheets of polystyrene even an old fleece blanket. However the modern foil encased bubble wrap is second to none, offering superior equivalent insulation properties.
25,949 views | Feb 22, 2012

Cooking a chicken in a Wonder Box

The Wonder Oven is a great energy saver. It is a thermal retention cooker that lets you cook using only the heat retained in the food and the pan. Because of it insulation it can be used to keep something hot or cold. We use it all the time when we go camping or on trips. We put a pan containing hot food in the oven and it continues to cook while we are enroute. When we arrive we have a hot meal ready for us.
1,512 views | Apr 09, 2013

Solar oven from dollar store items.

This is a video of a few cheap solar oven that I made from a dollar store and walmart. 2 worked okay and 1 did not work at all.
40,038 views | Aug 05, 2011

Solar Cooking New All American Sun Oven vs Global Sun Oven

Cook, Bake, Dehydrate, or Boil with the World's Most Universal Power Source... Free Sunshine!The TOTALLY NEW All American SUN OVEN® has retained the best qualities of the original Global Sun Oven and added many more user friendly features to create America's most efficient hassle free solar appliance for cooking, water pasteurization, and dehydrating.
2,800 views | Jun 15, 2013

Solar Tyre Oven for under 5 How to make a cheap solar cooker Tire Oven

Find out how to make a simple, cheap and effective solar tyre oven. Using just a tyre (or tire), some glass, newspaper and silver foil you can cook food in the sun for free! Moses from Uganda shows how to make the tyre cooker with this simple how to guide. The materials needed to make this solar oven are fairly easy to get hold of in developing countries, making this a great, cheap way to cook food that saves fuelwood and money.
35,764 views | Jun 24, 2013

Wonderbag Eco cooking that s changing lives

Wonderbag is an electricity-free heat retention cooker in which you can cook anything from stews and curries to a golden syrup sponge pudding. Simply heat up your pot of food on the stove, kick-starting the cooking process, and then place it in the Wonderbag.Unlike conventional slow cookers which are often left plugged in for anything up to 8 hours, when using a Wonderbag you simply bring the food to the boil on the hob and then place the pot directly into the Wonderbag and leave to cook.Wonderbag's clever insulating design allows food that has been brought to the boil to finish cooking without using any additional energy. As well as significantly reducing C02 emissions, replacing your traditional slow cooker with a Wonderbag will ultimately help you to leave home without keeping the electricity on.
6,966 views | Jun 22, 2012

Ice Box and Wonder Box

The Ice Box and Wonder Box segment of the No Power Cooking 2011 class given by Noelle K. More videos, class handouts, powerpoints and other materials available at
2,126 views | Jan 05, 2012

Liquid Mirror Telescope Specular Reflection True Adjustable Parabola S...

A true liquid mirror telescope is made with a reflective liquid like mercury or low temperature melting metals like gallium. Rotation speed determines the depth and focal length. Liquid metal mirrors only focus straight up in the zenith position directly above the rotating material. The resin setting can be preformed but requires a precise rotational speed control during curing. All fluid like materials form a paraboloid when the solid body rotation is achieved.
92,879 views | Aug 13, 2012


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3,634 views | Aug 04, 2013

Powerless Cooking Class Wonder Box Oven

For an overview of the entire class visit: http:foodstoragemadeeasy.net20110602online-powerless-cooking-class LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO: Download our tutorial on how to make a Wonder Box Oven http:foodstoragemadeeasy.netfsmedocswonderbox.pdf To learn more about purchasing one, shoot us a YouTube message and we will put you in contact with our friend who made our cute FSME Wonder Box Ovens.
14,592 views | Jun 01, 2011

Tracking Parabolic Concentrator Solar Hot Tub Heater

Solar powered water heater that provides all the heat for a hot tub. Parabolic trough concentrating collectors. Solar tracker for the concentrators uses Arduino controller. Solar PV and batteries for power. This solar hot water heater is off the grid. Solar Hot Tub Heater is home made using commonly-available parts. There is an updated version of this video here: http:youtu.beHuLZrXgegbk
42,847 views | Sep 28, 2012

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