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Maggiemoo s Little Acre Wonderbag and wonderbox cooking versus solar oven

From - Posted: Sep 16, 2013 - 10,413 views
Cooking | Maggiemoo s Little Acre Wonderbag and wonderbox cooking versus solar oven | Maggiemoo s Little Acre Wonderbag and wonderbox cooking versus solar oven
Maggiemoo s Little Acre Wonderbag and wonderbox cooking versus solar oven
Maggiemoo s Little Acre Wonderbag and wonderbox cooking versus solar oven
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Cooking bean soup in my wonderbag and comparing it to cooking in my solar oven. Heat retention versus solar! Both a perfect way to conserve energy and time.
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How To Make a Wonder Oven

This is the BEST alternative cooking. For a pattern go to this website: http:foodstoragemadeeasy.netfsmedocswonderbox.pdf Scroll down for the hyperlinks of "sewing instructions" and "patterns for pillows" (they are about 5 paragraphs down)If you still can't figure out the pattern, send me an email and I will ship you a paper one for a $2 cost. colonialbloom@gmail.comRecipes can be found at these sites: http:www.laytoncity.orgdownloadsLCCCPrepFairWonderOvenCooking.pdf http:ecowonderoven.comrecipesall-recipes http:myfoodstoragecookbook.comcategorywonder-oven-cookingExperiment with your "crock-pot-like" recipes and lemme know what you come up with.
22,057 views | Jan 15, 2012

Solar oven in a day.

I was gathering parts to make a solar oven for weeks. It was time this weekend. It took the whole day Friday to build. Saturday the Scout Troop 373 was out for a cooking class. What a good time to test the oven. Sun all day. More testing and tweaking for summer cooking.
49,261 views | Jan 13, 2013

Wonderbag Eco cooking that s changing lives

Wonderbag is an electricity-free heat retention cooker in which you can cook anything from stews and curries to a golden syrup sponge pudding. Simply heat up your pot of food on the stove, kick-starting the cooking process, and then place it in the Wonderbag.Unlike conventional slow cookers which are often left plugged in for anything up to 8 hours, when using a Wonderbag you simply bring the food to the boil on the hob and then place the pot directly into the Wonderbag and leave to cook.Wonderbag's clever insulating design allows food that has been brought to the boil to finish cooking without using any additional energy. As well as significantly reducing C02 emissions, replacing your traditional slow cooker with a Wonderbag will ultimately help you to leave home without keeping the electricity on.
13,527 views | Jun 22, 2012

Simple Thermal Cooker

Easy haybox made from styrofoam cooler, plus additional styrofoam insulation. This is an easy, low energy, inexpensive and effective way to cook beans, rice, or almost any other long cooking food in a pot. If this was combined with a rocket stove a full one-pot meal could be cooked using only a few sticks.Link to one of bctruck's rocket
21,496 views | Apr 21, 2012

Home made solar oven cooks chicken.

Home made Solar oven cooks Chicken and potatoes in uk.
38,843 views | Nov 07, 2012

Solar Tyre Oven for under 5 How to make a cheap solar cooker Tire Oven

Find out how to make a simple, cheap and effective solar tyre oven. Using just a tyre (or tire), some glass, newspaper and silver foil you can cook food in the sun for free! Moses from Uganda shows how to make the tyre cooker with this simple how to guide. The materials needed to make this solar oven are fairly easy to get hold of in developing countries, making this a great, cheap way to cook food that saves fuelwood and money.
118,725 views | Jun 24, 2013

Cooking a chicken in a Wonder Box

The Wonder Oven is a great energy saver. It is a thermal retention cooker that lets you cook using only the heat retained in the food and the pan. Because of it insulation it can be used to keep something hot or cold. We use it all the time when we go camping or on trips. We put a pan containing hot food in the oven and it continues to cook while we are enroute. When we arrive we have a hot meal ready for us.
3,395 views | Apr 09, 2013

The Terra Cotta Solar Oven! Repurposing a Pot Container

Let's get cooking in an old container I am repurposing and make an oven. In this video, I cook one dish, but I cooked many more in proceeding days and tweaked it so the temperature rose much higher. I will be uploading that video very soon. If you have suggestions, please let me know. I tried making something similar to this about 4 years ago but it was much too complicated. I thought this was easy so I wanted to share it with you!
1,120 views | May 14, 2014

What is Wonderbag?

The Wonderbag is a heat retention cooking bag that helps reduce your household's carbon footprint and also shortens cooking time.
110,562 views | Oct 20, 2011

How I made a Wonder Box

I have wanted a Wonder Box (also called a Wonder Oven or Wonder Bag) for a while and finally got one made. I got the instructions for this at http:www.iwillprepare.comcooking_filesWonder_Box.h
2,086 views | Mar 02, 2014

How to make a Parabolic Dish Solar Cooker! simple detailed instruction...

My Homemade Parabolic Dish Solar Cooker built from scratch. DIY solar cooker concentrator. simple to build. full instructions. why pay $250 to $400 for one. this dish cost $9. cooks almost as fast as a professionally made one. 3 foot dish is made using only cardboard, posterboard, foil and glue. (3 large boxes 18"x18"x24" - 3 pieces of posterboard and glue). boxes are from home depot and posterboard is from walmart. for reference, walmart sells the same size boxes so everything you need can be found their. couple of tips: make the focal point anywhere from 18" to 36" out from the surface of the dish and use heavy duty foil if possible. (dish in video has an 18" focal point and is lined with heavy duty reynolds wrap aluminum foil). has about 85% reflectivity vs. 98% reflectivity of a professionally "mirrorized" dish. note: use caution around dish. gets very hot. do not leave unattended in the sun.
24,171 views | Aug 24, 2013

How to make a simple solar cooker to understand the use of solar energ...

A solar cooker is a device which is used to cook food directly under sun light without using Gas, LPG or electricity. It's a clean process of outdoor cooking. There are two types of cooker, box type and parabolic type. The later one is more efficient.We make our own solar cooker out of a cardboard box of 235mm x 235mm x 140mm in size. We used five pieces of thermocol inside the box as insulator as show in the video. Sizes were, 230mm x230mm x30mm one pieces, 200x110x10mm two pieces and 225x110x10mm two pieces. For top we have used a 4mm thick glass of 230mm x 230mm. The reflector on top of the box was 470mmx235mm big.
63,783 views | Jun 01, 2014

DIY Solar Oven 60 40 Design 340degrees reached! O

UPDATE: This oven hit 340 degrees! Hi, This is my new solar oven. The other day I baked 5 potatoes in it and the taste is incredible. It was 60 deg outside and within 2 minutes the temp rose to 100 deg. After fifteen minutes the temp was 180 deg and within an hour it reached 240 deg! I was very excited to break the 212 temp. This design is called the 6040 solar oven. 40 degrees is the angle of the side reflectors (The ones in between the straight edges.) 60 degrees is the angle that the reflectors sit in reference to the oven itself. NO aerosol paint used inside the oven, only heavy foil and Elmers natural glue. I'm always happy to hear from anyone who wants to write me. :O)
52,384 views | Apr 02, 2009

Solar oven from dollar store items.

This is a video of a few cheap solar oven that I made from a dollar store and walmart. 2 worked okay and 1 did not work at all.
56,367 views | Aug 05, 2011

Solar Furnace for under 50

Shows start to finish how to build a solar furnace in a day for under $50.
697,387 views | Sep 27, 2012

Making a Parabolic Mirror the Cheap Way.

This was a quick project I just wanted to try out to see if it would work. I used a recycled satellite dish, some black paint, some mylarfoil from a congratulations sign, and some glue. In all, it cost me only about $3.00.
54,369 views | May 06, 2012


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