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What Is Mochi? How to Make Daifuku

From - Posted: Jun 17, 2011 - 17,175 views
Cooking | What Is Mochi? How to Make Daifuku | What Is Mochi? How to Make Daifuku
What Is Mochi? How to Make Daifuku
What Is Mochi? How to Make Daifuku
Duration: 04 minute 43 seconds 
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In today's episode, Dan responds to a video request to learn about mochi, the Japanese pounded rice treat. He makes some from scratch and uses it to create the traditional sweet, Daifuku, or sweet red bean stuffed mochi. Today's sponsor is What's This Food?! (WTF?!) is a daily cooking show, with a new episode posted every day of 2011. Learn more at Facebook - http:danieldelaney.comfacebook Twitter - http:twitter.comdanieldelaney Email Newsletter - http:eepurl.comcLA6Y
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What Is Azuki? How to make Sweet Red Bean Paste

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How to make Mochi

This is how you make suama mochi. Read more here: http:mikeyhateseverything.blogspot.com200809how-to-make-mochi.html
397,683 views | Oct 07, 2008

Mochi with Blueberry Cream Cheese Filling

Mochi with a non-traditional filling! I adjusted the sugar when I was making the mochi because the filling is already sweet and decadent. Hope you give it a try! Ingredients:For Filling 2 cups fresh or frozen blueberries 1 cup powdered sugar 13 cup granulated sugar ¼ cup water ¼ cup cornstarch 1 tsp vanilla 8 oz cream cheeseFor Mochi *** Remember I adjusted the amount of sugar*** 16 oz Mochiko Sweet Rice Flour 13 cup granulated sugar Potato starch 3 ½ cup waterMusic: Maggie Foodie Theme Composed by: Donski
38,585 views | Jul 12, 2012

Rainbow Mochi

redoing this but added food coloring to make it look inviting 1 can coconut milk 1 bag glutiness rice powder 1 cup sugar 1 cup milk coconut powder or any kind of toppingOther mochi videos Taro Mochi Ice cream mochi Chocolate covered mochi Bean Starbucks Koolaid
207,063 views | Nov 15, 2011

Sweet red bean paste

Just thought I make a video of how to make bean paste it's used for many things witch I don't know but I put them in my Mochi
41,269 views | Nov 15, 2011

Eng subbed How to make peanut mochi 花生糯米糍

糯米糍皮材料:糯米粉140g、粘米粉12g、即食吉士粉10g、砂糖60g、脫脂牛奶200g、椰漿(或椰奶)200g、菜油(或沙拉油)1湯匙 內饀材料:花生碎100g、砂糖20g、芝蔴10g、椰絲20g全部混合拌勻。(以上饀料可依個人喜好增多或減少) 將牛奶、椰漿、糖、油倒入鍋中用中火煮至微滾起泡,慢慢倒入粉盆中(各粉類已篩過拌勻)用膠刮攪成粉糰倒入已掃油之碟中,用大火蒸約18至20分鐘,取出待凉。 將粉糰分成約16份,壓平包入饀料後灑上少許椰絲或糕粉(糯米粉用白鑊小火炒至微黃便成糕粉)To make the mochi skin you need: • 140g Glutinous rice flour • 12g Rice flour • 10g Instant custard powder • 60g Sugar • 200g Skimmed milk • 200g Coconut milk • 1 tablespoon Vegetable oil (or salad oil)Sift the glutinous rice flour, rice flour and instant custard powder into a mixing bowl. In a small pan mix the sugar, milk, coconut milk and oil and simmer on medium heat until slight boil. Add the milk mixture slowly into the flour mix and mix well. This should create a paste like dough. Place the dough on a greased bowl to steam on top of some boiling water on high heat for 18-20 minutes. Take out the pan with the dough and let it cool. Once cool, split the dough into 16 even parts and can then roll out to be filled with mochi filling.To make the mochi filling you need: • 100g Chopped peanuts • 20g Sugar • 10g Sesame seeds • 20g Desiccated coconut (the amount of each ingredient can be changed according to personal preference)Mix the ingredients together well and use as the filling for the mochi. (As shown in the video, the ingredients can be used to make different kinds of mochi)Enjoy~ :D
150,910 views | Jan 08, 2012

苺大福 Ichigo Daifuku Japanese Sweets

Strawberries are wrapped with sweet bean paste(anko) and mochiko. The printable recipe in English: http:anyrecipe.netdessertrecipesichigo_daifuku.html プリントのページ(日本語): http:anyrecipe.netjpcakerecipesichigodaifuku.html
10,227 views | Jun 06, 2011

How to make addictive texture MOCHI shiratama , Japanese1cooking

Technically, this video is cooking shiratama dango. Shiratama is mochi style dessert along with dango and daifuku. It is very easy to prepare. If you like Japanese dessert, please try it at home! Shiratama is a rice cake made from a special rice flour.
11,202 views | Dec 01, 2011

Receta Daifuku Mochi

Ver más recetas en: Ingredientes: _1 taza de harina de arroz glutinoso (mochiko) os aconsejo que lo conpréis en tiendas de alimentación chinas o por internet porque la harina de arroz que venden en los supermercados no es de arroz glutinoso y no sirve para esta receta _1 cucharada de azucar blanca _14 cucharita de sal _Maicena o fécula de maíz _34 de taza de agua o 190 ml Preparación: 1.Ponemos en un bol la harina con el azúcar y la sal y vamos poniendo poco a poco las 34 partes de agua amasando bien para que no salgan grumos. 2.Ponemos una lámina de plástico transparente y dejamos una abertura, lo metemos en el microondas 3 minutos a potencia máxima. 3.Sacar del microondas con cuidado porque estará caliente y mezclar, utilizar una cuchara de madera o plástico, amasar un minuto. 4.Volver a meter a poner la lámina de plástico dejando una abertura y meter al microondas un minuto más. 5.Sacar y amasar con movimientos circulares de arriba a abajo durante 5 minutos. 6. Poner maicena en la encimera, la tabla de cortar o un recipiente y colocar la masa encima, darle la vuelta a la masa y partirla en trozos con ayuda de un cuchillo o espátula. 7. Para manejarla mejor impregnaros las manos de maicena, coger un trozo y estirarlo formando un círculo, poner el relleno (anko o una fresa y anko o chocolate) y cerrarlo estirando el mochi, se pegará por sí sólo. Conservación: Guardarlos en tuppers herméticos para que no se hagan duros en la nevera, duran un par de días.
24,267 views | Mar 04, 2012

Strawberry Daifuku Mochi Japanese Sweet Vegan Dessert

Step into Mary's Merry Kitchen and let her show you how easy it is to make this traditional Japanese dessert. See full recipe below.Ingredients for 8 pieces of Strawberry Daifuku: 8 medium sized strawberries 34 cup of Glutinous Rice Flour 23 cup of sugar 12 cup of water 7.1 oz of sweet red bean paste Some corn starch for dustingInstructions: 1. Wash strawberries clean. Cut the leaves leaving a flat-top surface. Place strawberries on a plate with the bottom of the each strawberry facing up.2. Empty 7 oz red bean paste in a plate and spread evenly.3. Cut the paste evenly into 8 pieces and role each piece into a ball shape.4. Flatten each ball with the palm of your hand and place strawberry ( bottom facing up ) and wrap. Repeat until all 8 strawberries are wrapped.5. In a bowl, empty 34 of a cup of glutinous rice flour and 23 of a cup of sugar. Mix well.6. Little by little add 12 cup of water and mix slowly.7. Heat mixture in microwave for 1 minute.8. Mix well with wet spatula for easy mixing. You will notice that the mixture has gotten a little sticky and hard, so wet spatula is necessary otherwise it will stick to the spatula.9. Heat mixture again for 1 minute.10. You will notice now that the mixture is resembling Mochi, but some flour still remains, so continue mixing with wet spatula.11. Heat again for the last time, but this time for 30 seconds. Now the Mochi mixture should appear translucent.12. Sift corn starch onto the board and into a tray. Because the Mochi is very stickie, the corn starch will make it easier to handle.13. Place the hot Mochi on the top of the board. Be careful, it may be very hot!14. Separate the Mochie in half. Then divide each into 4 pieces, totaling 8 pieces in all.15. Make each piece into a ball-like shape, then expand into a plate-like shape.16. Place strawberry on top ( make sure the strawberry’s bottom is facing up) and wrap. Continue until you have 8 pieces of Daifuku.Done! Give yourself a high five!! ;)Please subscribe to my channel to keep to date with my latest videos and visit my Instagram page for photos of my vegan dishes. Eat Healthy and be Merry! :-)Mary's Merry Kitchen Instagram Page http:www.instagram.commarysmerrykitchenMary's Merry Kitchen YouTube Channel
349 views | Jul 06, 2014

How to make Green tea Mochi Ice Cream วิธีการทำไอศครีมโมจิ

Ingredients for Mochi Ice Cream (8 pieces) 12 cup Mochiko -or StickySweet Rice Flour 13 Sugar 12 cup Water 2 tsp green tea powder 2 tsp corn syrup Potato or Corn Starch for dusting 8 scoops of ice cream❤ I hope you like this video! It would mean so much to me if you shared this recipe with your friends. ♥ I hope this video was fun and helpful and that you enjoy your homemade ♥ Please subscribe my channel. Thank you! ♥ for more recipes please visit me How to open a coconut วิธีการเปิดมะพร้าวง่ายมาก✿Join me on Facebook, ✿FACEBOOK https:www.facebook.comRinneSilpachai ✿INSTAGRAM :rinsilpachaiCheesy Garlic Bread ขนมปังกระเทียมหน้าชีส Perfect Raspberry Martini Mocktail ราสเบอร์รี่มาร์ตินี่ Potato Salad สลัดมันฝรั่งง่ายนิดเดียว Fresh Berries Parfait เบอร์รี่สดพราเฟ Coconut Jelly วุ้นมะพร้าวอ่อนสุดหอมหวาน best Corn Dog อเมริกันคอร์นด็อก ( Steamed Egg )ไข่ตุ๋นญี่ปุ่นสุดแสนง่าย to make Dorayaki โดรายากิ ของ โดราเอมอน to make Gyoza (Japanese Fried Dumplings) เกี๊ยวซ่าร้อนๆจ้า to make Strawberry Daifuku สตรอเบอร์รี่ไดฟูกุ
189,057 views | Nov 10, 2012

【How to Make Strawberry Mochi Rice Cake】イチゴ大福 草莓大福 麻糬

Hi everyone! I'm really excited to show you how to make strawberry mochi in this video. For you guys who don't know what mochi is, it's a popular confection that is made out of sticky rice. It is one of my favourite sweets to eat, and it's not that difficult to make. Just follow the steps in order and you'll have beautiful looking mochi. This particular mochi is called ichigo daifuku, which means strawberry good luck. So with this description, I wish you good luck (I hope you wish me good luck too...) in whatever you do. I think I should have uploaded this video in the new year, but oh well. Stay tuned for a new video!Ingredients you'll need:Mochiko or Sweet rice flour ・・100g Water ・・125 mL Sugar ・・20 gWhite Bean Paste・・100 g Red Bean Paste・・・・100 g Green Tea Powder (Matcha)・・5 gStrawberries・・6 good looking ones :)Das-eet!Good luck in the kitchen. About Music: All music thanks to 「甘茶の音楽工房」 Creative Common Licence:
16,779 views | Sep 09, 2012

Sweet Red Bean Soup with Mochi Balls Japanese Dessert

How to Make Sweet Red Bean Soup with Mochi Balls - as part of the dessert series by GeoBeats.Hi, this is Misako Sasa from Japanese Culinary Studio and today we are making some Japanese popular sweets. One of it is using these two; I will be making oshiruko. Oshiruko is sweet bean soup. And I will be putting some small mochi balls using this one right here. It is called shiratamako. But what it is, is a rice powder and it makes a small little mochi, which is real easy to do. First of all, I am going to empty this in a bowl and just gradually add water. And with your fingertips, just keep mixing as you pour the water in. This is just about right so I keep mixing until it is nice and smooth. If you touch here, it is as soft as your earlobe. It is not too soft. It is actually a little bit stiff. You just grab a little bit and just gently roll into a ball. After you have all of those made into these balls, you have a pot of boiling water and, just one by one, you are going to plant this into the boiling water. But before you put it in, you just squeeze the top like so. It will be a little bit flat and let it fall in. When you put the balls into the pot, it sinks to the bottom. But as it gets cooked, it floats to the surface so please wait 1 or 2 minutes after it floats to the surface and then you can just scoop them out. Now, I am ready to scoop this out like this. And have an ice bath ready so you can just plank them right in. Let them cool down and then you can drain this on a plate with a paper towel. This has been cooling for maybe 2-3 minutes. It is nice and cold. You can just put with your hand, you can just pick this up and then just place this on the paper towel. Now we have to make sweet red bean soup, and to do that, you can make it from the scratch or you can purchase a ready-made sweet bean paste. All you have to do is just empty the contents like so. Now, this has about 2 cups of bean paste. You will be adding half of the water. So if there are 2 cups, you will be adding 1 cup of water to this one. So all you have to do is just smooth out the paste. It gradually starts to melt. Now, it starts to bubble at the edges so I can start putting the mochis back in. After you turn off the heat, you put a little pinch of salt and this will bring out the sweetness. And now, this is ready to be served.
27,220 views | Mar 12, 2012

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