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Weber Baby Q Demo Cooking A Lamb Roast on a Weber BBQ at Amazon Outdoors

From - Posted: Nov 17, 2013 - 3,099 views
Cooking | Weber Baby Q Demo Cooking A Lamb Roast on a Weber BBQ at Amazon Outdoors | Weber Baby Q Demo Cooking A Lamb Roast on a Weber BBQ at Amazon Outdoors
Weber Baby Q Demo Cooking A Lamb Roast on a Weber BBQ at Amazon Outdoors
Weber Baby Q Demo Cooking A Lamb Roast on a Weber BBQ at Amazon Outdoors
Duration: 01 minute 37 seconds 
Play Cooking Video had the Weber guys out at the Amazon Outdoors store on the 16th and 17th Nov 2013 doing 'LIVE' demos on how to cook on a Weber. This video is a Weber Baby Q Demo and shows the results of using it to cook a lamb roast.For more info on the Weber Baby Q100EAU which is the exact model used in this video Click here... call us right now on 02 9757 4466
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If you camp, you must BBQ. It's the unwritten law of the road.. So, what the heck do we use? Well it's the Weber Baby Q and after a year of using it on the road, we can definitely give it a positive review!All our culinary creations have always come out great on this little BBQ, we even made Pizza!
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