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Warrant وارنٹ Pakistani Punjabi Full Movie 1976

From - Posted: Sep 11, 2013 - 20,426 views
Cooking | Warrant وارنٹ Pakistani Punjabi Full Movie 1976 | Warrant وارنٹ Pakistani Punjabi Full Movie 1976
Warrant وارنٹ Pakistani Punjabi Full Movie 1976
Warrant وارنٹ Pakistani Punjabi Full Movie 1976
Duration: 121 minute 52 seconds 
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Actors Asiya, Yousuf Khan, Ishrat Chodhary, Habib, Afzaal, Shahnawz Director Haidar Chodhary Producer's Haider Chodhary Writer Music director Kemal Ahmad Lyricistspoets Singers Noor Jehan, Mehnaz, Masood Ranahttp:mazhar.dkfilmhistory1976.htm http:mazhar.dkfilmdbdetails.php?pid=1604Poster Courtesy of: http:farzana.wordpress.comart-and-culturemovies-musicold-pakistani-moviesattachment590
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Super Hit film that ran in cinemas in Lahore for more than 300 weeks.This film ran continuously for 130 weeks at Metropole cinema Lahore and completed a combined 318 weeks. It also celebrated solo Silver jubilee at Gujranwala, Faislabad, Multan and Rawalpindi. It was a golden jubilee film in Karachi as well and during its second run was a golden jubilee too in Lahore and silver jubilee in its 3rd run in Sialkot. Information courtesy of via Mr. Waseem Khawar, Saudi ArabiaSala Sahab-Sala-Sahib سالہ صاحب (Mr. Brother-in-law) - Pakistani Punjabi Full Movie - 1981Released on: Eid-ul-Fittar, August 2nd, 1981Starring Mumtaz, Ali Ejaz, Anjuman, Nanha, Rangeela, Abid Kashmiri, Najma Mehboob, Ishrat Chouhdry, Zahir Shah, Altaf Khan, Nasrullah Butt, Ahmad Ali, Hairat Angez, Mustafa Tind and Sultan Rahi (Special cameo role) Guest Stars: Iqbal Hassan, Nazli Producer Choudhary Mohammad Ismal Director Altaf Hussain Story Jalil Afghani Screenplay, Dialogs Basheer Niaz Music Wajahat Attre Lyrics Hazin Qadri, Khawaja Pervez Singers Madam Noor Jehan, Naheed Akhtar, Mehnaz, Masood RanaSongs: . Chann wasse asman utte, ohde wall kyun wekhan... Mehnaz, Masood Rana . Piari piari, sohni sohni, pure shehar de wich... Masood Rana . Pehlan salam karan, teinu mehrbana... Mehnaz, Naheed Akhtar . We ik tera piar meinu milia, main Dunia toon aur kee mangna Madam Noor Jehan . Main te mara dilbar jani, bulian te piar kahani Madam Noor Jehan . Jindriye, hun te maghroon lai ja Madam Noor Jehanhttp:www.mazhar.dkfilmhistory1981.htm http:mazhar.dkfilmdbdetails.php?pid=2039Poster: Mazhar.dkSupport the Pakistani film industry and buy the music album: http:www.emusic.comalbumvarious-artistsmedan-sultan-tey-waryam-sala-sahab13358364
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Actors Asiya, Munawar Zarif, Nimmo, Zahid Khan, Sheikh Iqbal, Nabeela, Talish Producer Chaoudhary Qayyum Director M. Saleem Music Nazir Ali Singers Madam Noor Jehan, Irene Perveen, Robina Badar, Masood Rana
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I am such a man that the earth quakes when I strike it with my foot - Jaggu Chaudary 0:24 اڈی مار کے دھرتی ہلا دیں والا جوان آں - جگو چوھدریHit Punjabi movie - Paghri Sambal Jatta Pagri Sanbhal Jatta پگڑی سمبھال جٹا (Control your Turban, Jatt) - Pakistani Punjabi Full Movie - Black and White - 1968Sawan who initially worked as a villian begun his positive roles from here. Mazhar Shah's famous barrak "Addi Mar Kay Dharty Hala Dan Ga" is from this film"Actors Firdous, Sudhir, Aliya, Sawan, Mazhar Shah, M.Ismail, Rangeela Cameos Asad bukhari, Aaliya Director S.A. Bukhari Producer's M. Sharif Writer Tanveer Qazmi Music director Tufail Farooqi Lyricist: Waris Ludhianvi Singers: Noor jehan, Mala, Nazeer BegumSongs: . Chan Chan De Saamne Aa Gaya - Mala, Nazir Begum 0:07:23 . Gore Gore Hathan Nal Aaj Pa Liya Gidda - Noor Jahan 0:21:19 . Ek Dil Te Hazar Nigahwan - Noor Jehan 0:28:48 . Dil mang lay toon kar kay ishara - Noor Jehan 0:56:23 . Hai vey dil lut liya toon - Noor Jehan 1:25:03 . Hai vey keri gal taun toon tey mathey vatt paiya - Noor Jehan 1:31:08 . Vichhora mukke sajna da - Noor Jehan 1:50:02http:mazhar.dkfilmhistory1968.htm http:mazhar.dkfilmdbdetails.php?pid=708 http:mazhar.dkfilmstarsvillains50s.htm#sawanPoster: mazhar.dkBuy the original music. Playlist:
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