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Warrant وارنٹ Pakistani Punjabi Full Movie 1976

From - Posted: Sep 11, 2013 - 20,987 views
Cooking | Warrant وارنٹ Pakistani Punjabi Full Movie 1976 | Warrant وارنٹ Pakistani Punjabi Full Movie 1976
Warrant وارنٹ Pakistani Punjabi Full Movie 1976
Warrant وارنٹ Pakistani Punjabi Full Movie 1976
Duration: 121 minute 52 seconds 
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Actors Asiya, Yousuf Khan, Ishrat Chodhary, Habib, Afzaal, Shahnawz Director Haidar Chodhary Producer's Haider Chodhary Writer Music director Kemal Ahmad Lyricistspoets Singers Noor Jehan, Mehnaz, Masood Ranahttp:mazhar.dkfilmhistory1976.htm http:mazhar.dkfilmdbdetails.php?pid=1604Poster Courtesy of: http:farzana.wordpress.comart-and-culturemovies-musicold-pakistani-moviesattachment590
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A diamond jubilee super hit film. Sultan Rahi got breakthrough from this mega hit film ..... According to flm director of this film Mr. Aslam Dar: "I wanted to cast Sawan as title role but he had demanded 70 thousands rupees. But after his refusal and demand for a lot of money I had cast Sultan Rahi as Basheera just for rupees 7 thousands..." After the success of Basheera, Sultan Rahi became Supustar with more than 70 thousands ruppes per film charges and Sawan became going down as villain and supporting roles. (Waseem Khawar, Saudia Arabia)Lahore: Diamond jubilee (more than 150 weeks in Lahore). Karachi: ? Actors Rozina, Habib, Aaliya, Nimmo, Rangeela, Rafiq Mochha, Meena Chodhary, Tahira, Khayyam, Raj Multani, Imdad Hussain, Taya Barkat, Ilyas Kashmiri and Sultan Rahi Producer Aslam Daar, Qamar Butt Director Aslam Daar Music Kemal Ahmad Lyrics Mushir Kazmi, Bashir Khokhar, Asif jah Singers Madam Noor Jehan, Irene Perven, Tasawur Khanum, Masood Rana. A wela murh nain aana, Chann Makhna... Tasawur Khanum . Kaisri Dopatta, gall Kurti Shaneel di... Madam Noor Jehan . Main des Punjab di Heer arhiye.., . Main tote kar dian gi... Madam Noor Jehan,Irene Perveen . Kahnu kadhna en nak naal lakeeran... Masood Rana & Co. . Pehle akh lardi, fer Dil milde, faiar honde... Madam Noor Jehan . Jee karda a mera ajj bhangre pawaan... . Chham chham nachan wang Morni... Madam Noor Jehan,,Irene Perveen . Banno Rani bari dilgeer we, kandha Doli noo Madam Noor Jehanhttp:mazhar.dkfilm60yearsmoviesBasheera.htm http:mazhar.dkfilmhistory1972.htm http:mazhar.dkfilmstarssultanrahi.html http:mazhar.dkfilmstarsvillains50s.htm#sawan
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