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Warrant وارنٹ Pakistani Punjabi Full Movie 1976

From - Posted: Sep 11, 2013 - 22,826 views
Cooking | Warrant وارنٹ Pakistani Punjabi Full Movie 1976 | Warrant وارنٹ Pakistani Punjabi Full Movie 1976
Warrant وارنٹ Pakistani Punjabi Full Movie 1976
Warrant وارنٹ Pakistani Punjabi Full Movie 1976
Duration: 121 minute 52 seconds 
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Actors Asiya, Yousuf Khan, Ishrat Chodhary, Habib, Afzaal, Shahnawz Director Haidar Chodhary Producer's Haider Chodhary Writer Music director Kemal Ahmad Lyricistspoets Singers Noor Jehan, Mehnaz, Masood Ranahttp:mazhar.dkfilmhistory1976.htm http:mazhar.dkfilmdbdetails.php?pid=1604Poster Courtesy of: http:farzana.wordpress.comart-and-culturemovies-musicold-pakistani-moviesattachment590
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Paghri Sambal Jatta پگڑی سمبھال جٹا Control your Turban, O Jatt Pakist...

I am such a man that the earth quakes when I strike it with my foot - Jaggu Chaudary 0:24 اڈی مار کے دھرتی ہلا دیں والا جوان آں - جگو چوھدریHit Punjabi movie - Paghri Sambal Jatta Pagri Sanbhal Jatta پگڑی سمبھال جٹا (Control your Turban, Jatt) - Pakistani Punjabi Full Movie - Black and White - 1968Sawan who initially worked as a villian begun his positive roles from here. Mazhar Shah's famous barrak "Addi Mar Kay Dharty Hala Dan Ga" is from this film"Actors Firdous, Sudhir, Aliya, Sawan, Mazhar Shah, M.Ismail, Rangeela Cameos Asad bukhari, Aaliya Director S.A. Bukhari Producer's M. Sharif Writer Tanveer Qazmi Music director Tufail Farooqi Lyricist: Waris Ludhianvi Singers: Noor jehan, Mala, Nazeer BegumSongs: . Chan Chan De Saamne Aa Gaya - Mala, Nazir Begum 0:07:23 . Gore Gore Hathan Nal Aaj Pa Liya Gidda - Noor Jahan 0:21:19 . Ek Dil Te Hazar Nigahwan - Noor Jehan 0:28:48 . Dil mang lay toon kar kay ishara - Noor Jehan 0:56:23 . Hai vey dil lut liya toon - Noor Jehan 1:25:03 . Hai vey keri gal taun toon tey mathey vatt paiya - Noor Jehan 1:31:08 . Vichhora mukke sajna da - Noor Jehan 1:50:02http:mazhar.dkfilmhistory1968.htm http:mazhar.dkfilmdbdetails.php?pid=708 http:mazhar.dkfilmstarsvillains50s.htm#sawanPoster: mazhar.dkBuy the original music. Playlist:
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Director: Manmohan Singh Release Date: 7 September 2012 Genre: Comedy | Drama | Social Cast: Aman Dhaliwal, Gurleen Chopra, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Kimi Verma, Deep Dhillon, Paramveer Singh, Shaminder Mahal, Rana Jung Bahadur, Darshan Aulakh, Guggu Gill and Rana Ranbir etc.Plot: Ajj De Ranjhe is a satirical take on the state of the youth law and order system of Punjab. The film follows the journey of an unemployed youngster Ambar (Aman Dhaliwal) and a rookie cop Manjeet (Gurpreet Ghuggi). While Ambar hopes to make it as a TV journalist like his idol and romantic interest Kranti (Gurleen Chopra), Ghuggi is a dedicated cop, committed to clean up the messy state of affairs of his police station and bring a known local criminal Soocha Singh (Deep Dhillon) and his son to justice. On their quest both Manjeet and Ambar encounter hilarious situations involving their romantic interests, family members, the people of the village & even gangsters. They both keep crossing paths at various junctures as the story progresses and eventually become a formidable team ready to take on the system. Will this unlikely duo succeed in achieving their individual goals using unconventional tactics forms the rest of the story. Set in the heartland of Punjab, Ajj De Ranjhe is a comedy blended with action, romance, songs and picturesque locations for good measure.
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http:mazhar.dkfilmdbdetails.php?pid=732 http:mazhar.dkfilmdbdetails.php?pid=732 http:mazhar.dkfilmposterssassipunnu.htm http:www.apnaorg.compoetrysassi Poster:
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Shahid. Aasia. Ghazala. Bahar. Munnawar saeed. Nimmi. Nannha. Jaggi malik. Neera. Shakeel. Mustafa qureshi and Sultan rahi. Lyricist: Khawaja pervez. Nayyer Soch. Playback Singer: Madam Noor Jahan. Story: Nasir Adeeb. Music: Kamal Ahmad. Producer: Abdul Qayyum. Director: Jahangir Qaiser. August 14th, 2014
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Sidha Rasta سِدھا رَستہ Straight Path Pakistani Punjabi Movie Full 197...

Waeen Pictures Released on: July 5th, 1974Baboo Muhammad Yaseen of Waeen Films presented Actors Naghma, Yousuf Khan, Sultan Rahi, Mumtaz, Saiqa, Sahira, Nasira, Afzaal Ahmad, Asad Bukhari, Ragini, Ali Ijaz, Khalid Abbas Darr, Sheikh Iqbal, Naeem Hashimi, Hamid Raza, Albela, Chand Poori, Ghazi, Taaya Barkat, Shahnawaz Junior, Laadla, Manjhoo Butt, Producer Mohammad Amin Director M. Akram Music Akhtar Hussain Lyrics Saif-Ud-deen Saif Story, Script: Saif Ud Din Saif Singers: Noor Jehan, Runa Laila, Mehdi Hassan Dance: Hameed Chauhdary, Baboo Bhai Cinematography: Ibraheem Bajwahttp:mazhar.dkfilmdbdetails.php?pid=1380 http:www.mazhar.dkfilmhistory1974.htmSongs: . Ik ik shai Channa, tere leyi sajai a Madam Noor Jehan . Mukh tera Channa, kidha pyara lagda a Madam Noor Jehan, Mehdi Hassan . Kar ke bahane assan raat sari tali a Runa Laila . Mera Mahi bebarwah, peyi kurlawan main Madam Noor Jehan . Akhian mila ke teinu ikko gall kehi a Madam Noor Jehan . Eithe soude qoul qararan de Madam Noor Jehan . Eithe bheis wata ke Sajna da peye phirde... Madam Noor JehanCD Cover: MuhammadFarooq v=4ZZlojv2Ppw Go to his channel for more great Pakistani songs
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Charda Suraj چڑھدا سورج Rising Sun Pakistani Punjabi Full Movie 1982

Hit Pujabi MovieCharda Suraj - چڑھدا سورج - Pakistani Punjabi Full Movie - 1982Starring: Mumtaz, Sultan Rahi, Iqbal Hassan, Aliya, Mustafa Qureshi, Ilyas Kashmiri, Afzaal Ahmad, Bahar, Abid Kashmiri (Guests: Asif Khan, Rangeela, Tariq Lohar) Director Basheer Rana Producer's Mohammad Naeem Khan Writer Nasir Adeeb Music director Tafoo Lyricistspoets Khawaja Parvez Singers Noorjahan, Naheed Akhtar, Inayat Hussain Bhatti, Shoukat Ali Cinematography Masood ButtReleased: 22-07-1982 Eid-ul-Fittar (1402 hijri) on Thursday, July 22, 1982http:mazhar.dkfilmdbdetails.php?pid=2126 http:www.mazhar.dkfilmhistory1982.htmCassette Cover via http:www.emusic.comalbumnoor-jehanpehle-akh-lardi-fair-dil-milda11230232
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Wehshi Jatt وِخشی جٹ Barbaric Jatt Pakistani Punjabi Full Movie 1975

"There are two things that improve with age. One is wine and the other is a good feud!" - Chauhdary Rehmat (Maula's father) 0:05:00اوئے مُورکھا، ویر تے شراب جِنی پُرانی ہوئگی اونہا ہی سواد دیندی اے - چوہدری رحمت - مولا بخش دا پیوSuper-Hit Genre defining Pakistani Punjabi film.وخشی جٹ احمد ندیم قاسمی کے اردو کہانی گنڈاسہ سے ماخوذ ہے جو گوجرانوالہ کے روایتی معاشرے پر مبنی ہےInspired by Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi's Urdu novel "Gandasa" which described the culture of Gujranwala, this was the precursor to the classic Maula Jatt. Few films can claim to have redefined their industry and the success of this film heralded the beginning of a new type of all-action Punjabi movies. Starring Sultan Rahi in the title role and Iqbal Hassan as his ally and Afzal Khan as the voice of reason this movie shows how the blood feuds in rural Punjab can quickly escalate beyond reason and comprehension.Shot in BW, this film might seem old-fashioned but you owe it to yourself if you want to understand the Punjabi alpha male psyche.Film Background This was Nasir Adeeb's first film. He relates how he would go everyday to the studio for two years but nobody was interested in his writing. One day he spoke to his mother about what he wanted to be. His mother prayed that may he one day hear himself saying, "No mother will give birth to another son like him". The next morning Hasan Askari met him and told him that his film had been signed. His initial salary was for Rs 4000 month. More information in the video below: Aasia, Sultan Rahi, Iqbal Hassan, Ghazala, Afzal, Ilyas Kashmiri Producer Abdul Majeed Director Hassan Askari Music Safdar Hussain Lyrics Waris Ludhyanvi Script: Ahmed Qasmi Story: Nasir Adeeb Singers Madam Noor Jehan, Mala The film won the following Nigar Awards in 1975 in the Punjabi film category . Best Film . Best Director: Hassan Askari . Best Script: Ahmed Qasmi . Best Actor: Sultan Rahi . Best Camera (B&W): Irshad Ahmed - Wehshi JatSongs: . Ve Man Ja Dilbar Jaaniya - Noor Jehan 0:55:53 Famous Quotes: . "There are two things that improve with age. One is wine and the other is a good feud!" - Chauhdary Rehmat (Maula's father) 0:05:00اوئے مُورکھا، ویر تے شراب جِنی پُرانی ہوئگی اونہا ہی سواد دیندی اے - چوہدری رحمت - مولا بخش دا پیو . "The murders will start only now, I will kill even those who have not been born yet who will grow up to become our enemies" - 09:21 قتل تے ہُن ہونگے روشناں، تے او وی ہونگے جِنہاں نے ہالی جم کے ساڈا دشمن بننا اےSupport Pakistani music and buy the album on: translation: http:shehzads.wordpress.com20131011gandasa-english-translationReferences http:www.thehotspotonline.commoviespotbollyreviewswWehshiJat.htm http:mazhar.dkfilmhistory1975.htm http:www.thehotspotonline.commoviespotbollyLollywoodNigarAwards2.htm
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inteqam Punjabi Movie.wmv

Disclaimer: No Copyright intendedwe do not own this video.
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Sona Chandi سونا چاندی‎ PTV Drama Series Episode 9

Sona Chandi (Urdu: سونا چاندی‎) is a classic comedy-drama television serial produced by PTV. The story of the drama revolves around a couple who came to a city in search of work. The role of Sona is played by Hamid Rana and his wife Chandi Sheba Arshad. This simple, innocent couple during their jobs in different houses, help many people in solving their problems First Broadcast date: September 18, 1983 (initial release)Director: Rashid Darr Author: Munoo Bhai
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Kalay Chore کالے چور Black hearted Thieves Pakistani Punjabi Full Movi...

Mega-Hit movie. Clean clothed, black hearted Their appearances deceive Thieves, black hearted thieves تن دے اُجلے، من دی میلے، اندروں اور تے باروں اور چور چور کالے چور 0:13:42Sultan Rahi vows to provide justice to the common man when his family is destroyed by a judicial system that serves only the powerful and is exploited by the criminals against the very people it is meant to protect.Starring Sultan Rahi, Javed Sheikh, Neeli, Ghulam Mohiuddin, Ismail Shah, Humayoun Qureshi, Abid Ali, Qavi (Cameo) Singers: Noor Jehan, Mehnaz, Humaira Channa , Afshan Butt, A. NayyarSongs . Tan dey Ujley, Man de Mailey, Chor Chor Kaaley Chor 0:13:25 . Chhalla Pa De Ranjhan 0:46:12 . Haye Main Kha Lai Hari Mirch - Noor Jehan 1:03:46 . Kahe Yeh Har Koi Mujh Ko 1:25:13 . Tera Mukhrra Chand Da 1:39:28 . Sajan Mere Aa Aa Aa 1:57:56سلطان راہی غریبوں کو انصاف فراہم کرنے کی قسمم اٹھاتا ہے جب قانون اور اُس کے رکھوالے چوروں اور ظالموں کے مددگار بن جاتے ہیںhttp:mazhar.dkfilmdbdetails.php?pid=2872 http:mazhar.dkfilmhistory1991.htm#kalaychor Poster: Mazhar.dkSupport the Pakistani Film Indutry and buy the Music Album from Google Play (with DRM free 320 Kbps Mp3's):
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Pind Di KuRi Complete Pakistani Punjabi Movie Thanx to Filmazia

Cast: Sudhir, Firdaus, Mazhar Shah, Munawwar Zarif, Nahid, Zulfi etc. Singers: Masood Rana, Mala Begum, Naseem Begum & Irene Parveen. Story, Dialogs & Lyrics: Khwaja Parvez Music Directors: Bakhshi Wazir Hope you like its Premier on Youtube. Regards Dr.Bukhari
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