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Pinoy Cooking Okoy kapangpangan version

Kapampangan cooking with Chef Teresa... ingredients for Okoy includes : eggs, anchovies, rice flour, flour and salt.
57,022 views | Sep 18, 2009

SSE Chef Larry s Ukoy

Chef Larry Banares shares his hi-end take on the classic Ukoy on Sari-Sari Etc. Chef Larry's Ukoy is paired with a side salad w Asian vinaigrette, and two s...
23,450 views | Apr 22, 2010

Easy Ukoy Recipe Gastrofork s CookShow w Joe

Ukoy is a Filipino dish that is similar to tempura. Battered bean sprouts make a bed for shrimp, tofu and green onions. Serve hot with rice and garlic vinega...
1,111 views | Mar 03, 2012

Shrimp Ukoy Okuy Fried Free Filipino Recipes Lutong Pinoy Visit our Website for more Free Filipino Recipes! Enjoy this yummy recipe! Ukoy Fried Filipino Recipe Lutong Pi...
1,660 views | Dec 28, 2013

Pinoy cooking Okoy Kapangpangan Style

Fourth of July at Avalon cooking Okoy with Tere.
37,863 views | Jul 20, 2009

How to cook homemade okoy

Cooking okoy.
19,002 views | Mar 07, 2012


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524 views | Jul 22, 2013


great served with spicy vinegar dip, catsup or sweet chili sauce.
17,871 views | Jan 31, 2012

Pinoy Hapagkainan UKOY

For complete recipe, follow the link below ; http:www.pinoyhapagkainan.comukoy Like us on facebook ; http:www.facebook.compinoyhapagkainan.
20,264 views | Jun 26, 2012

Ukoy Recipe

More recipes on
591 views | Feb 26, 2013

Extra Crispy and Nutritious Seafood Okoy

An upgrade from the traditional shrimp-based okoy, this recipe is fortified with kamote, kalabasa, squid and much more. Rise & Shine is a daily morning progr...
247 views | Mar 12, 2014

Ukoy Tagalog Tempura

Filipino food ..tagalog tempura ..or Okonomiyaki version ..Mix vegetables ,with Shrimp... fried food..good appetizer...
21,875 views | Nov 17, 2012

Philippine Shrimp Fritters Ukoy

Chef Rafi shows us two ways to cook ukoy. His innovation to this popular Filipino crispy snack is that he uses sweet potato AND taro (kamote at gabi) instead...
382 views | Feb 13, 2014

Cooking Okoy with Nanay

Cooking a Filipino Favorite "Okoy". It is a fried patty made of rice flour, shedded Papaya and dried shrimp. There are a few variations of this delicious off...
14,318 views | Oct 03, 2010

Kusina Tips Inihaw na ukoy na Seaweeds

Inihaw na ukoy na Seaweeds ( October 10, 2013 ) Ryza Cenon Chief Isaiah Almaimani ingredients: Grated sweet potatoes seaweeds flour salt pepper onions vine...
81 views | Oct 17, 2013

TORTANG DILIS Anchovies Fish Omelette

Mashed Potato Lutong Pinoy..Filipino Omelet Style...
4,014 views | Aug 02, 2013

Street Vendor Fried Papaya with Egg

More information, pictures, and complete recipe for Fried Papaya with Egg at http:importfood.comvideosFried-Papaya-with-Egg.html A comple...
3,922 views | May 29, 2012

Pinoy cooking Okoy Kapangpangan Style part 2

Part 2 of out cooking with Tere.
39,655 views | Jul 20, 2009

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