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Tutorial. Dulceros del Hombre Araña. Spiderman s boxes of candy.

From - Posted: Aug 19, 2012 - 456,473 views
Cooking | Tutorial. Dulceros del Hombre Araña. Spiderman s boxes of candy. | Tutorial. Dulceros del Hombre Araña. Spiderman s boxes of candy.
Tutorial. Dulceros del Hombre Araña. Spiderman s boxes of candy.
Tutorial. Dulceros del Hombre Araña. Spiderman s boxes of candy.
Duration: 07 minute 01 seconds 
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Tutorial para hacer dulceros de papel mache para fiestas infantiles con la imagen del Hombre Araña, fáciles y sencillos. Además son excelentes adornos de los cuartos de los pequeños, espero que les sirva. Musicalizado con las canciones del Capitán Memo. Spiderman's boxes of candy for parties. Tutorial to make paper mache for children's parties with the image of the Spider Man, easy and simple, and are excellent ornaments for bedrooms. I hope you find this helpful. Written with the songs of Captain Memo. Manualidades
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Realizamos una tarta de Spiderman de fondant o masa elastica paso a paso. usamos fondant blanco, rojo y azul. Si te ha gustado el vídeo dale a ME GUSTA. Para imprimir la foto mira este enlace: http:keyks.estarta-de-fondant-de-spidermanSuscríbete a nuestros vídeos¡Apúntate a nuestros cursos a distancia: http:www.keyks.esescuelaindex.phpcursos-a-distancia-en-keyksVisita nuestra web
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Part 1 also showing at: http:youtu.bexIs7yYUQNGc Part 3 also showing at: Part 4 also showing at: Part 5 also showing at: Scarbu Stop Motion Action Video showing at Stop Motion Action Video Part 2, A short action packed video about a toy's ongoing battle to remain as his owner's favourite. This time the arrival of a mysterious package challenges this Spiderman Action Figure to a whole new level of combat.The stop motion for this Spiderman short film took around four months to photograph. That time also includes the photo shopping and sound that had to be added. Editing software: Sony Vegas Pro12, Windows Movie Maker, Processing pictures: Adobe Photoshop, Windows Paintbrush. Camera: Nikon D5100Music and music license acquired from JewelBeat.comTracks: Closed Doors Full Mix, Standard license; Surreal State Full Mix, Standard license; Living Large Full Mix, Standard license; Final War Full Mix, Standard license; Fated To Fight Full Mix, Standard license; Ever So Evil Full Mix, Standard license; My Place Now Full Mix, Standard license; Running Everywhere Full Mix, Standard license; The Search 60 Seconds, Standard license; Closed Doors 30 Seconds, Standard license; Living Large 60 Seconds, Standard license; Times Of Terror Full Mix, Standard license; Speeding Up 60 Seconds, Standard license; Speeding Up Alternate Mix, Standard license; Shoot To Kill 60 Seconds, Standard license; Running Everywhere 60 Seconds, Standard license; Ever So Evil 60 Seconds, Standard license; hereinafter referred to as "The Music".Notice Regarding Copyright:The JewelBeat Music Library (collectively "The Music") is copyrighted under United States and International copyright laws. The Licensor owns The Music and reserves all rights to The Music. The Music remains the sole and exclusive property of the Licensor. Use of The Music is licensed, not sold under the terms of this License Agreement.Some sounds were made by us and some need to be credited to the following membersusers of Those members and sounds are as followscrash17 toys.wav by FreqManWoodSmashAndFall_04.wav by zimbotneck_crack.wav by Halleck Cinematic Bass Boom by CosmicEmbersswosh.aif by man opening_a_soda_can.mp3 by morgantj indiana-jones-style-punch.wav by thebondman Fist Punch 3.mp3 by CGEffex Thud-dry.wav by juskiddink Breaking glass 4 by jorickhoofdCrash02.wav by FreqManMouse.wav by CGEffexBrutal Slaps by Project_Trident"Buy and Sell Direct Online" is a fictional website named and created by myself purely so G. I Joe could order Spidey's next challenge
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Animate, llamanos, contamos con los personajes que desees para tu fiesta infantil, con presentaciones espectaculares y novedosas segun el personaje. Llamanos: 4731778 4731198 7934448 985490207 10*5848 131*8651 Visita la web:
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espero le guste
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