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Tsis Tsim Nyog Tuag Disc2Clip

From - Posted: Dec 04, 2013 - 22,996 views
Cooking | Tsis Tsim Nyog Tuag Disc2Clip | Tsis Tsim Nyog Tuag Disc2Clip
Tsis Tsim Nyog Tuag Disc2Clip
Tsis Tsim Nyog Tuag Disc2Clip
Duration: 03 minute 07 seconds 
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Xab Thoj new movie 2013
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Tau tus hlub tsis raws siab xav 4 9

10,428 views | Jan 01, 2012

Dab Xabmain No pt.1 Full Movie

Disclaimer: Dab Xabmaim No and all its contents are copyrights and reserved to Alienz World Video Production and iMedia Entertainment. Copyright 2008- Video is for viewing purpose only and should not be use for any personal gain of any form and video will be remove upon request from its rightful owner. - If you like this movie, please support the producer by buying an original copy. -Please contact me directly if you feel this video has violate any term of ownership or use. -Please do not request movie especially new release as I will never upload new release.
43,030 views | Jan 31, 2013

Tub Ntsuj Moj Them Xib Fwb Tub Tsab Ntaus Lam Hwj thiab Dhia Hla Neeg

*Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our youttube channel (KUVPAUB) so that you're always connected with our new video uploads, NEWS, ENTERTAINMENT, EVENTS, and MORE...Please also "LIKE" and "SHARE" our videos so that your friends can see them, too. Thanks*Los "SUBSCRIBE" peb qhov youtube channel (KUVPAUB) no es koj thiaj li pom tag nrho peb cov yeeb yaj kiab tso tawm los ntawm cov XOV XEM, KEV LOMZEM, TEJ KOOBTSHEEJ, thiab NTAU YAM...Koj ho pab nyem "LIKE" thiab "SHARE" es koj tej phoojywg thiaj tau pom thiab siab nrog koj thiab yom. Ua tsaug.NOTES: Your opinions are all welcome and greatly appreciated. You are free to express all your opinions in a way that you believe or want to. However, Please DO NOT post comments that are inappropriate or assaulting the privacy of others. Thanks for your understanding.Ceeb Toom: Koj xav sau ntawv nthuav tawm txog kev xav ntawm koj tus kheej li cas los yeej tau. Peb zoo siab thiab txais tos cov lus uas koj sau thuav txog koj qhov kev xav thiab koj lub tswv yim. Tabsis, thov koj txhob sau cov lus tsis zoo nkauj uas yuav tsis taus thiab tej lus uas mob thiab saib tsis taus lwm tus tib neeg. Ua tsaug rau qhov koj tos taub zoo txog qhov saum no.
13,566 views | Jan 01, 2014

Tsis Tsim Nyog Tuag Short Scene

*IN STORES NOW!!!* Note: I Do Not Own Anything & Do Not Know Who The Singer Of This Song Is
16,501 views | Nov 26, 2013

Part 2 Ib Lub Paj Muaj Ob Tug Ntxhiab

Watch in HD! Here's part one http:youtu.beo-Ssz1kF_y8When the person you love the most AND the person you trust the most both deceive you when you least expect... what will happen? What will you do? That's what we fear the most. Check out this lovely short film and share. ...Big thanks from Team PTK Films! Subscribe to us and follow us on facebook for more: https:www.facebook.commkay.vue
60,915 views | Dec 06, 2013

Xab Thoj Movie Preview 2013 Tsis Tsim Nyog Tuag

This the preview for a new movie from Nagtshia Entertainment featuring Xab Thoj. It should be coming out Thanksgiving of 2013. The name of this movie is: Tsis Tsim Nyog Tuag.
64,755 views | Sep 19, 2013

Xaab Txiab Concert on 12 07 2013

26,834 views | Dec 10, 2013

Hlub Mus Kawg Keeb MV

Movie - Tus Zoo Tuag Lawm Got Bored And Didn't Have Anything To Do So Created This Song With This Movie.... Hope You All Enjoy :)) ----------------- And for those ppl who keeps taking video and re-uploading it please dont take mine and re-upload it if you do at least let me know lol...
19,372 views | Oct 23, 2013

xab thoj new movie 2014 kuv tsis zoo los koj tsis txaus

to order this movie and all hmong movies please visit my web @ or email @
155,077 views | Dec 20, 2013

maiv zoo tuag vim kev hlub

224,969 views | Jul 24, 2013

Xab Thoj Txiab Yaj Concert Pt. 1 Milwaukee , WI

Hello ! I got a VIP Vocalist invitation to join the great Xab Thoj and beautiful Txiab Yaj at their concert . It was wonderful seeing them . This was the first songs that they performed for the night , along with a little comedy in between the song performances .It was great seeing all old and new faces there , as well . Everyone looked wonderful and from what I saw , everyone had a lot of fun that night . Thanks for all the compliments and gifts that night , as well . Until next time , friends .
27,121 views | Dec 15, 2013

3 5 khwv ciaj khwv tuag tsis txaus qau noj ib pluag

Starring: doua vang chao thao keavon vang pachia yang yia her maiv nyiaj yang qab zib chang seng yang amy chang pang yang
41,041 views | Aug 07, 2011

Hmong New Movie 2013 2014

Hmong New Movies 2013-2014 (Vim Tsis Txawj Hlub ) By:Paul Yang Contact Information: E-Mail: OR Called:(651) 387-8873 Available on JULY 4th Hmong New Movies 2013-2014 Cha Her Txhaj Hawj Vim Tsis Txawj Hlub Hlub Caub Fab Hmong New Release
107,389 views | Jun 23, 2013

khuv xim tsis tau deev movie 1.1

khuv xim tsis tau deev movie
132,577 views | Mar 19, 2013

Hmoob Rov mus ncig qubtebchaw, Not Ntses LoobXas. P4 HD

720P HD Reedited in HD, and many of you probably haven't seen this full story(Trip). I am sure that a lot Senses will give you a Giggling.. lot more to come..
201,006 views | Dec 24, 2013

Xab Thoj Vol.3 3. Caag Koj Tsis Tuag 3D

100,878 views | Oct 18, 2012

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