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Trudnoca 20 24 nedelje Uja Analife

From - Posted: Mar 01, 2013 - 7,262 views
Cooking | Trudnoca 20 24 nedelje Uja Analife | Trudnoca 20 24 nedelje Uja Analife
Trudnoca 20 24 nedelje Uja Analife
Trudnoca 20 24 nedelje Uja Analife
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4d ultrazvuk - Trudnoca - 20-24 nedelje - Analife Detaljnije: http:analife.rsmenu1791ekspertski-4d-ultrazvuk-od-20-24-nedelje-trudnoce
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Trudnoca po nedeljama

18,376 views | Dec 08, 2012

The Ultimate Girls Fail Compilation 2014

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1,658,246 views | Jul 04, 2014

formiranje bebe u stomaku

46,820 views | Sep 22, 2012


Este video fue creado para los talleres de preparación para el parto de la Universidad de la Frontera, en donde un bebé le va relatando a su madre como es su desarrollo y lo que siente dentro de su vientre. Es muy emotivo sobre todo para aquellos embarazos no deseados, ya que en algunos de ellos éste video cambia por completo la perspectiva del embarazo.
747,284 views | Aug 01, 2011

Prenatal Yoga 1 25 min version

For longer versions of this class, as well as other Prenatal Yoga selections, please visit our website at http:www.yogadownload.comClassesViewClassestabid69catid20ViewClasses.aspxFor more information about Liza Janda and prenatal yoga visit her site at:, and then be sure to check out her at-home birthing classes: !This gentle prenatal yoga class uses yoga poses perfect for pregnancy and will help you relax, stretch all the muscles in your body, deeply connect with your baby, and will help you prepare both mentally and physically for labor. Yoga has proven to be extremely beneficial for woman during pregnancy and this class is the perfect way to take a prenatal yoga class in the comfort of your home, at a time that is convenient for you.This class was designed by expert instructor, Liza Janda, and is can be done during any trimester of pregnancy.
767,271 views | Nov 27, 2010

4D ultrazvuk

1,639 views | Jul 25, 2013


I basically fooled Jesse into believing that I may be pregnant for an entire month. He was concerned and asking me about it everyday. He was bugging me to get a pregnancy test and I kept avoiding it. So I pretended that I took a test at my friends house earlier in the week and hadn't told him until later in the week that I was "pregnant" during the prank! Facebook: http:facebook.comprankvsprank Follow us on Twitter: http:twitter.comPhillyChic5 http:twitter.comJesseWelle T-shirts http:www.districtlines.comprankvsprank
17,574,819 views | Jul 26, 2011

A BITSANDCLIPS SPECIAL! Our Epic Labor Delivery Story!!!

Bonus video to watch right after this one! Go watch! http:youtu.begLZd2ofIBgQ Raw Hospital Footage 1 - First Chat: Raw Hospital Footage 2 - Siblings Meet: Raw Hospital Footage 3 - Going Home:'s Labor and Delivery Story Pt 1: Twitter: https:twitter.combitsandclips
57,632 views | Feb 05, 2014

Abortus veliki grijeh potresan video

U Svedskoj se, u posljednjih nekoliko godina, prosjecno dnevno izvrsi oko 100 abortusa (36-37 hiljada abortusa godisnje). SubhanAllah, za 10 godina pobiju jedan oveci grad, velicine oko 300 hiljada stanovnika, u ovom slucaju, 300 hiljada neduznih beba, a ni u drugim evropskim drzavama nije puno bolje. Na sve strane zele da ocrne islam i da njegove propise omalovaze, a jadnici ne vide da moralno i fizicki tonu u propast.
32,674 views | Dec 06, 2009

Woman Gets Pregnant by 13 year old boy

A woman gets pregnant by a 13 year old boy.
13,767,106 views | Dec 30, 2012
cooking, 4D ultrazvuk

4D ultrazvuk, 23. tjedan trudnoće
18,966 views | Mar 06, 2010

Fake Pregnancy Prank

Fake Pregnancy Prank I'm Pregnant Prank "Laugher" Full Length Interaction ► http:youtu.bebguThcO7exc Subscribe ► http:youtube.comsubscription_center?add_user=whatever Facebook ► http:facebook.comwhatever Twitter ► http:twitter.comwhateverInstagram ► http:instagram.combrianwhatever Vine ► http:vine.cowhateverExtras & Reveals ► http:youtu.bekf66MyM2SP0 More Extras Fails Outtakes ► http:youtu.be2p7molJEvc82ND Channel ► http:youtube.comwhatever2NDGet A Horse Mask ► for all your support! Rating the video and leaving a comment is always appreciated! For permission to use this video or other media business inquiries, email me here: - I check it often.Fake Pregnancy Prank AKA Paternity Fraud Prank AKA Every Guys WORST Nightmare Prank AKA AKA.After having absolutely NO LUCK finding a costume to look pregnant (all of them looked pretty bad and got bad reviews), I decided to be resourceful and make one myself. At first I thought a bike or skateboard helmet would be the right shape, but it wasn't quite right. I just ended up cutting an old basketball laying around the house in half and it turned out really good. Looked more authentic and was more affordable than any other alternative.Paternity fraud refers to a paternal discrepancy or a non-paternity event, in which a mother names a man to be the biological father of a child, particularly for self-interest, when she knows or suspects that he is not the biological father.A 2005 scientific review of international published studies of paternal discrepancy found a range in incidence from 0.8% to 30% (median 3.7%, with half of the academic studies on the subject, i.e. eight, yielding rates from  2.0% to 9.6%), suggesting that the widely quoted and unsubstantiated figure of 10% of non-paternal events is an overestimate. However, in situations where disputed parentage was the reason for the paternity testing there were higher levels; an incidence of 17% to 33% (median of 26.9%). Most at risk were those born to younger parents, to unmarried couples and those of lower socio-economic status, or from certain cultural groups.
5,029,525 views | Sep 08, 2013

Przed Świtem Breaking Dawn Poród Belli

30,996 views | Dec 19, 2012

4D ultrazvuk, 23. nedelja

Ginekološka ordinacija DEMETRA, Loznica
7,211 views | Sep 26, 2012

Vežbe za trudnice 5. deo

Prilog o programu vežbi za trudnice koji se primenjuja u Domu zdravlja Novi Beograd
12,637 views | Oct 04, 2010

Dan X Porod počinje

Porod kod mnogih trudnica izaziva strah, posebno ako je u pitanju prva trudnoća. Nema razloga za paniku. Naučite prepoznati prave bolove koji ukazuju na porođaj i spremno dočekajte dan X.
176,090 views | Jun 24, 2011

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