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How to Grill Rib Eye Steaks on a Traeger Smoker Grill

http:familyfoodlifestyle.comhow-to-smoke-grillgrilled-rib-eye-steaks You cannot go wrong when you're grilling rib eye steaks on a Traeger. I've had mine...
34,624 views | May 22, 2012

How to Grill T Bone Steaks on a Traeger Smoker Grill

http:familyfoodlifestyle.comhow-to-smoke-grillgrilled-t-bone-steaks Smoking T Bones on a Traeger smoker grill can be very rewarding You will be able to ...
8,189 views | May 27, 2012

Perfect Prime Rib Easiest Prime Rib Recipe Ever! Holiday Prime Rib of ...

Learn how to make Perfect Prime Rib Recipe! Visit to get more info, and watch over 500 free video recipes. I hope you enjoy this Perfec...
694,789 views | Nov 29, 2010

Smoked Prime Rib 2013

Dec. 25th, 2013 Smoking a USDA PRIME Grade WHOLE RIBEYE 18 + Lbs Texas Style. Three day pre-cook rub & vacuum seal, then smoked with Texas Post Oak & Mesquit...
1,335 views | Dec 27, 2013

how to cook Prime Rib cooking for dads, Christmas Roast Beast by Rob B...

for a more advanced prime rib watch MONITOR INTERNAL TEMP!!!! The times are just guidelines and are affected by st...
380,069 views | Dec 19, 2007

Smoked Rib Eye Steak on the Masterbuilt Smoker

Hickory Smoked Rib Eye Steak on the Masterbuilt Smoker. In this video I am going to try an experiment with smoking rib eye steak before placing them on the g...
27,506 views | Sep 16, 2012

Smoked Spare Ribs The 3 2 1 Method

We are smoking a St. Louis trimmed slab of spare ribs using the 3-2-1 Method. This involves three steps that we outline in the video. I'm using Wolfe's bold ...
258,344 views | Mar 16, 2011

James W Porter House Steak On The Traeger Texas Grill

This is a 1 12 lbs of pure thick ass beef. I rubbed it down with Olive Oil, Traeger Prime Rib Rub and some Devil's Dust. I used Hickory Pellets and cooked t...
993 views | May 10, 2013

Slow Roasted Top Loin

Today we are cooking a slow-roasted top loin on a Traeger wood pellet grill. This is an excellent choice of meat with its wonderful flavor and ease of cookin...
5,176 views | Feb 27, 2011


This video shows how to smoke 2 pork loins. One pork loin is wrapped in bacon, and one is not. This method of smoking is called 'hot smoking', which means th...
60,356 views | Jun 16, 2012

Making a Pork Rib Roast MY way

Making a Pork Rib Roast MY way.
3,842 views | Feb 29, 2012

Whitey s BBQ.....Smoked.Ribs

Step by Step, how to smoke Competition style BBQ ribs.
40,249 views | Jan 02, 2011

Smoked Squash Rockefeller and Bacon wrapped Grilled Shrimp

Subscribe to our new Food Farmer Earth channel on YouTube: Jeff Stehney, owner of Kansas City'...
1,206 views | Jun 25, 2013

How to Butcher a Rack of Pork How to French a Rack of Pork Cooking Cla...

How to Butcher a Rack of Pork - How to French a Rack of Pork - Cooking Classes In that video, you will learn how to butcher and French a Rack of Pork. After ...
3,614 views | Sep 11, 2013

Learn To Cook The Secret to Perfectly Seared Steak

http:amzn.to16ZHKaY The America's Test Kitchen Cooking School Cookbook Getting a perfect sear without overcooking a steak can be tough. In this clip from ...
246,165 views | Apr 26, 2012

Steaks on a Traeger Grill

Grilling some porterhouse steaks on the Treager grill. My grill is 8 years old and is still kicking butt. Used a little Tones steak dust and salt and pepper....
8,370 views | Jan 08, 2012

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