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The Teghan Skiba Story

From - Posted: Oct 27, 2010 - 38,593 views
Cooking | The Teghan Skiba Story | The Teghan Skiba Story
The Teghan Skiba Story
The Teghan Skiba Story
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Forever looking forward to the day when child abuse will be no more. Until then, we won't give up.
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Brittany Locklear The Evil That Men Do

An account of the abduction and death of Brittany Locklear in January of 1998. Remembering this beautiful little girl today whose murder has not been solved at this date in 2010. - KWH
39,993 views | Aug 07, 2010

In Remembrance Of Caroline Rae Madison Rae King 2008 2012

68,376 views | May 11, 2013

The Story Of Shellay Ward

"For right now, I'm just hoping that, wherever she is now, someone responds when she calls, and that she can go outside and play in the light."Shellay Ebony WardShellay came into this world on March 22 2000 in Australia to Blake & Sharon Ward.Shellay was developmentally disabled & required more assistance than the average child.In 1994 the Department of Community Services investigated Blake & Sharon Ward on allegations of neglect & abuse of their other two children.Those two children would continue to live with their parents.Blake & Sharon Ward would use drugs & keep Shellay locked in her bedroom for extended periods of time. A man observed how Sharon would fill a shopping cart full with food & Blake would tell her put most of it back.In February 2006 Shellay weighed a good 45 pounds.The Department of Community Services attempted to check on the three children. But we refused to see the children.As Shellay got older the neglect intensified. She was held prisoner in her own bedroom which contained not one toy.The education department had been informed of Shellay's absence from school many times. A neighbour had only seen Shellay outside once in five years.He said he would see Shellay "'in her bedroom, naked, and hanging in the window frame, calling out, `Mummy' or `Daddy.'"Shellay had broken her bedroom window. After it was repaired it was boarded up keeping Shellay is complete isolation. November 3 20077:00am - Sharon Ward found Shellay - malnourished, lifeless.She held Shellay in her arms until Blake Ward completed his gambling & found them.The police were not called until 1:00pm. But ...Shellay had already flew away.She weighed just under 20 pounds & was covered in urine & waste at the time of her death.The autopsy noted several different things causing them to come to the conclusion that Shellay had "died a slow and torturous death""The condition of that house was appalling. There was solid faeces in Shellay's bedroom and it stank of urine,"Once the story was released to the public Blake & Sharon tried to flee but were arrested at a train station.They denied Shellay had starved to death. They blamed her autism, drugs, each other & even Shellay's fear of water for her death.Sharon Ward was sentenced to life in jail & Blake Ward to a minimum of 12 years.In Loving Memory Of An angel who will never be forgotten.Shellay Ebony Ward March 22 2000 - November 3 2007
23,861 views | Sep 06, 2011

The Marcus Fiesel Story

***FAIR USE*** Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Marcus is gone but his story can save many children... Please we all know children can sometimes be difficult, but if you feel like you can't handle your child anymore please give them to a trusted responsible person. There are many people around the world who will love to have a child but are unable.Give your child to someone who can love them. Children are a gift from God. A gift that is you don't take care of God will take back. To read more on Marcuss death visit: http:jfs.ohio.govocffiesel_review_report_20061127.pdf
62,254 views | Oct 10, 2008

The Shafia Girls

Summary of the details of the case.Rest In Peace Zainab Sahar Geeti & Rona
42,430 views | Jan 31, 2012

The Story Of Rose Pizem

Testimony in the murder trial of Ronnie Ron and Marie-Charlotte Pizem opened in Tel Aviv District Court, with witnesses for the prosecution taking the stand one after the other. Ron and Pizem are charged with the murder of Pizem's daughter and Ron's granddaughter, four-year-old Rose Pizem, whose body was found in Tel Aviv's Yarkon River on September 11, 2008. Prosecution witness Lior Maslawi, one of Ron's co-workers, told the court that Ron had always spoken proudly about Rose. "I don't know what got into his head," he told the court. During the investigation of Rose's death, Maslawi told police that Marie-Charlotte had called him for help, saying she told him, "If the police don't see a girl, [Ron] will go to jail for years." "I asked her, 'Where's Rose?' She replied, 'It doesn't matter. Bring a girl from one of your neighbors. It doesn't matter who. Just bring someone.'" Another witness who worked with Ron in the Tel Aviv Municipality said Ron once told him that "if you want to make something disappear, all you have to do is throw it into the Yarkon." Later, a woman who had been Rose's nanny testified that she had once seen Rose with a large bruise on her face. She said she asked Ron what had happened and he told her the girl had fallen at the playground. The nanny also said Ron had looked after his own two girls [whom he had with Marie-Charlotte Pizem] very nicely, but ignored Rose. "He was amazing with them," she said, "but he didn't give any special attention to Rose. Marie didn't look after any of them." She also said that while Ron and Pizem's older daughter had a bedroom of her own, Rose slept with the baby. The baby had a bed, a changing table and toys, while Rose slept in something that looked like a sleeping bag and had no possessions. After the hearing, Pizem's lawyer, Revital Swid, told reporters that none of the witnesses had linked her client to Rose's death. In order to prove the murder charge, the prosecution will also have to show beyond a reasonable doubt that Ron intentionally killed Rose. He has admitted that he caused her death by striking her, but said he had not meant to kill her.
212,547 views | Jul 05, 2009

The Story Of Miguel Fernandes

Rest In Peace MiguelFebruary 11 2006 - September 12 2007More Information:http:www.torontosun.comnewscolumnistsmichele_mandel2011012717062021.htmlhttp:www.thestar.comnewscrimearticle923262--mom-delayed-calling-911-for-son-before-he-died-crown
19,750 views | May 04, 2012

Koralynn Marie s Story

21,031 views | Jul 31, 2013

Child Abuse Hits Home Joseph s Story

This story is about my baby boy Samuel Joseph!
292,466 views | Dec 13, 2011

The Story Of Christoffer Kihle Gjerstad

UPDATE** Charges have been laid against Christoffer's mother for the assault of little Christoffer resulting in his death. "If a woman is found dead in the home with major damage, the police do everything they can to solve. When the victim is a child, is often the case dismissed, often because of insufficient investigation" The boy who was invisible Christoffer Kihle Gjerstad Christoffer came into this world on September 9, 1996 in Norway. He flew away on February 2, 2005 at only eight years old. Christoffer was an active little boy, climbing trees, running around, have fun. Late 2004 Christoffer's mother began to date his future "step-father". They will all eventually move in together. They begin to lose contact with other family members. Shortly after Christoffer began to show bruises, abrasions and swelling. Many people in Christoffer's town noticed the change in Christoffer. Happy and playful now bruised and uncomfortable. The teachers at his school saw the injuries as well, but did not report them. January 16 2005 Christoffer began to have uncontrollable head movements and dizziness. It is suspected that he may of ingested some white powder. He is taken to the doctor. Swelling on his forehead, a blackened eye and a bruised cheek is found. His mother and stepfather tell the doctor that Christoffer has ADHD and is on Ritalin which could be the reason for his dizziness. Christoffer's grandmother remembered from that day of he clung to her, screaming and how badl his head was shaking. "The day after hospitalization, the doctor concluded that the head movements and vertigo caused by overdose of Ritalin. Medication is interrupted, and head movements decreases rapidly... ...The boy was sent home with parents" February 1 2005 After seeing yet more marks on Christoffer his school called his mother to arrange a meeting. Christoffer's is in so much pain he cannot write. February 2, 2005 Christoffer is especially ill at breakfast, throws up and stays home from school. Christoffer is also extremely tired. Fatigued His mother discovers a large, bump of the back of her sons head. At dinnertime Christoffer is worse than he was that morning. He throws up once more and is too dizzy to keep himself up right. Christoffer is sent to bed to sleep after supper. His stepfather encourages his mother to go out for a little while for fresh air. His mother then left, leaving Christoffer and his step father alone. Later that night Christoffer would be found dead, with a paper towel inside his nose and down his throat. A neighbour heard a lot of commotion, then a thud and silence. Blue coloured bruises are spread across his face, legs, shoulders, right hip, arms and over both thighs. The large bump his mother had found earlier would be discovered during an autopsy. "A 17 cm long skull fracture as a precursor of the left temporal region and down in the midst of the left cranial fossa. On the brain is seen crushing damage to the exterior of both temporal lobe and in both parietal lobe. " The child protection system in Norway is weak. Most child deaths are not investigated because of lack of evidence. It will take four years for Christoffer's stepfather to be charged. After an appeal he was finally sentenced to eight years for Christoffer's death. His mother was never charged. In Loving Memory Of a happy, active little angel Christoffer Kihle Gjerstad September 9, 1996 - February 2, 2005 "We have now created a new procedure: We will always consider the possibility of child abuse." - Overlege Bjorn Halvorsen
31,910 views | Jun 04, 2011

In memory of Amanda Gallegos

This video tells the story of little Amanda Gallegos, a victim of child abuse. The video is a bit fast in places, i apologise for that; you may have to pause the video in places to read it. I got the content for the video from an article which appeared in the Denver Post in 2004.
17,781 views | Nov 08, 2007

The Breonna Loftin Story

KOUNTZE, Texas (AP) — A Southeast Texas grand jury has indicted a woman and her boyfriend on capital murder charges over the death of her 4-year-old daughter. A Hardin County grand jury Tuesday indicted Amanda Guidry and Jason Delacerda, both of Kountze (koontz), who originally were charged with injury to a child. District Attorney David Sheffield told KFDM-TV (http:bit.lyppRIMn) that he's seeking the death penalty against the boyfriend. Sheffield has not yet decided whether Guidry will also face a possible death sentence. Investigators say the boyfriend called 911 on Aug. 17 about Breonna Loftin. She died later at a Beaumont hospital. Sheriff Ed Cain says the girl had bruises and burns "basically from head to toe." Child Protective Services says the victim had also been sexually abused. Guidry and Delacerda are jailed without bond.
33,834 views | Sep 24, 2011

Amanda Runyon s Story

You can read Amanda's full story here http:unforgottenangels.weebly.comkids-that-need-your-help-now.html
95,766 views | Jan 30, 2011

The Story Of Sarvia Elizabeth Velasquez

Rest In Peace Sarvia Elizabeth More Info: http:www.cbc.canewscanadacalgarystory20110504calgary-homicide-toddler.htmlhttp:www.facebook.compagesElizabeth-s-Memory190391321007100http:www.calgaryherald.combusinessenergy-resourcesGrandparents+dead+Calgary+baby+raise+questions+about+handling+case4725535story.html
31,376 views | May 04, 2012

the story of audrina claire hepburn

audrina claire was a 17 months old baby girl who was murdered by her own mother. pls visit audrina's facebook page "justice for audrina claire hepburn" and support us to get justice.
32,361 views | Jun 08, 2010

The Alissa Guernsey Story Graphic Images

Music: "Sound of falling rain" Artist: RyannMusical Download link:
1,148,310 views | Sep 30, 2012

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