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The Kromanti Language of the Jamaican Maroons Final edit

From - Posted: Aug 05, 2010 - 159,352 views
Cooking | The Kromanti Language of the Jamaican Maroons Final edit | The Kromanti Language of the Jamaican Maroons Final edit
The Kromanti Language of the Jamaican Maroons Final edit
The Kromanti Language of the Jamaican Maroons Final edit
Duration: 12 minute 55 seconds 
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This video documents the disappearing languages of the Eastern Maroons of Moore Town, Jamaica. The languages are (i) Kromanti, a language variety related to the Akan language cluster of West Africa, and (ii) Uol Taim Patwa or 'Maroon Spirit Language', a very archaic form of English-lexicon Creole, similar in many ways to the Creole languages of Suriname. The language is presented through Mr Isaac Bernard, one the last culture bearers of the community, with a good command of these languages. The video is part of the Caribbean Indigenous and Endangered Languages website, which is co-sponsored by the Jamaican Language UnitUnit for Caribbean Language Research, University of the West Indies, Mona, and UNESCO.
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