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The Amazing Lotus Grill

From - Posted: Oct 23, 2012 - 494 views
Cooking | The Amazing Lotus Grill | The Amazing Lotus Grill
The Amazing Lotus Grill
The Amazing Lotus Grill
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Now you can cook outdoors with total style, safety and portability.The smokeless charcoal BBQ from Lotus Grill offers the latest in design technology, combined with fashionable colours and a host of features that will have you cooking in no time.Already the winner of International design and BBQ awards, the Lotus Grill not only looks stunning, it also offers instant, safe and smokeless charcoal cooking, so you can BBQ anywhere anytime. Best of all you are cooking in just 3 minutes, not 30-45 minutes like coventional charcoal BBQ's. Also the Lotus Grill uses 90% less charcoal which will allow for significant savings.
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How to use the lotusGrill® BBQ

Be cooking in 3-4 minutes with, safety, portability and style. This smokeless charcoal BBQ from LotusGrill® offers the latest in state of the art German technology and Finnish design. With stunning colours and multi-award winning features, you'll be cooking and the neighbours 'looking' in no time! For more info and stockists see Also see and
187,892 views | Dec 18, 2012

De BBQ op tafel Barbecook Amica Lotus Grill

Barbecuen kan ook op tafel met de Barbecook Amica of de Lotus Grill.
14,801 views | Jul 04, 2012

LotusGrill der rauchfreie Holzkohlegrill

++ jetzt bestellen ++ ++ erhältlich in 6 sommerlichen Farben, gesund, schonend, sicher & schnell. Der Lotusgrill ist überall einsetzbar und in nur 4 Minuten startklar. Ideal für Terrasse, Balkon, Boot & Campingplatz. Bestellen Sie den LotusGrill im Online Shop von Caresa - feine sachen.
77,830 views | May 30, 2012

Lotus Grill barbacoa de carbón Casa Bruno American Home Decor

+++ Barbacoa a carbón libre de humo - utilizable dondequiera: en tu balcón, en tu barco, en la terraza o en el terreno de camping ... rápida, simple, segura ... disponible ahora en 6 colores de CASA BRUNO AMERICAN HOME DECOR +++ Der rauchfreie Holzkohlegrill, überall einsetzbar: auf dem Balkon, der Terrasse, auf dem Campingplatz, am Strand ... schnell, einfach, sicher .... in 6 frischen Farben erhältlich+++ The smokeless charcoal grill - usable everywhere: on your balcony, the camping ground, your boat or during a picknick ... fast, simple and safe ... available now in 6 colours at CASA BRUNO AMERICAN HOME DECOR ++++++ Der rauchfreie Holzkohlegrill - überall verwendbar: auf dem Balkon, beim Picknick, auf dem Boot, auf dem Campingplatz ... schnell, einfach und sicher ... jetzt in 6 Farben erhältlich bei CASA BRUNO AMERICAN HOME DECOR +++
10,151 views | Apr 21, 2013

Minden Anytime Grill

5,712 views | Oct 09, 2012

Tv klip DCT Vejle, Nyheder 2013

Læs mere om campingudstyr her: http:www.campingdanmark.dkcampingudstyr
3,163 views | Oct 11, 2012

로터스 그릴 테스터 리뷰 이은영님

로터스코리아의 로터스 그릴 테스터 리뷰 입니다.
1,747 views | Jun 12, 2012

Pipe Don t Paint

Professional wedding and event cake decorators!!!! Finally, you can pipe your finished silver, gold or coloured icing directly onto your cake instead of spending hours 'hand retouching'. Developed and tested by a professional cake decorator, "DecoMagic" will revolutionise the way you work, maximise your time and improve your profit margin.
373 views | Sep 15, 2013


로터스 그릴 사용 동영상 입니다.
92,617 views | Apr 26, 2012

Minden Master Rangetop Grill

We are cooking two 1" NY strip steaks on our indoor grill. We heated the grill up on high for about 3 minutes. Cooked one side about 4 minutes, flipped the steaks and cooked for 3 minutes. We finished the steaks by cooking with the cover on for about a minute. Check it out at www.mindengrill.comYumm...... Just like cooking it outdoors. If we wanted less smoke, we would have trimmed off the fat.
32,158 views | Aug 03, 2009

Lotus Grill Barbecue Review Consumentenbond

Wil je meer weten over de Lotus Grill? http:www.consumentenbond.nltestwoning-huishoudenkeukenoven-fornuislotusgrilllotusgrill?cid=ext_youtube_v=C6GayJrsehw Deze barbecue wordt niet heet van buiten, is veilig afgesloten mocht hij omvallen en kun je overal mee naar toe nemen. Lauri probeerde het uit!Bezoek ook ons Youtubekanaal: op ons Youtubekanaal en blijf op de hoogte van de laatste video's:
26,459 views | May 21, 2013

Kenmore Live Studio How to Wine and Dine w Jamie Thompson Flank Steak ...

Here at the Kenmore Live Studio Chef Jamie Thompson of Gourmet Fusions demonstrates how to prepare flank steak with red pepper butter. Watch to learn how to prepare some delicious homemade flank steak from an expert chef! Click the "Like" button to become our fan at http:www.facebook.comKenmore to see the rest of the show and find other recipe videos, full shows, and more. Recipe: Flank Steak & Red Pepper Butter Chef: Jamie Thompson Ingredients: Flank Steak 4floz - Olive Oil 4floz - Balsamic Vinegar 1 lb - Butter 8floz - Gourmet Fusions Red Pepper Sauce Base Method: Marinate Flank Steak in olive oil, balsamic vinegar and 2floz of Gourmet Fusions Red Pepper Sauce Base and salt & pepper to taste, for 6-8 hours (overnight is best). Take softened butter and use a hand or stand mixer with the paddle attachment to really soften the butter, then add 6floz of Gourmet Fusions Red Pepper Base and mix it in completely. Place the butter on plastic wrap and roll to make one long tube. This can stay in your freezer and be used anytime you make steak, chicken or fish. Grill fish to preferable finish. Enjoy! eventName: How to Wine & Dine on a Dime eventLiveDate: 060411 talentName: Jamie Thompson segmenttypeID: 3
294 views | Jul 05, 2011

Stephen s Stovetop BBQ The Perfect Sliders

Available for purchase now at !!!Stephen's Stovetop BBQ cooks sliders!Thank you for watching!
4,683 views | May 01, 2012

Creative Cooks Mid Year Catalogue 2012

Creative Cooks Mid Year Catalogue 2012 TV Spot
621 views | Jul 05, 2012

Himalayan Saltware™ Pork Chops Applesauce almost

http:golbsalt.comPurchase your Himalayan Saltware™ salt block here: http:store.golbsalt.comcategoriesTaste%C2%B7ology-%E2%84%A2Saltware-%E2%84%A2Saltware-%E2%84%A2-Products'How To' Cooking with Himalayan Saltware - Rosemary Herbed Pork Chops, Apples, Red Peppers & OnionPurchase the salt block: http:store.golbsalt.comcategoriesTaste%C2%B7ology-%E2%84%A2Saltware-%E2%84%A2gourmet in the making™Highlights:- grilling herbs on salt block (0:12)- Food Your Salt (0:48)- essential oils infusing the meat (2:00)- grill searing for presentation (2:26)- preparation and temperature tips (3:35)- deglazing the seasoned salt block (4:47)- salt block size (6:08)- red peppers and onion (7:45)- tips trailer (8:42)For more tips, please see our blog:http:blog.golbsalt.comhappiness is just a lick away! http:golbsalt.comHow to grill pork chops!How to grill apples!How to grill red onions!How to grill red peppers!How to grill herbed pork chops!
8,083 views | Jul 28, 2011

로터스 그릴 VS 일반 그릴

로터스그릴과 일반 그릴을 비교해 본 영상 입니다.
12,259 views | Jun 24, 2012

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