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Swiss Army Storm Cooker META 50

This is a demo of the META-50 Swiss Army storm cooker. I bought it from The META-50 Swiss cooking set comes without a burner, I used...
14,409 views | Dec 20, 2009

Swiss Army storm cooker META 50 in action

This is a demo of the Ultralight META-50 Swiss Army storm cooker in action. I used a military Trangia alcohol burner with a Tatonka simmer ring. You can use ...
24,541 views | Jun 19, 2010

META 50 vs Swiss Ranger Stove vs Swedish Army Trangia

This is a boil test of the META-50 Swiss Army storm cooker vs Swiss Ranger Volcano Stove vs Swedish Army Trangia 1.Stove: META-50 Swiss Army storm cooker Sto...
20,273 views | Feb 05, 2010

Meta 80 cooking system

Quick view on my little Swiss made cooking system that i bought last year..=) Enjoy...!
24 views | Jan 17, 2014

Bushcraft Kit Review of the Meta 50 Swedish Cook Set

Part 2 of the under £100 bushcraft kit list. This video features the Meta 50 Swedish Ranger stove bought from for £19.99 plus postage....
5,821 views | Apr 22, 2013

Swiss Ranger Volcano Stove Trioxane

In this video I answer a request (many actually) to use Trioxane in my Swiss Ranger Volcano Stove. In the first and only test (you'll see why at the end of t...
8,481 views | Dec 17, 2009

Swiss M1 Stove Gel Fuel Boil Test 1

In this video I do a boil test on a Swiss M1 Stove I got from Cheaper Than Dirt. The stove is Swiss army surplus and is said to be similar to a Sterno stove....
13,894 views | Feb 16, 2010

Swiss Ranger Volcano Stove Cottle Boil Test 1 2

In this video I use a Cottle Stove with an internal vertical wick as the burner in my Swiss Ranger Volcano Stove. I got the Swiss Ranger Volcano Stove from C...
14,274 views | Dec 13, 2009

Swedish Army Cook Set Kit Review

Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector 9 Swedish Army Cook Kit review.
570 views | Sep 01, 2011

Swiss Ranger Volcano Stove Boil Test 1 Reloaded

I'm reloading some of my old videos after I do re-edits because the music police marked a lot of them, "Video blocked in some countries." as a result of my m...
282 views | Apr 17, 2013

Gear Review Swiss Ranger aluminum military stove

Paul from The Outdoor Adventure takes a look at the Military surplus stovecook set called the Swiss Ranger. It is a solid fuel alcohol stove that includes...
22,071 views | May 23, 2011

Swedish Army Cook Kit Baking

Hi folks, I had been looking for a baking solution for my Swedish Army Mess Kit. Some of you may find the kit too bulky, too heavy, at least as far as the st...
4,833 views | May 27, 2013

my cooking tins and how i use them

57 views | Oct 07, 2010

Swedish military stove Cooking with wood

Warning!!! The windscreen can get damaged when using it as a woodstove. I have one testament to that. My own is a bit softer but I have no problem using it b...
4,787 views | May 20, 2012

swiss volcano stove vs the bbc crusader stove.mpg

A look at two popular cook sets and a kit to allow the use of a third stove. I compare two of my favorite kits and show in detail some of the pros and cons. ...
8,391 views | Aug 07, 2011

Swiss Volcano Stove part of the Troop 73 Alcohol Stove Project

This is the Swiss Volcano stove. It is a commercial product designed to burn Esbit tabs, or Trioxane bars. In this video, I have powered it using the "Bill B...
7,842 views | Sep 25, 2008

Don t blowtorch the handle on a trangia kettle.

Be aware that the black plastik handle cover on the Trangia 0.6 L kettle will melt if you use an excessive amount of heat as I did in this failed excuse for ...
125 views | Jun 04, 2013


Got bored one day and wondered if I could deep fry some "Dinner Shrimp" from Sams Club while winter hiking or camping...I am always hungry,lol....and hot dee...
964 views | May 16, 2011

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