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Swiss Army Storm Cooker META 50

This is a demo of the META-50 Swiss Army storm cooker. I bought it from The META-50 Swiss cooking set comes without a burner, I used...
14,785 views | Dec 20, 2009

Swiss Army storm cooker META 50 in action

This is a demo of the Ultralight META-50 Swiss Army storm cooker in action. I used a military Trangia alcohol burner with a Tatonka simmer ring. You can use ...
25,462 views | Jun 19, 2010

Meta 80 cooking system

Quick view on my little Swiss made cooking system that i bought last year..=) Enjoy...!
51 views | Jan 17, 2014

How to Cook Swiss Chard

Learn how to cook Swiss chard with Chef Thomas from For the complete recipe to accompany this video please visit http:learntocook.comvege...
1,393 views | Mar 26, 2014


PLEASE friend me on Facebook MAJAH BLAK.
21,836 views | Aug 15, 2011

Delicious Tips Cooking Swiss Chard

Here's an easy way to prepare a leafy green that's packed with tonnes of good stuff your body uses on a day-to-day basis. From crucial anti-oxidant vitamin-C...
4,243 views | Aug 28, 2012

Swiss Army Volcano Stove Review The Swiss Army Volcano Stove is a lightweight natural fuel burner, which uses small twigs and sticks, that can boil water or he...
3,339 views | Jul 04, 2013

Bushcraft Kit Review of the Meta 50 Swedish Cook Set

Part 2 of the under £100 bushcraft kit list. This video features the Meta 50 Swedish Ranger stove bought from for £19.99 plus postage....
6,973 views | Apr 22, 2013

Healthy Cooking 1 Swiss Chard Mushrooms Recipe Celina Food Smarty

Healthy Cooking 1: Swiss Chard & Mushrooms Recipe: Celina Food Smarty In this video Celina shows you and easy way how to cook Swiss Chard & Mushrooms. It's n...
14,876 views | Dec 29, 2010

Swiss Chard 101

Learn everything you need to know about buying, storing, prepping, and cooking Swiss Chard. If you guys like the videos please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, andor SHARE ...
97,426 views | May 06, 2010

Shrimp, Rice, and Kale Swiss Chard Roll Recipe August Cooking Garden G...

http:www.augustcooking.com1post201304shrimp-rice-and-kale-swiss-chard-roll-recipe-august-cooking-garden-greens-recipe.html Shrimp, Rice, and Kale Swis...
2,054 views | Apr 06, 2013

Hungry in Brooklyn How To Cook Swiss Chard

This week, Shea Hess explores the world of swiss chard. She talks to a local farmer about how to shop for swiss chard and what to look for at the market. The...
7,757 views | Aug 20, 2010

META 50 vs Swiss Ranger Stove vs Swedish Army Trangia

This is a boil test of the META-50 Swiss Army storm cooker vs Swiss Ranger Volcano Stove vs Swedish Army Trangia 1.Stove: META-50 Swiss Army storm cooker Sto...
21,763 views | Feb 05, 2010

How to Cook Swiss Chard Braised Swiss Chard Glazed Rainbow Swiss Chard

How to Cook Swiss Chard - Braised Swiss Chard - Glazed Rainbow Swiss Chard Worldwide Culinary Apprentice - In that class, you will learn how to Swiss Chard. ...
301 views | May 09, 2014

Preparing Swiss Chard

Swiss chard is one of the healthiest leafy greens, see how to prepare them here. Get even more recipe tips on our site at . h...
2,661 views | Jan 25, 2012

Beef Steak Mushroom Swiss cheese sandwich recipe how to cook great foo...

As part of the HOW TO COOK GREAT NETWORK - Also take a look at our channel for other great cooking genres. And look at the w...
850 views | Jul 13, 2013

How We Cook Swiss Chard Simple

We cook you up some Swiss Chard. Swiss chard is a great alternative to spinach, matter of fact you can use it in any recipe that requires spinach. Some say i...
616 views | May 22, 2013

Making Swiss Steak.wmv

This comfort food classic is easy to make, you just have to give it a little time. A perfect meal to make in your electric skillet, this Swiss Steak is fork-...
3,948 views | Mar 26, 2012

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