Cooking Swiss Army Volcano Stove 3 Piece Set For Sale

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My Version of a Swiss Ranger Volcano Stove Set Revisited

A couple of days ago I reloaded a video I did back on Oct. 2008 on a cook set I called "My Version of a Volcano Stove Swiss Ranger Kit". In this video I want...
3,415 views | May 03, 2012

Swiss Ranger Volcano Stove Trioxane

In this video I answer a request (many actually) to use Trioxane in my Swiss Ranger Volcano Stove. In the first and only test (you'll see why at the end of t...
8,796 views | Dec 16, 2009

Swiss Ranger Volcano Stove using Sterno re edited

This video was orginally uploaded on March 5, 2010 on the old channel, hiramcook. I thought it pertains to the tests I've been doing with the Swiss Ranger Vo...
458 views | Sep 13, 2012

Swedish Army Trangia stove and mess kit

Show n Tell of my new Swedish Army Trangia stove and mess kit.
17,703 views | Apr 08, 2009

Olicamp One Quart Stainless Steel Kettle Set Boil Test

Today I stopped by my local Army Navy store to see if they had any end of season sales. What I found was an Olicamp One Quart Stainless Steel Kettle Set that...
2,151 views | Sep 11, 2012

Ultralight Stove Pot Stand for Trangia Boil Test 1

Because of my having to use the Westwind stove upside-down to get a good boil time I've had several people ask me to test another pot stand from ebay that us...
3,592 views | Dec 02, 2011

Esbit Solid Fuel Stove Set Boil Test 2 Reloaded

I'm reloading some of my old videos after I do re-edits because the music police marked a lot of them, "Video blocked in some countries." as a result of my m...
792 views | Apr 16, 2013

Mess kit cook set from Walmart by Ozark trail overview

A review I did of the Ozark trail 4 piece mess kit at Walmart for 40$.. in my underwear.
183 views | Apr 06, 2014

Cottle Top Stove V2.0 Boy Scout Pot Boil Test 1

In this video I do a boil test on my Cottle Top Stove V2.0 using the methods that I use now. The Cottle Top Stove V2.0 is a burner that I was playing with ba...
514 views | Apr 21, 2013

Swedish Army Trangia vs East German Army Mess Kit Reloaded

I'm cleaning up some of my old videos so the music police won't have problems with them and re-loading them. Please bear in mind that I was still learning ho...
1,333 views | May 13, 2013

Un Boxing stainless steel simmer ring for the Military Trangia burner

In this video I do an "Un-boxing" of a stainless steel simmer ring made for the Swedish Army Trangia burner that I bought on eBay. I'm hoping that this simme...
1,935 views | Dec 18, 2012

Source of Carbon Felt

I've had several requests for info on where I get my carbon felt. Hope this helps.
11,660 views | May 14, 2010

Jetboil CrunchIt Butane Canister Recycling Tool

In this video I demo the Jetboil ''CrunchIt'' Butane Canister Recycling Tool that I bought at Cabela's. This should help my trail friends and me get rid of t...
1,719 views | Sep 22, 2012

Swedish, german and danish english mess kits

So, in this video, i present three different mess kits, and my recommendation on which one's to choose aswell. In the future, i will probably make video's in...
31,806 views | Feb 18, 2012
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