Cooking Suman Malagkit With Chocolate

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2,434,761 views | Apr 17, 2015

Chocolate Suman na Malagkit CHOCOLATE RICE IN BANANA LEAF

Hi wala na akong masabi pa sa aking chocolate suman. I know a lot of Filipinos will be proud of this. Suman is a rice cake originating from the Philippines. It is made from glutinous rice...
2,071 views | Oct 02, 2013


PUTO KUTSINTA RECIPE Filipino Variety of Suman with combination of chocolates and roasted peanuts.. INGREDIENTS.. For choco dough.. 1...
76,794 views | Sep 26, 2013

Suman Malagkit Filipino Kakanin rice cake

Suman Malagkit is made of sticky rice, Coconut milk add white sugar according to your taste wrapped tightly banana leaf, then boiled, Suman is a delicious Filipino Kakanin.
71,803 views | Oct 28, 2013

Learn the Recipe of how to Make BIKO In 5 Minutes

This century-old recipe of Biko has been a banquet and restaurant favorite among the Philippine Islands and many Asian Countries. Biko has also become a known delicacy in the U.S. and Europe,...
165,978 views | Dec 28, 2011

Suman sa Lihiya

How to Make Suman sa Lihiya the Panlasang Pinoy way. Visit us at
168,670 views | Dec 27, 2010

UBE SUMAN sa Malagkit

Similar to Suman sa Lihiya,mine is without Lihiya...Filipino Snack made of glutinous rice ,purple yam,salt and coconut..
30,590 views | Sep 29, 2013

Recipes indian Suman sa Lihiya in Hindi

How to Make Suman sa Lihiya the Panlasang Pinoy way. Visit us at Suman sa Lihiya a sticky rice with lye water, wrapped tightly banana leaf, and boiled for two hours a Delicious Filipino Kakanin...
199 views | Nov 21, 2014

How to Cook Leche Puto Recipe

LECHE PUTO RECIPE This recipe is a proof that we Filipinos know how to innovate. One of the best food I cooked and very timely this Christmas season. If you cook this I am sure your husband,...
295,888 views | Nov 23, 2014

Pinoy Hapagkainan SUMAN MORON

For complete recipe, follow the link below : http:www.pinoyhapagkainan.comsuman-moron http:pinoyhapagkainan.blogspot.ca201306suman-moron.html Like us on facebook ...
41,245 views | Jun 11, 2013


BIBINGKANG MALAGKIT or GLUTINOUS RICE CAKE WITH TOPPING is another Filipino traditional delicacy made from glutinous or sticky rice top with caramelized sauce made of coconut cream, ...
332,066 views | Nov 11, 2013

Bibingkang Malagkit with Macapuno

My version of Glutinous rice biko cake style ..with toppings of caramelized muscovado sugar added coconut milk and macapuno..
21,540 views | Nov 25, 2014

Pinoy Hapagkainan SUMAN SA LIHIYA

For complete recipe, follow the link below ; http:pinoyhapagkainan.blogspot.ca201212suman-sa-lihiya.html http:www.pinoyhapagkainan.comsuman-sa-lihiya Like us on facebook ; http:www.face.
16,691 views | Nov 06, 2012

Champorado Chocolate Chips Version 3 CHOCOLATE RICE PORRIDGE CHOCOLATE...

Tsampurado is a sweet chocolate rice porridge in Philippine cuisine. It is traditionally made by boiling sticky rice with cocoa powder, giving it a distinctly brown color and usually with milk...
1,001 views | Sep 17, 2013

Triple Chocolate Champorado Version 6

After so many years I finally tasted the Champorado that I really missed. This recipe is our family secret chocolatey and yummy champorado. I have been longing to see my grandmother to watch...
380 views | Dec 20, 2014

LECHE SUMAN Pinoy Hapagkainan

For complete recipe, follow the link below: http:www.pinoyhapagkainan.comleche-suman Like us on facebook ; http:www.facebook.compinoyhapagkainan Add to G+ circle :
11,121 views | Nov 21, 2014

Cassava Suman Recipe Cassava Wrapped in Banana Leaves

SUMAN CASSAVA 1kilo fresh grated cassava 1 whole finely grated coconut 15 pieces of banana leaves cut into 7 x 10 inches 2 cups brown sugar po.... hindi pulang asukal sorry po... ''Filipino...
45,118 views | Jul 22, 2013

Sumang Mais

This is another recipe that I've learned from my mother when I was in grade school,I remember that she was always made this "Sumang Mais" every harvesting period of corn in our farm in Bulacan....
3,243 views | May 23, 2014

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