Cooking Substitute For Lye Water

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Easy KUTSINTA Recipe

Just a Simple Experimenting Recipe for making Kutsinta to avoid using LYE WATER Para sa ibang detalye..http:luweehskitchentokyo.blogspot.jp20140...
4,983 views | May 05, 2014

Kutsinta without Lye Water

PUTO KUTSINTA here is the Kutsinta is popular of using LYE WATER..if possible i avoid of using this........
62,127 views | May 28, 2013

No Steam Puto Bumbong Requested Recipe

The easiest way of making puto bumbong...the taste is very yummy and the same, to compare the original recipe..try nyo po...
39,557 views | Jul 28, 2013

Cassava Suman Recipe Cassava Wrapped in Banana Leaves

SUMAN CASSAVA 1kilo fresh grated cassava 1 whole finely grated coconut 15 pieces of banana leaves cut into 7 x 10 inches 2 cups brown sugar po.... hindi pula...
20,386 views | Jul 22, 2013

Filipino CHOPSUEY Recipe

Originally Chopsuey Guisado is a Chinese Cuisine . its cooked quickly with mixed vegetables consisting of any meat or sea foods.. .According to my researched...
63,442 views | May 25, 2013


abs #food #flatbelly #fitness ♡☆→#Schedule #Your #Health & #Lifestyle #Consultation Today! FREE initial consult .#ready for ...
561 views | Dec 12, 2013

Pinoy Hapagkainan KESONG PUTI

For complete Recipe, follow the link below : http:www.pinoyhapagkainan.comkesong-puti For complete recipe, follow the link below : http:www.pinoyhapagk...
1,851 views | Oct 08, 2013

How to Make Salted Caramel Sauce!

Try this easy recipe for a delicious Salted Caramel Sauce! Perfect as a topping for ice cream.... or use in other recipes (stay tuned for my Salted Caramel A...
1,338 views | Nov 22, 2013

Boiled Bagels at Home

I show you how to make boiled bagels at home. These are delicious and chewy and I think once you try them you won't buy store bought bagels again. You can ad...
30,975 views | Feb 14, 2012

Making Cat Food from Rabbits

Here is how to use a meat grinder to make cat food from rabbits. The recipe was adapted from Lisa Pierson's website:
1,199 views | Feb 24, 2013

Dinuguan Style with squid ink paste sauce

Dinuguan is one of popular and Filipino favorite food dish. It is made of pork simmered in gravy sauce(pork blood) with vinegar and some spices, but since th...
569 views | Mar 21, 2014

How to Make No Bake CASSAVA CAKE

Filipinos desserts..Easy and simple ,the taste is also masarap syempre... ingredients here...... 4 cups shredded cassava 2 cups coconut milk 1 cup condensed ...
47,466 views | Aug 19, 2013

Best Zhongzi Recipe 粽子 Sticky Rice In Bamboo Leaves Recipe

Best Zhonzi Recipe. 粽子 Mom's recipe for sticky rice dumplings in bamboo leaves. You will get great results, even if you don't master the wrapping. The way th...
18,618 views | Aug 21, 2011

Ohrter In Sweet and Spicy Glazed Nuts

You're gonna love my nuts! http:i.imgur.com318lNrm.jpg I give you the first half of delicious summer barbecue giveaway! They're easily the best variation ...
513 views | Aug 11, 2013

Bihon pancit noodles with Tofu Recipe

78 views | Jan 11, 2014

Nancy today Shwarma beef and pototoes ASMR Cooking

Making some hamburger dinner.
1,524 views | Feb 17, 2009


Palitaw (rise or float) a small and flat rice cake made from sticky rice (malagkit) serve with grated coconut or sesame seeds,making palitaw is very simple a...
1,019 views | Aug 11, 2013

Stevia 55 Naturally Sweet Recipes

Stevia is a plant that is also a natural sweetener. Sugar free, stevia will not spike your insulin when consumed. So if you are diabetic and miss your cakes ...
228 views | Jan 11, 2013

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