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Spring roll Elish Peyaji Siddika Kabir s recipe

From - Posted: Apr 17, 2013 - 10,161 views
Cooking | Spring roll Elish Peyaji Siddika Kabir s recipe | Spring roll Elish Peyaji Siddika Kabir s recipe
Spring roll Elish Peyaji Siddika Kabir s recipe
Spring roll Elish Peyaji Siddika Kabir s recipe
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Hey guys, leave a "Like" and a comment if you watched! Thank you!The story of Ni no Kuni revolves around thirteen-year-old Oliver, a resident of Motorville, whose mother, Allie, suddenly dies after rescuing him from drowning.[11] A doll, given to Oliver by his mother, is brought to life from his tears and reveals itself to be a male fairy named Drippy (Shizuku, in Japanese),[12] who gives Oliver a book that allows him to use the power of magic and enter the world of "Ni no Kuni," a reality parallel to his own. In Ni no Kuni, Drippy says Oliver may be able to find his mother, Allie.[11] Using the newfound power of magic, Oliver and Drippy venture into Ni no Kuni. There, he befriends Esther, Swaine, and other alternative versions of people (and animals) he knows
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Bangladeshi Chicken Roast Biye Barir Roast Recipe Eid Special

Chicken Roast is a traditional cuisine in Bangladesh usually served in weddings, Eid and other special occasions.Ingredients:14th chicken - 4 pcs (both leg and breast part)I have seasoned the chicken pieces with half teaspoon turmeric powder and 1 tablespoon salt (salt to taste).Oil for deep frying.Fry the pieces of chicken light into deep oil till the color becomes golden brown. Do not over fry, otherwise the chicken will become hard. I have used two cardamoms, one cinnamon stick and two cloves into the oil to get a nice aroma.Ingredients for cooking roast:1. Oil - 13rd cup 2. Ghee - 1 tablespoon 3. Garam Masala - 2 pcs cinnamon stick; 4 pcs cloves; 4 pcs cardamoms; 5 to 6 pcs whole black pepper and two bay leaves. 4. Chopped onion- 1 cup 5. Ginger paste - 2 teaspoon 6. Garlic paste - 1 teaspoon 7. Red Chili powder - 1 teaspoon 8. Cumin powder - 2 teaspoon 9. Salt to taste 10. Hot water - 2 cups 11. Sugar - 1 teaspoon 12. Fried onion Barista - 12 cup 13. Green Chili - 4 to 5 pcsTo make the paste which makes the roast special - blend it in a mixer:1. Sweet yogurt - 100gm 2. 14 cup raw cashew nuts soaked into water for 10 minutes 3. 14 cup raisins soaked into water for 10 minutes 4. 14 cup water Cooking process : Please follow the video. Maintain the steps and timings for perfect cooking.Flame: First ten minutes under medium heat, second ten minutes under medium heat and rest of the time under very low heat.To serve, garnish with fried onion (optional).Serve warm with steamy plain pulao. Enjoy!
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Kacchi Biriyani Siddiqa Kabir Recipe

Siddiqa Kabir. Disclaimer : Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No profit is being made from this. Just for purpose of entertainment
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