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SONIC BALL Bola Pencuci Kualitas Terbaik di Indonesia

From - Posted: Feb 05, 2011 - 13,795 views
Cooking | SONIC BALL Bola Pencuci Kualitas Terbaik di Indonesia | SONIC BALL Bola Pencuci Kualitas Terbaik di Indonesia
SONIC BALL Bola Pencuci Kualitas Terbaik di Indonesia
SONIC BALL Bola Pencuci Kualitas Terbaik di Indonesia
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Cuci bersih Pakaian TANPA DETERJEN, cukup 1 x bilas saja, lebih murah dari deterjen. Hemat listrik, Hemat Air , hemat Waktu
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Lava sin detergente

En un momento crítico en la vida de nuestro planeta donde el cuidado de los recursos naturales es una práctica que absolutamente todos los que habitamos el planea debemos promover. Decídete a ser parte de los que actúan y no de los que ven como contaminamos y desperdiciamos el agua. LAVA SIN DETERGENTE y reutiliza el agua.
35,494 views | Apr 29, 2010

Laundry Magic Washing Ball

Amazing washing ball.. You can have it at
9,065 views | Mar 05, 2010

EDNOVI Levitación con Liliana Lago

Ednovi levita a Liliana Lago...
7,447,683 views | May 06, 2007

Magic Ball Eco Laundry Washing Ball.flv

Magic Ball Eco Laundry Washing Ball. Made in Korea.
11,823 views | Dec 13, 2010

SONIC BALL Kualitas No.1 Indonesia DIJAMIN !!!

Cuci Bersih Pakaian Anda TANPA DETERJEN Hemat Listrik, Hemat Air, Hemat Waktu Temukan Kelebihan lainya di
33,322 views | Feb 24, 2011

Ecobola Irisana demasiado bonita para ser cierta

Las ecobolas de lavar están haciendo su agosto con los reclamos del ahorro y la ecología. Sentimos decirle que su efecto es el mismo que el de lavar sólo con agua.
28,564 views | Jun 16, 2010

Bola Pencuci Ajaib Cara Mencuci Pakaian Tips Mencuci Pakaian

Bola Pencuci Ajaib yang bisa mencuci semua jenis pakaian Anda TANPA deterjen, pilih ECOBALL ! kunjungi kami
19,663 views | Sep 03, 2010

Ecogenie Washing Ball Demonstration

This amazing product can not only save you £££'s as you never need to use washing power in your wash again it is also an eco friendly product so you can help to do your bit for the environment! This video shows you how.. For more details visit:
10,601 views | Nov 14, 2010

Teknik Pencucian OClean

Teknik Pencucian OClean-Laundry Kiloan Keluarga
21,091 views | Dec 16, 2010

Magic Bullet Review

Magic Bullet Review at StarReviews http:www.starreviews.comhomemagic-bullet-blender-review
153,845 views | Sep 17, 2009

Eco Laundry Ball Review

Eco Laundry Ball Review
23,446 views | May 26, 2010

Magic Washing Ball

Wash your clothes without any detergents! with The Chemical Free Washing Ball from Magic Ball
36,724 views | May 20, 2009

Magic Washing Ball

The features of the magic washing ball 1. The magic waching ball, which consists of four main natural ceramics, contained in a round ball, Was designed scientifically so that it could clean clothes and laundry without any detergents. The four are: (far-infrared raynegative ions magic ball, alkali ball, chlorine removal ball, Antibiotic ball) 2. With magic washing ball, it substitutes for the major functions of existing ordinary chemical Laundry powder. 3. From the test result by a nationally authorized organization, we were awarded an excellent record in Cleaning strength, and power, which are: Decolorant strength and sterilizing power. 4. When compared with the normal washing process, we obtained results that were both desirable and Economical: Detergent-conserving, water-conserving, electrically efficiency, and time-saving. 5. It is global invention which was recorded in a domestic invention patent, a utility model, design Trade mark. 6. This detergent-free washing ball is a versatile product that functions as a natural health and Wellness product, an environmental protection product, and scientific product. For More Details Contact Us Name : Mr. Nitesh Mishra Mobile : 09824795704 E-Mail :
10,631 views | Dec 21, 2010

Sonic Boom

Join us as we look into the fascinating topic of supersonic travel and we examine the amazing phenomenon of sonic booms! Don't forget to visit Follow Science Made Fun founder Colin on Twitter for more science goodness! http:www.twitter.comskyponderer Lightning video courtesy of Rhino Concepts
38,979,117 views | Apr 13, 2007

eko kule film 2.mp4

System Piorący EKOKULE® Super Sensitive to zupełnie nowy sposób na pranie, jako jedyny całkowicie zastępujący tradycyjne detergenty. Łączy w sobie dbałość o środowisko z ochroną delikatnych tkanin i pralki, wykorzystując znane od stuleci naturalnie zachodzące reakcje i zjawiska w nowoczesny i wartościowy sposób. Stworzony z naturalnych składników, jest przyjazny dla środowiska, pozbawiony takich substancji, jak fosforany, bor, zeolit (obecnych w tradycyjnych proszkach lub płynach i poprzez ubrania i skórę dostających się do organizmu), równocześnie skuteczny i wydajny; pozwala na oszczędności - pieniędzy, a także energii i wody.
11,732 views | Feb 25, 2010

Mesin cuci Electrolux front loader

Mesin cuci Electrolux front loader - Time Manager 7 KG Keuntungan: hemat air, pakaian lebih bersih, hemat listrik, Jaminan penyediaan spareparts selama 10 tahun secara tertulis (di buku garansi) kekurangan: Detergent khusus yang lebih mahal di banding detergent biasa Walau muatan sanggup 7KG namun ruang sedikit lebih sempit di banding mesin cuci Top Loader
35,728 views | Sep 24, 2011

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