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How To Smoke A Ham

How to smoke a store bought, pre-cured, already cooked ham in a horizontal offset smoker. More information at
110,755 views | Nov 12, 2009

Slow Cooked Beans and Ham Hocks

I freaking love beans and rice. When I was growing up, my mother made beans and rice at least twice a week. I remember my mother spending hours in the kitche...
21,235 views | Oct 07, 2012

Smoked Brown Sugar Glazed Ham

Easy Recipe to make a delicious smoked brown sugar glazed ham using my vertical propane smoker.
7,833 views | Dec 26, 2010

How To Cook Virginia Country Ham Oven Method Chef John Gonzales from "A Chef's Kitchen" in downtown Williamsburg, Virginia demonstrates how to bake a Virginia Country H...
18,242 views | Jun 15, 2011

Smoking pork ribs on Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

Here is a little video of me smoking some pork ribs on my Masterbuilt electric smoker. I seasoned these up with a dry rub mixture of mine and put them on the...
175,634 views | Jul 29, 2010

Smoked Ham and Mac and Cheese

Smokiing ham and Mac on New Years Day in Las Vegas...
786 views | Jan 03, 2013

How to make the Best Collard Greens

Keith Lorren Invents Collard Greens! visit for complete recipe 2-3 tablespoons Keith's Collard Green Seasoning 2.5 lbs chopped Collard gr...
11,141 views | Jun 18, 2011

Smoked Ham

Easiest recipe ever. Simply open and smoke. In a few hours you have a gourmet meal for the entire family. See this and other great recipes at www.joesspecial...
1,648 views | Mar 25, 2012

How to cook a ham in a pressure cooker Cooking tips by Warren Nash

If you're used to eating pre-packed ham, try buying a ham or gammon joint and cooking it in the pressure cooker. Cooked for 30 minutes per 1kg, it's really q...
4,799 views | Nov 13, 2013

Smoked Salmon Recipe How to Smoke Salmon

Chef Jason Hill shows you how to make smoked salmon in this episode of "Chef Tips." This smoked salmon recipe is a "hot smoked salmon," made by smoking salmo...
286,686 views | Apr 12, 2013

Smoked Pork Tenderloin Recipe

Chef Jason Hill shows you how to make a smoked pork tenderloin recipe in this episode of "Chef Tips." The recipe uses Jason's favorite smoked pork tenderloin...
31,893 views | Apr 05, 2013

Smoking Ham and Bacon without NITRATES.mpg

Here..We are now smoking the hams and bacon we processed when we |Dispatched out Pig named "Pork" The ham and bacon are smoked for Cavour and need to be cooked.
12,844 views | Apr 30, 2012

How to Smoke a Picnic Shoulder with Stubb s Pork Spice Rub

Armadillo Pepper shows you how to smoke a pork picnic shoulder. The picnic shoulder and pork butt both come from the pork shoulder. The pork butt is the uppe...
2,249 views | Dec 05, 2013

How to Smoke Meat On The BBQ Grill

No Smoker - No Problem! It's easy to smoke meat on the grill. Let me show you how. Are you craving the taste of some good ole smoked meat but don't have a sm...
28,453 views | Jul 14, 2012

Smoking Hot Deer Ham

My son in law Sean killed 3 deer last season 2 bucks and a doe. We thought our friends on YouTube would enjoy seeing how we smoke the hams. bon-appetit.
26,975 views | Jul 11, 2009

Great Smoked Baby Back Rib Recipe

http:www.thebaldchef.netmeat-recipes.php This is a great recipe to make barbecued smoked baby back ribs. You may not have a expensive smoker to cook pork ...
12,216 views | Apr 29, 2012

Smoked Beef Brisket Epic Fail Triumph Version

When life gives you lemons, smoke up some beef brisket in your Cookshack SM025. Through ups and downs, I managed to get the results I was looking for in the ...
581 views | Mar 04, 2014

Cure and Smoke Your Own Ham

I've been talking about my ham for a while and I thought I'd do a video and show you how I make it. It's surprisingly simple to make the best ham you've ever...
3,637 views | Mar 24, 2013

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