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How to make Coconut Buns Lucheon Meat Buns 椰茸包 午餐肉包

椰茸饀材料及做法:無鹽牛油(放軟)[Unsalted Butter - room temp] 30g、糖粉(Icing Sugar)25g、蛋液(Beated Egg) 30g、椰絲(Desiccated Coconut) 70g 做法:牛油加糖粉拌勻,加入蛋液拌至混合,最後加入椰絲拌勻。 取出甜面糰做型包入饀料...
19,480 views | Jun 10, 2013

How to Make Green Tea Matcha Cake 抹茶蛋糕

Recipe: http:kitchentigress.blogspot.sg201403green-tea-matcha-cake.html Green tea is a health food. Hence, green tea cake is also a health food. Eating ...
167,982 views | Mar 11, 2014

Eng subbed How to make Red Bean Pudding 紅豆缽仔糕

紅豆缽仔糕材料及份量:紅豆適量(已煮稔)、粘米粉80g、粟粉10g、澄面粉10g、片糖(或Brown sugar)55g、清水300g. 做法:紅豆洗淨,用水浸3-4小時後用水煲至稔身備用。 將碗仔放入篜籠ㄧ同用大火蒸. 粉類混合加13水拌勻沒有粉粒,其餘清水加糖煮滾後撞入粉漿中,倒入已蒸之碗仔中再加入紅豆以大...
70,379 views | Sep 08, 2012

How to make Chinese Birthday Bun 蓮蓉寿包

可做8-10個材料及份量:中筋粉(plain flour or all-purpose flour)120g、發粉(baking powder)3g、糖(sugar)20g、即用酵母(fast action yeast)2g、暧水(warm water)70g、菜油(veg. oil)3g、蓮蓉(lotus se...
17,026 views | Apr 29, 2014

Eng subbed How to make Butter cookies 鬆脆牛油曲奇

材料:牛油90g(放軟)、糖粉75g、全蛋1隻、花奶35g、低筋粉200g、發粉4g、云呢拿油數滴(可以減去)、榛子果仁碎約50g 先將牛油畧打後分次加入糖粉打勻發白,分次加入蛋液及云呢拿油(可以唔加)再打勻,然後分次加入花奶打勻後改用膠刮將已篩之粉類及果仁碎拌勻後倒入唧花袋,唧花入已舖牛油紙之焗盆中,放入已用1...
54,530 views | Jun 15, 2012

EASY CHAR CHAR SIU Chinese BBQ Pork 叉燒 Barbecue Pork

Happy Chinese New Year - I decided to re make my BBQ Pork in simpler quicker Recipe. It tastes great but if you want Super Char Siu Check out my first Recipe...
6,242 views | Jan 30, 2014

How to Make Strawberry Mango Mousse Cake Recipe 士多啤梨芒果慕士蛋糕

Please subscribe to my channel for more delicious treats: Recipe: 2 slices of pre-made chiffon cake base recipe can b...
31,294 views | Aug 22, 2013

Chinese Barbecue Pork Char Siu Video Recipe

Chinese BBQ pork has to be one of the tastiest foods ever conceived. Learn how to make delicious Chinese BBQ pork at home with my easy recipe. Give it a go! ...
87,505 views | Jan 21, 2012

Eng subbed How to make Char Sue Pastry 义燒酥

水皮(water skin)材料及份量:低筋粉(cake flour or low protein flour)120g、固體菜油(veg. shortening or veg. frying fat)40g、凍水(cold water)60g 油皮(oil skin)材料及份量:低筋粉(cake flour o...
15,024 views | Feb 11, 2014

How to make Crispy Oatmeal Cookies cook with toddler recipe 麥皮曲奇食譜 rec...

Crispy Oatmeal Cookies Ingredients: 3.5 cups Old Fashion Oatmeal 34 cup All Purpose Flour 1 cup Brown Sugar 170 gram Salted Butter 12 cup Raisins 12 cup C...
1,026 views | Sep 16, 2013

Char Siu Chinese Roast Pork

Char siu is that famous Chinese red roast pork that you see hanging in the windows of your favourite meat shops in Chinatown. So delicious and savoury with t...
36,335 views | Jun 25, 2013


http:tinyurl.comNickosFacebook http:tinyurl.comNickosTwitter -- OFFICIAL WEBSITE http:www.redbubble.compeoplenickosk...
2,558,759 views | Jul 07, 2010

Eng subbed How to make Crispy Dumplings 油角

油角饀材料及份量:花生碎80g、芝蔴20g、糖40g (可做40-50隻) 做法:將全部材料混合拌勻油角皮材料及份量:中筋面粉300g、大蛋ㄧ隻(約60g)、糖20g、花生油60g、清水50-70g 做法:粉、糖、蛋、油全部混合畧搓,慢慢加入清水搓至柔軟光滑,放入盆中以濕布覆蓋,(以免吹乾) 待20-30分鐘。...
20,977 views | Jan 02, 2014

Eng subbed How to make Chocolate Yule Log 樹頭蛋糕

朱古力瑞士卷材料及份量:蛋白4隻、糖粉a.30g、蛋黃3隻、糖粉b.30g、牛奶35g、低筋粉55g、可可粉15g、菜油25g 忌廉漿材料及份量:淡忌廉180g、糖粉15g 朱古力忌廉漿材料及份量:黑朱古力70g、淡忌廉a.80g、無鹽牛油8g、淡忌廉b.200g.
6,013 views | Nov 30, 2013

How to make Crispy Roasted Pork Belly can also be used for Liempo Siu ...

This is my favourite recipe for crispy roasted pork belly. There are many different recipies for making crispy pork belly like, Liempo, Cracklin, Siu Yuk and...
600,851 views | Apr 25, 2013

How to Make Portuguese Egg Tarts 葡式蛋撻

Recipe: http:kitchentigress.blogspot.sg201305portuguese-egg-tarts-video.html If you have frozen puff pastry shells and you have a good recipe for the cu...
156,764 views | May 12, 2013

Mixed Fruit Cream Cake 雜果忌廉蛋糕

海綿蛋糕材料及份量:蛋白3隻、細砂糖a.30g、蛋黃3隻、細砂糖b.20g、牛油溶液20g、牛奶20g、低筋粉60g 做法:蛋白打至起泡分次加入糖a打至軟身待用。蛋黃畧拌加入糖b拌勻,加入牛油液及牛奶拌勻後加入已篩之低筋粉,加入約13之蛋白霜輕手拌之,再加入餘下的拌勻後倒入已舖牛油紙的焗盆中,焗爐已預熱15分鐘...
19,996 views | Oct 31, 2013

Eng subbed How to make Steamed Cake 蒸蛋糕

材料及份量:低筋粉100g、發粉3g、牛奶60g、糖30g、蛋1隻(約60g)、油5g PS:若喜欢加數滴雲呢拿油(可除蛋的腥味) 做法:蛋加糖拌勻加入牛奶攪勻後,篩入粉類拌至沒有粉粒,最後加入油拌勻倒入模中,以大火蒸12-15分鐘即成。
90,478 views | Nov 25, 2013

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