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Seni Ketangkasan Domba Garut Paguyuban 30 Fapet Unpad 2013

From - Posted: Apr 01, 2013 - 2,496,351 views
Cooking | Seni Ketangkasan Domba Garut Paguyuban 30 Fapet Unpad 2013 | Seni Ketangkasan Domba Garut Paguyuban 30 Fapet Unpad 2013
Seni Ketangkasan Domba Garut Paguyuban 30 Fapet Unpad 2013
Seni Ketangkasan Domba Garut Paguyuban 30 Fapet Unpad 2013
Duration: 04 minute 12 seconds 
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Paguyuban 30 Fakultas Peternakan Universitas Padjadjaran bekerja sama dengan DPD Himpunan Peternak Domba Kambing Indonesia (HPDKI) Jawa Barat akan mengadakan Seni Ketangkasan Domba Garut, Kontes Ternak Domba Garut, dan Musyarawarah Daerah DPD HPDKI Jawa Barat 2013 di Lapang PPBS Unpad Kampus Jatinangor dan Fakultas Peternakan Unpad Kampus Jatinangor pada 30-31 Maret 2013 Kemarin.REPORTERPurnomo SidikNASKAH:Purnomo SidikNARATOR:Arief
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Chọi trâu Hàm Yên 2014 Vòng chung kết

Chọi trâu Hàm Yên 2014 Vòng chung kết http:youtu.beADb6XenNZ6w Chọi trâu Hàm Yên 2014 Vòng chung kết, choi trau ham yen, choi trau 2014, choi trau 2014, choi trau hai phong 2014, choi trau hai phong 2014, choi trau trung quoc, choi trau do son full 2014, chọi trâu trung quốc, chọi trâu chiêm hóa 2014, chọi trâu chiêm hóa 2014, chọi trâu chết, chọi trâu hay nhat, chọi trâu đồ sơn 2014, chọi trâu đồ sơn 2014 chung kết, chọi trâu hải lựu 2014, choi trau hai luu 2013, choi trau chiem hoa, chọi trâu chết tại chỗ
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Les prédateurs de la savane, une lutte pour la survie documentaire ani...

2012 un nouveau documentaire entier en français sur nos amis les animaux sauvages en particulier les prédateurs tels que lycaons guépard lions
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Adu Kuda di Muna, Sulawesi Tenggara 1 Potret Menembus Batas

Dapatkan Update Berita Terbaru Tiap Hari Dengan Berlangganan Di Channel Ini. Terimakasih. BeritaIniHari, Berita dan Politik,Berita,Terbaru,Berita Terbaru Hari Ini,Berita terkini,Berita terkini TV ONE,Berita Hari Ini,Berita Lucu,Berita Bola,Berita Jakarta,Liputan 6,SCTV,TV ONE,Jokowi,Ahok
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Uncle Earl s Hog Dog Trials 2004

A feature video highlighting the 2004 Uncle Earl's Hog Dog Trials. The annual hog-dog baying event is held the third weekend in March in Winnfield, La. The video depicts the people, animals and history related to this event which began back in 1994. Shot, written and produced by Bill Sherman.
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Chọi Trâu Phúc Thọ 2014 Vietnam Culture

Hơn 3 vạn khán giả đã đội mưa, kéo đến Sân vận động Trung tâm huyện Phúc Thọ (Hà Nội) xem màn tỉ thí chí mạng của 16 ông trâu lọt vào vòng chung kết. Các khán đài vẫn không còn một chỗ trống, còn dưới sân, các ông trâu hâm nóng bầu không khí bằng những miếng đánh đầy uy lực. More than 3 thousand spectators had the rain, pull the Centre Stadium Phuc Tho district (Hanoi), only watched billion network of 16 he entered the final round buffalo. The crowd was not even a space, while the lower courts, the buffalo he was warming the atmosphere with powerful pieces.
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Newswala Goats brought to Hyderabad for ID UZ ZUHA BAKRID

Newswala : Goats brought to Hyderabad for ID UZ ZUHA (BAKRID). Rayees Azam
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Guinness World Records 2008 Top100

the top most 100 Guinness world record ever done in the world
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INILAH SAPI PRESIDEN SBY TERBESAR DI DUNIA SEHAT !! Presiden SBY Membagi 0- bagikan sapi terbaik di Dunia , lihatlah betapa Unik dan Sehatnya sapi Bapak SBY yang di sebarkan puluhan sapi untuk qurban hari raya idul adha ,sapi tersebut sapi kualitas nomer 1 yang ber bobot 1 ton ke atas , sapi yang sehat dan Segar sangatlah baik bagi kesehatan orang yang mengkonsumsi makanan yang penuh vitamin dan gizi , terutama bagi kesehatan gigi kita , karena daging yang sehat akan mudah dicerna oleh tubuh kita sehingga menghasilkan nutrisi dan gizi yang terbaik bagi kesehatan kita .
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Wild Animals Caught Barehanded

Catching wild animals barehanded, wild man Andrew Ucles' unique approach to spreading a message of wildlife conservation is a lifelong dream from him to you to witness. Andrew's animal videos showcase his aim to show how to approach and capture deadly, cute, poisonous, dangerous and wild animals - from Australian animals to African animals this is unique wildlife photography unlike any other."I feel I have a spiritual connection and intrinsic bond with nature and it disturbs me to see both wildlife and people losing their touch with each other ... I am not Steve Irwin, I am not Bear Grylls, and I am not Michael Jackson" - Andrew UclesWatch the Africa Footage:[No animals within the following footage were harmed. The footage depicts animals being restrained no intent has been made to injure, harm or stress the animal. All animals used within the following footage were released back into there natural state. Viewers should not attempt the following outtakes without the appropriate permits and review of the relevant legislation and industry professional assistance.] Click to Subscribe: ► me on Facebook: http:www.facebook.comuclesvsthewild Follow me on Twitter: https:twitter.comAndrewUcles
8,954,993 views | Jul 27, 2012

Battle of the Beasts Swiss Cow Fighting

Cow Fighting (2010): Every year in the Swiss Alps, a festival takes place to crown the best cow fighterFor more information and downloads visit: http:journeyman.tv61121short-filmscow-fight.htmlIn the picturesque heart of the Swiss Alps, bovine beauties battle it out to be crowned the ultimate cow fighter. It's an ancient tradition steeped in the lives of the Valaisan people. As the festival kicks off, cows are solemnly led into an old Roman arena where the fights take place under the watchful eyes of thousands of spectators. "Injuries are very rare", says Philippe Dorsaz, President of the organising committee. "It's not comparable to bull fighting in Spain".Ref-4940Journeyman Pictures is your independent source for the world's most powerful films, exploring the burning issues of today. We represent stories from the world's top producers, with brand new content coming in all the time. On our channel you'll find outstanding and controversial journalism covering any global subject you can imagine wanting to know about.
581,719 views | Sep 30, 2010

Two Ankole Watusi Bulls Fighting or sparring with their MASSIVE HORNS ...

Check out these Two Ankole-Watusi Bulls Fighting (or sparring)! They both had ENORMOUS horns IMO. They locked horns as I was driving near them at Lion Country Safari in Florida. It was amazing to see animals with horns that size going at it.http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiWatusi_%28cattle%29
355,009 views | Jul 23, 2011

Chọi Trâu Đồ Sơn Hải Phòng 2013 2 Việt Nam Culture.

Lễ hội chọi trâu Đồ Sơn đã có cách đây gần 1.000 năm, vào khoảng đời vua Lý Thánh Tông. Trải qua nhiều giai đoạn thăng trầm của lịch sử, năm 1990, lễ hội chọi trâu truyền thống Đồ Sơn đã được khởi phục. Đây là vinh dự, trách nhiệm và cũng là cơ hội quý báu để chính quyền và nhân dân địa phương tiếp tục bảo tồn, phát huy, nâng cao giá trị văn hoá phi vật thể của lễ hội chọi trâu Đồ Sơn sau 24 năm phục dựng và những giá trị văn hoá, lịch sử, tâm linh, tín ngưỡng trong kho tàng di sản văn hoá Hải Phòng. Qua đó, TP Hải Phòng cũng tập trung thúc đẩy liên kết, hợp tác, quảng bá, xúc tiến phát triển du lịch Hải Phòng trong cả nước, khu vực và thế giới, góp phần xây dựng thành phố là trung tâm du lịch phát triển bền vững.
733,129 views | Sep 24, 2013


Toreros graciosos en el Centro del Peru.
9,648,537 views | Jun 01, 2011


44,541 views | Feb 12, 2014

Tigres atacando Tigers attacking

ATTACKING FATAL PHOTOSHOP E PLUGINS BAIXE BRUSHES PARA PHOTOSHOP BAIXE BORDADOS COMPUTADORIZADOS CURTA NOSSA PÁGINA POR FAVOR https:www.facebook.comPhotoHart DÚVIDAS, ADICIONE FACEBOOK https:www.facebook.comhernando.souza ..................................................................Tigers attacking DUELO ANIMAL - BUFALOS VS LEÕESThe Confrontation - 3 male Lions versus 300 Cape Buffalo Lion Intimidates Crocodile lions kill cheetah (Nat Geo Wild)animal blue leopardo ataca filhote de javali HD
2,010,489 views | Feb 18, 2013

Julián López El Juli con Arte de Xajay

Monumental Plaza de Toros México 5 de febrero de 2012
623,714 views | Feb 07, 2012

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