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Seasoned Urad Dal Indian Cooking Recipe Video

From - Posted: May 27, 2008 - 96,539 views
Cooking | Seasoned Urad Dal Indian Cooking Recipe Video | Seasoned Urad Dal Indian Cooking Recipe Video
Seasoned Urad Dal Indian Cooking Recipe Video
Seasoned Urad Dal Indian Cooking Recipe Video
Duration: 06 minute 30 seconds 
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For a detailed recipe: http:showmethecurry.com20080723seasoned-urad-daal-indian-cooking-recipe
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Exhaustive recipe text in English together with additional Tips are available on http:www.gayatrivantillu.comrecipes-2lentilstomatopappuThis site contains a number of other video recipes. For each recipe find the English Text on my website. My video narration is in Telugu while the recipe text is in English. By reading the text and watching my video, Non-Telugus would also be able to follow the recipe. In short, language in the videos shouldn't be a barrier to understand the content of my videos. ================================================For Indian Vegetarian, Telugu & Andhra Cooking & Recipes (Vantalu) in “How to Do” & “DIY” series follow my website As Young Parents Enjoy to Cook and Serve your Children & Family with Tasty Homemade Recipes. Insure their well-being by using Fresh, Organic, Natural & Chemical-free Vegetables & Grocery. Exercise Regularly to remain Fit and Beautiful by having Rich, Healthy, Lifestyle. Travel around World and Enjoy Multi Cuisine in Star Hotels and Restaurants. Always become Hungry before you Enjoy the next Meal. Surprise Near & Dear and Friends with Exotic Party Variety Foods & Tasty Breakfast, Meal & Dinner menu from Gayatri Vantillu. To remain updated on YouTube, subscribe to my channel by clicking here receiving a Daily Suggestion on Cooking, Recipes, Cuisine, Home Cleaning, Home Organising, Child-care, Health & Beauty follow me onGoogle+ - FaceBook https:www.facebook.comAndhraRecipes Twitter - https:twitter.comgayatrivantillu LinkedIn - http:in.linkedin.compubgayatri-vantillu3b36433b Pinterest - http:www.pinterest.comgayatrivantillu Indian Food Andhra Food Telugu Food Andhra Recipes Andhra Vantalu Andhra Cooking Telugu Recipes Telugu Cooking Telugu Vantalu Indian Vantalu Indian Recipes Indian Cooking Vegetarian Food Vegetarian Recipes Vegetarian Cooking Vegetarian Vantalu
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Ingredients: 1ts full salt, 1ts full chilli powder, 1ts full coriander powder, 1ts full cumin seeds & 13rd ts turmeric; 1 inch of ginger, half garlic, 1 medium sz onion, 2 medium-large tomatoes, little fresh coriander; green chillies 9 according to your taste, lemon juice & 1 cup daal
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1 cup mash daal soaked for an hour overnight. half of md sz onion, 12 cup oil, 3 L cloves and 1 inch ginger, 4 cups water, 1ts salt, 1ts crushed chillies, 1ts coriander powder, ½ ts turmeric powder and 1ts cumin seeds. Green chillies, whole dried red chillies 8, cumin seeds 13rd ts Ramya Bharath
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Cooking, food Welcome to the Indian Most Popular Food Channel Street Food Indian Cooking and Indian Food Recipes that unseen and unknown to you. Showing some of the Great Chef cooking Indian Food in the street Kitchens and Restaurants of India. Welcome to the Incredible Culinary India. "Proudly Villager" This is the World's Largest Food & Travel Network which is Located and Operated From a Small Village Khijadiya, Jamnagar, Gujarat, India. Show Your Love. "Subscribe Now" Thanks for watching . Have a good day. Please Subscribe at: http:goo.glcYyxoa
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Welcome to the craziest world of food.This is India, India herself a world of it unique Street Food and other Authentic Dishes.Indian Cuisine is a very broad term and inclusde the regional cuisines like South Indian Cuisine, Gujarati Cuisine, Rajasthani Cuisine, Maharashtrian Cuiusine, Panjabi Cuisine, Goan Cuisine, Hyederabadi Cuisine etc. List of Most Popular Indian Street Food. 1-Vada Pav. 2-Pav Bhaji. 3-Pani PuriGol GappePuchka. 4-Tandoori Chicken. 5-Omelette. 6-Lassi. 7-Kebabs. 8-Dosa.(MasalaPaperMaisuri). 9-Fafda Gathiya. 10-Jalebi. 11-Rabri. 12-Aloo Paratha. 13-Chhole Bhature. 14-Chaat. 15-Dahi BhallaDahi Vada. 16-Kari ChavalRajma Chaval. 17-Hyederabadi Chicken Biryani. 18-Pulao. 20-KachoriPohaSandwich.
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Chicken Biryani Recipe in Hindi with Captions in English

Chicken Biryani is a delicious main course Chicken and Rice dish. It is cooked over slow heat. Chicken Biryani is a popular dish all over India. This easy-to-cook Chicken Biryani recipe video in Hindi by Reena Malhotra of rare recipes is tried, tested, tasty and serves 4-5 persons. The video includes step-by-step 'Hindi to English' translation of all the Ingredients. The total cooking time including marination time is approx. 1 hour. The key ingredients of the recipe are 1 small full Broiler Chicken (~600 grams) and 0.4 Kg Basmati Rice. Chicken Biryani tastes best when cooked on a slow flame and served hot-n-fresh. It can be prepared using a Gas Stove Electric Hot Plate as well as an Induction Cooker. Watch this video, try this recipe and please comment.
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Recipe for Beginners - Delicious dal made by using pigeon peas (ArharTuvar Dal) boiled and tempered in pure ghee with chopped garlic, curry leaves, coriander leaves and spices. Dal preparations can be eaten with rice and with wheat bread called roti. Dal has an exceptional nutritional value.Playlist for Recipe for Beginners - - http:www.facebook.comChefSanjeevKapoor Twitter -!khanakhazana
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