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From - Posted: May 28, 2013 - 49 views
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Introducing Santa Lucia Restaurant 1264 Stanley St Montreal, QC H3B
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Un Dia En El Bulli El Mejor Restaurante del Mundo. 25 09 10

El funcionamiento diario de un restaurante como El Bulli requiere de una organización extrema, de otro modo sería imposible servir cada día más de 1500 platos, hacer funcionar a 50 cocineros y 30 personas de servicio de sala que servirán tan sólo a cincuenta comensales.
385,593 views | Oct 30, 2011

Basic English vocabulary for restaurants Eating in a restaurant can be a fun thing to do with friends, but if you are just learning English all the new words can be confusing. Watch and learn what an "appetizer" is and how to change your "order", and before you know it you will be "fine dining" with the best of them. Take the quiz for this lesson here: http:www.engvid.combasic-english-vocabulary-restaurantsTRANSCRIPTParty of two, your table is ready, party of two. Okay, and these are your drinks, sir. There you go. Enjoy your meal. Bon appétit! Hi. James, from EngVid. When I'm not making videos, I need to make money, and this lesson, actually, is about restaurants. I used to be a waiter when I was younger, so I've been in many a restaurant, and I know it might be difficult for you when you -- I mean, you're coming to a new country. I'll slow it down for you because this is basic. You're coming to a new country, and you want to enjoy something. You want to have a meal out of your house. You know -- meal, dinner, or lunch or breakfast. And you go to the restaurant and then somebody walks up to you with, "party of", "table of", "And what would you like for appetizers?" "Would you like an app?" "Would you like this?" "Well, how about your main?" "What about this?" No! Please, don't. So let's slow it down. Let's make it basic, so when you enter a restaurant, you can right away know what they're talking about. Now, there're other things -- you know, we don't have everything in here. There are two other videos on restaurants that you can go watch on EngVid, but this is basic. But even if you think, "Oh, I know all this stuff. I'm very good", you might learn a thing or two. Okay? So come watch. So let's start off first. The worm has a drink. One of the first things they're going to come up to you depending -- and see, I don't know if you know this. There's "fine dining", "casual dining", and "fast food". First thing you should know, so where are you going? "Fast food" is like McDonald's, Taco Bell -- [coughs] that's not food -- Taco Bell, Subway -- most of this won't apply, okay? But some of these words, like -- well, we'll get there -- will apply, and I'll let you know. "Casual dining" is like Chili's or Montana's. I mean these are restaurants in the United States and Canada, so don't worry, but it's all similar. It means you can wear something like I'm wearing: jeans -- there you go. I'm getting old. Can't lift that leg up -- or a T-shirt, and it's okay. No one's going to complain, okay? And you can sit down. Not like McDonald's. You can sit down with a knife and fork, and you can eat your dinner. Or -- then you have "fine dining". "Fine dining" is when the people wear what we call "penguin suits". They have a tie and a shirt, and they walk up, and they serve on tables. Okay? But you need a reservation, and it's mucho dinero mis amigos, mucho, mucho dinero. For the rest of you, it's lots of money. "Fine dining" -- "fine" means "expensive", and you usually require a reservation to get a table. So let's just go with casual, because casual is where most can go. Even if you're in a foreign country and there are people who serve tourists, they're going to go mostly to casual, not necessarily fine dining, so I'm sticking with casual, all right?So casual -- McDonald's we know you just walk in. And here's something -- and McDonald people you can thank me. Next time you go, don't watch them and say, "Give me Big Mac. Give me French fries. And that I want." Try to say, "may I" or "can I have". People who work in the service industry -- which is what the restaurant industry is, where they serve you -- they want a little politeness, so try "can I have" and "may I have". You'll be surprised at how much better they serve you or treat you. Now let's go to the board with the worm, who is providing drinks. One of the first things you come in and you come to a restaurant, they might say to you, "party of" or "table for". And you're going to say, "What?" Well, "party of" -- I know you're not like, "Fiesta time, baby! Yeah, we're going to party, going to be drinking" -- no. What they mean is you are a group of people, and how many are in the group. So "party of two" or "party of four" means there are two -- you can say, "There are two in my party" or four. "There are two of us", or "there are four of us", or ten, okay? Then it's a "partay". It's not a "party"; it's a "partay". Now, "table of" means the same thing, or "table for", "table for". And they mean, for -- I did a video where I talked about "for" means "receive". Go look at it. "For" means "to receive", so "table for four people", so "table for four", "table for five" -- this is four. How many people? That's easy. And that's when they're sitting in the front. That's the first thing they will ask you.Then they will bring you to your table. And they're going to give you something called a "menu".
195,902 views | Sep 26, 2013

Leo Harlem Restaurantes

Aqui está un gran monologo de Leo Harlem SUSCRIVETE
951,030 views | Feb 18, 2012

Learn Conversations in a Restaurant. Easy English Conversation Practic...

Learn to order food in a restaurant. Speak English Now!
89,176 views | Jun 13, 2013

Minecraft Restaurant

Minecraft - RestaurantWant some Keralis gear? US Store: EU Store: UK Store: http:keralis-uk.spreadshirt.netThe Inspiration Series is here! Share the love on it and hug the like button! Restaurant Location - warp CliffsideMissed an episode? Minecraft Inspiration Playlist - http:goo.glirFpRMe & Shiftmaster are about to show you some inspiration taken from the amazing World of Keralis - Creative Server. For IP visit : http:www.keralis.netShiftmaster´s channel -● Keralis on the interwebz:● Instagram: http:www.instagram.comiamkeralis ● Twitter: http:bit.lyKeralisTwitter ● Facebook: http:on.fb.meKeralis ● Website:● Texture pack - Flow HD 128x Can be downloaded here: http:goo.glOpmya● Shader mod installation tutorial -● Intro Music Heffay - Well Fed http:www.soundcloud.comHeffay● Outro Music: Vud Vuzela - Zombie http:www.soundcloud.comvudvuzelaDiamonds, diamonds and a cookie for ya!
159,156 views | Jun 23, 2013

NYC vs. LA Sona, Nobu, and Tribeca Grill Reservations Required Reserve...

Take a tour of Sona, one of the hottest restaurants in Los Angeles serving modern French cuisine. Owners David and Michelle Myers discuss the concept of the menu, how they decided on the interior design, and sit with us for a food and wine tasting. Next, we travel to New York City's Tribeca neighborhood to chat with restauranteur Drew Nieporent of Myriad Restaurant Group about his many dining endeavors, including Nobu, Montrachet, and Tribeca Grill.SUBSCRIBE to Reserve Channel: http:bit.lyZJlWBSReserve Channel: Reserve Channel provides once-in-a-lifetime access to some of the more extraordinary people and places life has to offer. Whether it's traveling to exotic locales, getting inside the studio with iconic artists, or cooking alongside culinary legends, Reserve Channel has you on the list. This is where the content appetite of the cultural creatives is satisfied.Reserve Channel Social Media: FOLLOW US TWITTER: http:bit.ly1d9LLNV LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: http:on.fb.meYY9cBp GOOGLE+: http:bit.lyXbjYrv*CHECK OUT OUR OTHER SHOWS* HOOKED UP w Tom Colicchio: http:bit.ly1c4QAtD ACROSS THE BOARD with Joy Bryant: http:bit.lyVO08l9 ARTST TLK with Pharrell Williams: http:bit.ly13lgLcr BE WELL WEEK with Dr. Lipman: http:bit.ly12buF1h ON THE TABLE with Eric Ripert: http:bit.ly12buHWT CAPTURE with Mark Seliger: http:bit.lyXCXlvI EX-PATS:
3,630 views | Jan 06, 2014

Learning English At The Restaurant

560,046 views | Aug 25, 2011

Celebrity Cruise s Food Wine Experience

Celebrity Cruises Food & Wine Experience will tempt your taste buds and allow you to broaden your palate with a wide range of global Classic and Contemporary dishes crafted by Celebrity's featured Chef, James Beard. A Celebrity Cruise offers a variety of casual and gourmet restaurants with a vast array of wine selections.The Main Restaurant is the centerpiece of Celebrity's culinary experience and the immense selection of classic and contemporary menus combined with their Signature recipes, are sure to please all Celebrity's guests.For special occasions guests can choose to dine in one of the many onboard specialty restaurants, each offering a unique culinary journey boasting quality ingredients and impeccable service. Some of the onboard specialty restaurants include French, Italian and Asian cuisines. For a more laid back ambiance Celebrity ships offer a number of casual dining venues or you can savor an afternoon snack in a number of casual eateries. Learn proper grilling techniques and other skills with a Celebrity Chef as they assist you in the interactive restaurant of the Lawn Club Grill. The Aqua Spa Café provides guests a variety of healthy dining alternatives throughout the day that combine quality ingredients with innovative menus. The personal service and incredible natural light in the Aqua restaurants, create a relaxing aura that will elevate your dining experience to a whole new level.The wine experience is a highlight of any Celebrity cruise. Wine enthusiasts can visit the Cellar Master Wine Bar and taste both bold familiar and unknown wines from around the world in a state-of-the art Enomatic wine-by-the glass system. Expand your palate with wine pairing menus and explore the vast selection from the radiant 2-story wine tower to find the perfect vintage for your meal.Food and wine aficionados will savor each sip and every bite, in each of the unique restaurants aboard Celebrity Cruises. From contemporary to authentic cuisine from around the world, to the vast array of rare vintages at sea you will experience a voyage of modern luxury like no other on a Celebrity Cruise.
1,126 views | Oct 11, 2013

Front Of House Structure, definitive sales and service with great know...

More info at: http:frontofhousestructure.comIn any business, to progress and prosper you must embrace change, continuously keep educating yourself and practice, practice, practice!!!Front Of House Structure is a no nonsense restaurant training program designed to increase sales the effective way and to refine service. This program is designed to be simple and very inexpensive so everyone can have access to it. It consists of 24 training videos, two per month. Each month learn and master one sales skill and one service point. It's easy to incorporate it into you current training as well.The program starts at just $20 per month and with the additional profits from one months sales training you will be able to pay the annual cost for this program in just one or two nights, and this is just one of twelve sales skills you andor your staff will learn. I can help make each waiter $2-$5 thousand more annually and every restaurant hundreds of thousands more. All for $20 per month. The proof is in this video. These are real skills, not fluffy sugar-coated nonsense. If you want to find the real way to better service and learn how to create and attack your sales head on join take twenty minutes and visit www.frontofhousestructure.comto learn about what I do.I thank you for your time and if you have questions or concerns feel free to contact me directly,Jarrod Novak Front Of House Structure
129,665 views | Sep 30, 2012

Restaurant Santa Lucia Montreal Pizza Preparation

Chef Bob at work in his Santa Lucia restaurant located at 1264 Stanley (South of Sainte-Catherine St.). Call to order 514-393-8623. A great place for italian gastronomy specialties. More information and pictures at RestoMondial dot Net. Promo by magazine Destination Montreal by Night 514-501-4148
580 views | May 26, 2013


Restaurant italien Santa Lucia a montraal Video Anna
180 views | May 23, 2013

Ladera Resort St. Lucia

This incredible resort is perched between the tips of the Grand Pitons, a World Heritage Site. Offering villas with open walls, in-room dipping pools, a stunning view and a star-class restaurant, Ladera made for gorgeous imagery. Photos and video by Mark, editing and composition by Danya.
8,161 views | Jul 22, 2009

Luxury Caribbean Beach Resort The Landings St. Lucia, A RockResort

The AAA Four-Diamond Award-winning luxury Caribbean resort, The Landings St. Lucia, A RockResort, is ideally located on the northern tip of St. Lucia, along the shores of beautiful Rodney Bay. With 800-feet of soft, white-sand beach, two restaurants, a signature RockResorts Spa and more, The Landings St. Lucia is the premier luxury Caribbean resort in St. Lucia.
11,412 views | Aug 24, 2011

georg baker selection santa lucia by night

õllepruulija Mait Maltis - Väikene Mees
785,405 views | Jun 02, 2007

Dino s Pizzeria Brings Authentic Italian Slices to Beaches Negril

Discover a taste of Naples, Italy at Beaches Negril Resort & Spa where pizza chef Marcello Guarini prepares fresh, brick oven pizza daily. Opt for a fresh slice of pizza margarita prepared with his special tomato sauce, or try the restaurant's signature jerk seafood pizza. In this video, watch as Chef Guarini prepares his favorite dish, the mezza luna. To learn more about the gourmet cuisine at Beaches Negril, visit http:www.beaches.commainngng-dining.cfm
476 views | Jan 27, 2014

Cap Maison Premier Luxury Resort Spa St. Lucia Produced October 2013 by Barnes Creative Studios on location in St. Lucia at one of the premier resorts in the world.On the Caribbean island of St Lucia, known worldwide for its natural beauty, Cap Maison is a beautiful boutique hotel in a truly breathtaking location with panoramic Caribbean Sea views. When it comes to St Lucia luxury hotels, it doesn't get much better then Cap Maison. Set atop a private ocean-front bluff with magical sunset views over the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, this family owned and lovingly created St Lucia luxury hotel combines elegance, charm, character and uncompromising standards of five star personal service often found only in smaller, independent properties. Maximizing its incomparable position within three acres of tropical landscaped gardens, with its sandy secluded beach below, our luxury hotel, St Lucia offers an intimate retreat in spacious suites, many with private roof terraces and pools. With our renowned and much sought after "Cliff at Cap" restaurant, beach bar and water sports, walk-in wine cellar, spa, gym, private yacht and running club, we also provide exceptional facilities making it a perfect destination for honeymooners, couples or families. Whilst our guests can simply relax and enjoy the facilities of a luxury hotel, St. Lucia also has many natural attractions and activities on offer as well as the island's only championship St Lucia Golf & Country Club just minutes away, tennis adjacent, and the restaurants and bars of Rodney Bay only a short drive away.
4,361 views | Oct 06, 2013

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