Cooking Rocket Stove Made From Freon Tank

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propane tank rocket stove 2 3

how to make a "rocket stove" from a "propane tank". "cook" "green" "woodstove" "how-to""build" "make"
211,294 views | Apr 16, 2012

propane tank rocket stove 3 3

how to make a "rocket stove" from a "propane tank" "how to" "make" "build" "fire" "cook" "green energy" "offgrid" "shtf" "wrol"
199,301 views | Apr 16, 2012

propane tank rocket stove 1 3

how to make a "rocket stove" from a "propane tank" 'how to" "build' "make" "woodgas" "green"
378,921 views | Apr 16, 2012

freon tank cook stove.wmv

home made cook stove from a freon tank...will boil a gallon of water in less than 3 mins...from just limbs,sticks,pine cones from your yard..the handles also...
18,707 views | Apr 25, 2010

Rocket Stove.

What you need to know if making one yourself. My home-made rocket stoves maiden voyage, so to speak. Its made from an old LPG bottle... is insulated with ver...
266,663 views | Apr 03, 2011

How to Make a 12 Rocket Stove

I wanted a rocket stove that did not cost $120 nor have a metal liner that would rust out quickly from the intense heat. I got this idea from MBPartnership o...
234,164 views | Aug 16, 2013

coffee can rocket stove

I give "instructions" from start to finish how to "build" "make" a "coffee can rocket stove" 'easy" "cheap" "quick" "simple" 'cook" "camp" "shtf" 'wrol"
9,204 views | Sep 25, 2012

Propane tank valve removal Rocket Stove Heater Pot Belly Stove

How to remove a valve from a propanegas tank, cylinder or bottle, before making a rocket heater or pot belly wood burning stove. The battery died halfway th...
170,117 views | Jan 16, 2013

How to Micro Rocket Stove Urban Survival

http:envirosponsible.comfire.html Visit my site. The world's smallest rocket stove! 180 grams. 3.5" diam. by 4.5" high. This micro rocket stove is small e...
118,844 views | Dec 07, 2011

Cooking Challenge Stovetec Rocket Stove and Folding FireBox Camp Fire ...

I have used both these systems. I wanted to compare them side by side. See for myself the difference. Give me some ideas on what I can cook. Fire Box Sight:h...
686 views | Nov 15, 2013

Make a 4 emergency biomass stove from concrete blocks

In the aftermath of a disaster, purifying drinking water may be a priority. The quickest, safest method could be boiling. This biomass stove only requires fo...
49,819 views | Mar 06, 2014

how to make a portable rocket stove

portable lightweight rocket stove how to build. diy. i built these rocket stoves as prizes in my 600 sub appreciation contest. "rocket stove" "portable" "how...
48,432 views | Dec 30, 2011

How to build a better brick rocket stove for 10

During an emergency, the ability to purify water could be critical. This improved brick rocket stove could be built for about $10, if you have to buy the mat...
335,602 views | Feb 24, 2013

World s smallest Rocket Stove NEW 2012

I told you guys I was going to make a Rocket Stove cause I felt left out :( This is a real stove, it works the way it's supposed to. It is meant for humor, b...
17,630 views | Sep 18, 2012

A Home Made Rocket stove

This video shows a easy to make rocket stove. It burns quite efficiently and will use as fuel anything from sagebrush to small pieces of wood.
1,787 views | Feb 27, 2013

Rocket Stove Review Testing

This is a review and testing video about a new Rocket Stove I made. Thanks for watching! Enjoy! Please rate, comment and subscribe! Some of my products and g...
31,270 views | Jun 03, 2012

freon tank wood stove

my home made wood stove from freon tank.
2,332 views | May 10, 2012

rocket stove special with cooking top 1

My rocket stove design with a cooking top. Can operated with open flame . Great size ash tray for long operating time. Horizontal and slent ports with doors....
2,225 views | Apr 14, 2012

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