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Rghayef with Almond Honey Rghayef aux Amandes et Miel Sousoukitchen

From - Posted: Nov 18, 2012 - 199,057 views
Cooking | Rghayef with Almond Honey Rghayef aux Amandes et Miel Sousoukitchen | Rghayef with Almond Honey Rghayef aux Amandes et Miel Sousoukitchen
Rghayef with Almond Honey Rghayef aux Amandes et Miel Sousoukitchen
Rghayef with Almond Honey Rghayef aux Amandes et Miel Sousoukitchen
Duration: 06 minute 48 seconds 
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Blog Francais: Blog: http:sousoukitchen-en.over-blog.comarticle-rghayef-with-almonds-and-honey-66200409.htmlSousoukitchen App for Android App for I phone't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel to receive all of my latest recipes!
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Stuffed Msemen Msemen Galettes Farcies رغايف بالكفتة Sousoukitchen

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طريقة جديدة لطي البسطيلة الحلويات المغربية مع ثورية

حصة يوم السبت البسطيلة باللونين الاخضر و الابيض للمزيد من المعلومات المرجو زيارة صفحتنا على الفايسبوك "الحلويات المغربية مع ثورية"
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رغائف مقرمشة باللوز والعسل للشيف نادية

رغائف رائعة ولذيذة تستحق ان ان تقدم على موائدكم
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الملوي المغربي

كيفية إعداد الملوي المغربي
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Msemmen Moroccan Pancake

To view written recipe, click this link: http:cookingwithalia.comindex.php?option=com_zoo&task=item&item_id=179&Itemid=110 Msemmen are delicious Moroccan pancakes that are a kind of soft bread. You can eat them withoney, cheese, or any topping of your choice. These are a must try!
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Melloui, Msmen, or Rhgifa Moroccan Pan Bread الملوي الرغيفة المسمن

Meloui, Msmen, or Rhgifa is a traditional flat bread in Morocco. It is very delicious usually eaten with some honey and hot mint tea, or coffee. I asked Hassna to show me how she makes Melloui because hers is really delicious, soft, and fully.Ingredients: 3 cups of all purpose flour 3 cups of semolina flour 1 tablespoon of salt 2 teaspoons of sugar about two cups of warm water 1 cup of butter and 12 a cup of vegetable oil How to : In a large bowl mix the flours, salt, and sugar and mix either with a whisk or hands. add a cup of water and mix like shown in the video. Knead the dough and mixing whats left of dry flour in the corners. keep adding the water a little at a time and kneading till you get a soft and elastic dough. Following the method shown in the video cut a small piece od dough the size of a golf ball and roll it to a roughly rectangular shape. Oil them and cover with plastic wrap Let them rest for around 30 min. for the rolling and the spread of the dough please watch the video as it is shown in action. When you have the dough spread dot a little of soft butter and oil and sprinkle about half a teaspoon of semolina flour over it and fold it toward itself like shown in the video. Once done folding put back the triangle under the plastic wrap and let move to the next one. Preheat a heavy cast iron skillet on top of a medium heat stove burner. Flatten the dough triangle ans try as much as you can to shape it into a circle. Place on top of the skillet count to 4 seconds and flip it over, oil it and flip it back. Keep turning the Melloui as many times as you need till its golden brown. Serve warn with mint tea or coffee. if you choose to store the melloui in the freezer you can. let cool completely, place in a large zipper bag and freeze them.enjoy !!!PLEASE LIKE MY VIDEO, SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL, AND IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS, QUESTIONS, OR COMMENTS LEAVE THEM IN THE COMMENTS SECTION.Thank you all and see you in my next video :)
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Reteta Salata marocana JamilaCuisine

Reteta Salata marocana Reteta : http:www.jamilacuisine.rosalata-marocana-reteta-video Pentru mai multe retete culinare video urmareste-ne pe : http:twitter.comJamilaCuisine http:facebook.comJamilaCuisine
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Confiture d oranges 750 Grammes

Une délicieuse recette de confiture d'oranges, Une valeur sûre à réaliser !Une recette proposée par Chef Damien et la Meilleure confiturière au Monde 2012 : Marie MARYNS des Jardins de Marie pour 750 Grammes.Ingrédients pour la confiture d'oranges 1 à 2 zestes d'oranges 1 kg d'oranges 1 kg de sucre Liqueur d'orangeRetrouvez nos recettes de confitures http:www.750g.comrecettes_confiture.htmRetrouvez toutes nos recettes sur http:www.750g.comRetrouvez toutes nos vidéos sur notre chaîne 750 Grammes :
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Recette de gâteaux aux amandes et noix de coco almond and coconut cook...

Vidéo réalisée en collaboration avec la chaîne Cooking with Alia. Nous avons réalisé de succulents petits gâteaux, très rapides et faciles avec un goût prononcé d'amande et noix de coco ! en plus c'est une recette sans gluten ! Retrouvez cette recette sur :http:www.mafleurdoranger.comarticle-bouchees-aux-amandes-et-aux-noix-de-coco-43371982.htmlcollaborative video with cooking string with Alia. We made delicious cupcakes, very fast and easy with a taste of almond and coconut! In addition it is a gluten-free recipeIngrédients :4 large eggs1 cup (200 grams) granulated white sugar8.8 oz (250 grams) whole raw almonds8.8 oz (250 grams) natural unsweetened shredded coconut12 tablespoon vanilla sugar or 1 teaspoon vanilla extract1 teaspoon baking powderPowdered sugar for rollingRejoirnez-nous sur facebook : http:www.facebook.compagesLa-fleur-doranger-by-Bouchra122656534435823?sk=wallAbonnez vous à ma chaîne pour être au courant de mes publications :
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Comment faire des Msemen frits Algerian recipe how to do Fried Pancake...

http:cuisinezavecdjouza.frarticle-msemen-croustillant-frit-121434166-html Comment faire des Msemen frits Algerian recipe how to do Fried Pancakes Video des feuilles de msemen superposées, garnies de sucre et frits : technique pas très connue et ancienne de la Grande Kabylie (Algerie).Abonnez-vous à ma chaîne et likez la vidéo si celle ci vous plait. Merci Video msemen superimposed sheets, topped with sugar and fried: not well known technical and former Great Kabylia (Algeria) Subscribe to my channel and Like video if you like it.. thank you
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Rghayef with honey الرغايف بالعسل

Rghayef is one type of Moroccan bread.It can be taken during some special festivities or on a daily basis.
36,492 views | Aug 30, 2011

Recette de Ghriba Bahla Moroccan traditional cookies recipe

Regardez cette vido en HD c'est mieux !!! Un des classiques de la pâtisserie marocaine, facile à préparer qu'on aime bien déguser avec un bon verre de thé. Avec ces ingrédients vous obtenez 50 petits gâteaux environ. Retrouvez la recette intégrale sur le lien suivant : http:lafleurdoranger.over-blog.comarticle-ghriyba-bahla-gateau-traditionnel-marocain-112274199.html Rejoignez-moi sur facebook pour plus de partage : http:www.facebook.compagesLa-fleur-doranger-by-Bouchra122656534435823?sk=wall Abonnez-vous à ma chaîne pour être informé de mes prochaînes vidéos :
371,361 views | Nov 10, 2012

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