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Rghayef aux amandes et Miel Rghayef with Almond Honey Sousoukitchen

From - Posted: Nov 18, 2012 - 284,066 views
Cooking | Rghayef aux amandes et Miel Rghayef with Almond Honey Sousoukitchen | Rghayef aux amandes et Miel Rghayef with Almond Honey Sousoukitchen
Rghayef aux amandes et Miel Rghayef with Almond Honey Sousoukitchen
Rghayef aux amandes et Miel Rghayef with Almond Honey Sousoukitchen
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Recette de Rghayef, msemen, meloui, melwi A l'approche du mois sacré de Ramadan, une recette facile des "Rghayef"!Blog Francais: Blog: http:sousoukitchen-en.over-blog.comarticle-rghayef-with-almonds-and-honey-66200409.htmlSousoukitchen App for Android App for I phone't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel to receive all of my latest recipes!
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Msemen Marocain de Ramadan مسمن رمضان Moroccan Msemen Sousoukitchen

Recette de msemen Msemmen : Crêpes feuilletées Moroccan pancakes مسمن رمضان Moroccan Msemen Francais: http:sousoukitchen-en.over-blog.comarticle-moroccan-msemen-for-ramadan-74584394.htmlSousoukitchen App for Android App for I phone't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel to receive all of my latest recipes!
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Recette de Gateau aux noix de coco Coconut Flake Tart Sousoukitchen

Recette facile de gateaux, Gateau aux noix de coco, recette marocaine, cuisine marocaine Blog Francais: Blog: http:sousoukitchen-en.over-blog.comarticle-46926321.html Sousoukitchen App for Android App for I phone'oubliez pas de vous INSCRIRE à ma page pour recevoir mes dernières vidéos. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel to receive all of my latest videos.To be updated with my publications, my Facebook page: Pour etre à jour des publications, ma page à Facebook: https:www.facebook.comsousoukitchen
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Rziza à la machine رزيزة Rziza with the machine Razzat Al Kadi, recettes marocaines Recette en Francais: in English: http:0z.frFWYRZlSousoukitchen App for Android App for I phone't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel to receive all of my latest recipes!
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رغائف مقرمشة باللوز والعسل للشيف نادية

رغائف رائعة ولذيذة تستحق ان ان تقدم على موائدكم
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msemen frits baklawa kabyles Algerian recipe

Comment faire des Msemen frits Video des baklawa kabyles : des feuilles de msemen superposées, garnies de sucre et frits : technique pas très connue et ancienne de la Grande Kabylie (Algerie).Abonnez-vous à ma chaîne et likez la vidéo si celle ci vous plait. Merci Video msemen superimposed sheets, topped with sugar and fried: not well known technical and former Great Kabylia (Algeria) Subscribe to my channel and Like video if you like it.. thank you http:cuisinezavecdjouza.frarticle-msemen-croustillant-frit-121434166-html
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Rziza or Rezza Alqady Tips and Tricks رزة القاضي او الرزيزة بالطريقة ا...

ALL THE INFORMATION YOU NEED IS HERE كل ما تريد معرفته عن الوصفة موجود هناMeloui or Msmen recipe Bun Recipe Everyday bread Recipe Baguette Recipe IS RAZZAT ALQADY OR RZIZA ? Rezza Alqady is a traditional Moroccan pan bread that starts with three humble ingredients and turns into this intriguing looking bread made out of thousands of fine threads wrapped together. The name of this special bread means head covering of the judge. Though it might seem irrelevant as the threads of the bread look nothing like a hat, But no :) Rezza is a special way to cover the head in Morocco. It more like a method of wrapping the head with a long piece of cloth that goes around the head again and gain. Personally I find the name funny it makes me think of an old man running late and holding on to his Rezza that's falling apart :) but in fact that's how Rezza Alqady is supposed to be served at the end, Messy.Here how To make itThe ingredients 2 pound of all purpose four half a tablespoon of salt about a cup of warm water one cup of melted butterHow to Mix the flour and the salt and add the water a little at a time the dough has to be stiff and not sticky at all Knead for about 15 minutes using the method of palm and pushing the dough away from you and folding it in again and repeating Once the dough is soft and elastic form into balls and then roll the balls into small logs oil the logs very well and cover with plastic wrap and a clean kitchen town let the dough rest for at least one hour Once the hour has passed melt the butter and uncover the logs Butter very well and start stretching the dough one a time Be very gentle stretching the dough because we dont want to tear it Follow the method shown in the video till the get very thing threads of dough Wrap the threads around two fingers till you get the size you want I opted for small rezza because they cook faster and they are the perfect serving size Cook dry over medium heat in a heavy bottom skillet and turn every 3o seconds till the rezza if golden brown and cooked through Once done Fluff up the Rezza and serve with honey or plain with tea or coffeeرزة القاضي بالطريقة التقليدية اسرار نجاح الوصفة المقادير كيلو طحين ابيض نصف ملعقة طعام من الملح كاس كبير من الماء الدافئ الطريقة يخلط الطحين و الملح ثم يضاف الماء الدافئ السر رقم واحد يستعمل الدقيق الابيض فقط و الا فستتمزق العجينة عند تمديدها لصنع رزة القاضي يعجن الخليط جيدا السر رقم اثنان العجينة يجب ان تكون صلبة شيئا ما فلا تضاف نفس كمية الماء كما توضع لصنع المسمن العادي و الا التصقت خيوط الرزة في ما بعد تعجن العجين جيدا تغطى بالبلاستيكك وتترك لترتاح مدة ساعة على الاقل بعدما ارتاحت العجينة نذهنها بالزبدة و نبدا بتمطيط العجينة يجب تمطيط العجينة بلطف حتى لا تتمزق السر رقم ثلاثة ترك العجينة ترتاح حتى لا تتمزق عند تمديد خيوط العجينة يترك بداية الخيط خارج الصحن حتى يري بسرعة عندما يراد تمطيطه مرة اخرى السر رقم اربعة تغطى خيوط العجينة بالبلاستيك حتى ترتاح بسرعة بعد انتهاء عملية تمطيط العجينة تلف حول اصبعين حتى الحصول على الحجم المرغوب فيه تطبخ الرزيزة في مقلاة ساخنة بدون اية دهون لان الزبدة الموجودة بداخلها سوف تكفي خلال عملية الطبخ تفكك الرزيزة و تقدم ساخنة مع العسل و الشاي او القهوة
115,544 views | Oct 07, 2013

Baghrir or Moroccan Pancakes Arabic Subtitles وصفة البغرير المغربي

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW IS HERE كل المعلومات عن الوصفة موجودة هناHow to make Baghrir or Moroccan pancakesIn a blender mix 2 cups of semolina flour and one and a half cups of all purpose flour, dissolved yeast, 1 and a half tablespoons, and half a teaspoon of salt, about three cups of warm water, and one egg. Blend well for two minutes. Let the batter rise for half an hour covered. preheat a non stick pan and ladle in about half a cup of the batter at a time. Wait till the surface of the baghrir is completely dry, DO NOT FLIP THE BAGHRIR. DO NOT STACK the baghrir while hot because they might stick to one an other. Serve with honey and butter and mint tea.I hope you enjoyed my video, if you did please leave a thumbs up. Suggestions, comments, and questions are welcome in the comment section. Take care and see you in my next video :)وصفة البغرير المغربي كاسان من السميد وكاس و نصف من الدقيق الابيض ملعقة كبيرة و نصف من خميرة الخبز نصف ملعقة كبيرة من الملح بيضة واحدة ثلاث كؤوس من الماء الدافئ مقلاة غير ملصقة يتم اذابة الخميرة مع قليل من الماء الدافئ خلط البيضة قليلا مزج الطحين مع الملح وضع كل المقادير في الخلاط لمدة دقيقتن يجب ان تكون العجينة سائلة تغطى و تترك لتختمر مدة نصف ساعة العجينة السائلة بعد نصف ساعة يجب تحضير قرب مكان الطهي العجينة و المقلاة الساخنة و فوطة مطبخ لوضع البغرير المرجو عدم وضع البغرير فوق بعضه حتى يبرد لكي لا يلتصق فوق المقلاة الساخنة يسكب نصف كوب من العجينة يترك حتى تنشف العجينة من فوق تعاد نفس العملية الى حيد نفاد العجينة تقدم مرفوقة بالزبدة و العسل و الشاي
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Comment realiser les oreillette en video

Voici la recette facile d'oreillette algerienne en vidéo que l'on appelle » khechhach » dans notre région de la Kabylie. Ces gâteaux sont bien croustillants, au goût cela ressemble aux griwech. Trempés dans le miel. Il faut avoir le coup de mains pour faire cuire la bande de pâte en la roulant sur elle même. Mais la technique est simple et c'est sans problèmes que vous y arriverez c'est la methode pour débutant. - 500 gr de farine - 200 gr de beurre ou margarine (j’ai réduit jusqu’à 100 gr) - 1 œuf - 1 cuillère à café de vanille - Eau de fleurd’oranger + eau - Miel - graines de sésames Cliquez sur le lien pour la recette détaillée http:cuisinezavecdjouza.frarticle-khechkhach-oreillettes-40681542-html
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Reteta Salata marocana JamilaCuisine

Reteta Salata marocana http:www.jamilacuisine.rosalata-marocana-reteta-video Retete asemanatoare: Salata orientala - retata video http:www.jamilacuisine.rosalata-orientala-retata-video Reteta Salata de vinete http:www.jamilacuisine.rosalata-de-vinete-reteta-video Reteta Salata de icre http:www.jamilacuisine.rosalata-de-icre-reteta-video Reteta Salata Caesar cu pui http:www.jamilacuisine.rosalata-caesar-cu-pui-reteta-video Salata marocana cu orez si calamar - reteta video http:www.jamilacuisine.rosalata-marocana-cu-orez-calamar-reteta-videoSalata de pui cu ananas - reteta video http:www.jamilacuisine.rosalata-de-pui-cu-ananas-reteta-videoSalata de boeuf - reteta video http:www.jamilacuisine.rosalata-de-boeuf-reteta-videoSalata cu caracatita - reteta video http:www.jamilacuisine.rosalata-cu-caracatita-reteta-videoSalata de paste - reteta video http:www.jamilacuisine.rosalata-de-paste-reteta-videoPentru mai multe retete video urmareste-ne pe: Blog: http:www.jamilacuisine.roTwitter: https:twitter.comJamilaCuisineYouTube: https:www.facebook.comJamilaCuisinePinteres: https:www.pinterest.comJamilaCuisine
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Mlawi farcie à la marocaine رغايف مغربية محشية

Dans cette vidéo ,retrouvez la recette de Mlawi farcie à la marocaine. Fan page :https:www.facebook.comtastygourmandise11Site web :
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Recette de msemen Crêpes feuilletées Moroccan pancakes

Retrouvez cette recette sur : http:www.mafleurdoranger.comarticle-37508745.htmlRejoirnez-nous sur facebook : http:www.facebook.compagesLa-fleur-doranger-by-Bouchra122656534435823?sk=wallAbonnez vous à ma chaîne pour être au courant de mes publications : : Audionetwork
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Melloui, Msmen, or Rhgifa Moroccan Pan Bread الملوي الرغيفة المسمن

Meloui, Msmen, or Rhgifa is a traditional flat bread in Morocco. It is very delicious usually eaten with some honey and hot mint tea, or coffee. I asked Hassna to show me how she makes Melloui because hers is really delicious, soft, and fully.Ingredients: 3 cups of all purpose flour 3 cups of semolina flour 1 tablespoon of salt 2 teaspoons of sugar about two cups of warm water 1 cup of butter and 12 a cup of vegetable oil How to : In a large bowl mix the flours, salt, and sugar and mix either with a whisk or hands. add a cup of water and mix like shown in the video. Knead the dough and mixing whats left of dry flour in the corners. keep adding the water a little at a time and kneading till you get a soft and elastic dough. Following the method shown in the video cut a small piece od dough the size of a golf ball and roll it to a roughly rectangular shape. Oil them and cover with plastic wrap Let them rest for around 30 min. for the rolling and the spread of the dough please watch the video as it is shown in action. When you have the dough spread dot a little of soft butter and oil and sprinkle about half a teaspoon of semolina flour over it and fold it toward itself like shown in the video. Once done folding put back the triangle under the plastic wrap and let move to the next one. Preheat a heavy cast iron skillet on top of a medium heat stove burner. Flatten the dough triangle ans try as much as you can to shape it into a circle. Place on top of the skillet count to 4 seconds and flip it over, oil it and flip it back. Keep turning the Melloui as many times as you need till its golden brown. Serve warn with mint tea or coffee. if you choose to store the melloui in the freezer you can. let cool completely, place in a large zipper bag and freeze them.enjoy !!!PLEASE LIKE MY VIDEO, SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL, AND IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS, QUESTIONS, OR COMMENTS LEAVE THEM IN THE COMMENTS SECTION.Thank you all and see you in my next video :)
215,727 views | Mar 23, 2013

Moroccan Almond Cookies Ghriyba

Ingredients CLICK: http:gettingmysexybodyback.blogspot.com201203moroccan-almond-cookies-ghriyba.html This my Grandma's Recipe!! Being away from home made me miss these cookies so bad that I called my Grandma and asked her foe the recipe. These are not usually made regularly at home in Morocco. They are considered high end pastry (it's quite expensive, since the main ingredient is almonds) and it is usually served in special occasions like a wedding or a party. Ghriyba (Ghoriba) is usually served the famous Moroccan Mint Tea. And it is, oh so good!!! Chewing from the inside, with a little crunch from the icing sugar and the flavors come together perfectly!! The taste of the almonds with the hint of vanilla mixing with the little bit of Orange Blossom Water I used to shape them, make these cookies unique and absolutely delicious. I have purchased the Orange Blossom Water in an Arab store, but I'm sure you can order it online if you can't find an Arab store near you. Ghriyba, Ghoriba dial louz Join me on Facebook: https:www.facebook.comHealthyOneRecipeAtATime Follow me on Twitter: http:twitter.comMsZeineb Follow me on Pinterest: http:pinterest.commszeineb
271,191 views | Mar 30, 2012

بسطيلة بالحوت، طريقة جديدة و سهلة Moroccan BESTILA Pastilla

I قوموا باشتراك بقناتنا ليصلكم كل ما هو جديد http:youtu.beb_nNGRqZlaY for any question, I'm here pour votre questions, veuillez les ecrires dans les commantaires بسطيلة بالحوت ، طريقة جديدة و سهلة، تعلمي طريقة طيهابسطيلة بالحوت ، طريقة جديدة و سهلة، تعلمي طريقة طيها المقادير؛ ورقة البسطيلة: نصف كيلو غرام 100غرام زبدة مدابة مع ملعقة كبيرة من الزيت ثل العمارة المختارة ، سواء بالسمك او باللوز بالنسبة للعمارة باللوز و القرفة و الدجاج يصب عليها العسل من فوق؛ تادجي واعرة ياسلام مانعاودليكمش
401,845 views | Nov 29, 2013


246,220 views | Sep 14, 2007

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