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Resipi Cara membuat Resepi Roti, Bun, Pau dan Pizza Style Hotel

From - Posted: May 28, 2012 - 118,249 views
Cooking | Resipi Cara membuat Resepi Roti, Bun, Pau dan Pizza Style Hotel | Resipi Cara membuat Resepi Roti, Bun, Pau dan Pizza Style Hotel
Resipi Cara membuat Resepi Roti, Bun, Pau dan Pizza Style Hotel
Resipi Cara membuat Resepi Roti, Bun, Pau dan Pizza Style Hotel
Duration: 05 minute 03 seconds 
Play Cooking Video . Pelajari resepi cara buat dan resepi roti, bun, pau dan pizza yang lazat yang sungguh sedap. Resipi cara membuat roti, bun, pau dan pizza ini dari pengalaman saya bekerja di hotel.
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asas pembuatan roti manis

#RESEPI ASAS BUNROTI MANIS# # tepung 1 malaysia------------------1kg # yeast segera------------------------------------2 12 tbsp@2 sachet 11g # gula------------------------------------------150g+- # garam----------------------------------------14 tsp # air suam-------------------------------------390g+- # telur-------------------------------------------------------------------2 bijik jer # mentegamajerinminyak dimasukkan selepas segalanya sebati................120g#perhatian,barang2 pembuatan boleh didapati di malaysia...ahh kachang jer... # ambillah masa selama mungkin jika menguli menggunakan tangan...jangan sampai menitis peluh atas roti udah le yer..hehe #menguli menggunakan mesin pula juga perlu ambil masa.ini kerana menguli pada kadar yang lama dapat membantu pembaikan gluten didalam tepung dengan ini tepung akan jadi lebih elastic...macam roti canai. # setelah segalanya siap diuli,check tengok teksture doh pastikan ia elastik dan almost transparent,jika tidak wap daripada proses pengembangan yeast tadi akan keluar,jadi doh itu tidak akan mengembang sepenuhnya=cara saya lah.ada jugak cara lain tapi saya bagi yang basic jer dulu supaya kawan2 faham... # proses peram doh bergantung pada cuaca dan suhu anggaran kedua2 proses pemeraman tu adalah 35 min (peraman pertama)dan 1 jam(peraman terakhir). # bakar pada suhu 180@190 0c selama 20 min (bergantung pada jenis oven). #ni keadaan bengkel sewaktu mula-mula pindah dulu.. #ini adalah basic,asas,....jikalau mahukan yang lebih advance,selalu2kanlah buat,dan berani eksperimen^^, baru kite akan faham dengan lebih dalam lagi...sekian setakat ini saja bye^^
24,235 views | Sep 05, 2013

Cara2 buat apam balik.avi

Haha was making apam balik n did this video with my housemates..
99,032 views | Feb 25, 2012

Making Popiah Skins

Popiah master shows her technique for making handmade popiah skins at home. Read our post at http:www.houseofannie.comhomemade-popiah-skins for the recipe.
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Step by step instructions to make delicious soft thick pancakes. Delicious with jam or maple syrup.
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Well if you haven't tried one of these out on the streets, then here is your chance to try one at home or if you love them already and just wondered how they were made, this is for you.Ingredients BelowPlease Visit My Web Site Please Subscribe here http:bit.lyJoinStevesKitchen Follow me on Twitter http:bit.lySteves-Tweets Like me on Facebook http:bit.lySteves-Facebook Read my Blog at http:bit.lyStevesBlogger Follow my Intagram http:bit.lyStevesInstagram Pin me at http:bit.lypinterest-meYou Will NeedDough 500g - 1lb - 4Cups of Bread flour 75g - 2.5oz - 0.4 of a Cup of Brown or white sugar 1 tsp of Salt 2 tsp of Instant or Quick Yeast 1 Egg Lightly Beaten 270ml Whole Milk 60g - 2oz - 14 Cup of Softened ButterTopping 200g Soft Butter 160g - 5.5oz - 1 13 cup of Icing Sugar 3 Large Eggs Lightly Beaten 2 Tablespoons of Instants Coffee mixed with a small amount of water. You can add some powder cinnamon to the coffee if you like. 200g - 7oz - 1.6 cups - Self Raising Flour**If you haven't got Self Raising Flour then use All purpose with 14 Teaspoon of baking powder and a pinch of SaltIMPORTANT for Cup Users. Cups are not a Reliable measurement for baking as they can vary so much so I would recommend using a weight or Volume measurement.Filling 16 small pats of room temp butter. about the size of a small ice cube.Oven Temperature is 200C - 390F for 12 to 15 minutes. Less if your oven burns hot.Try and EnjoyPlease comment and thumbs up if you like the video or buns.Background Music is provided Royalty Free from Kevin Macleod of http:bit.lyREwKdB with our thanks :)
78,843 views | Dec 07, 2012

Doughnuts donut recipe

This doughnuts recipe makes great tasting doughnuts (donuts) that will be a favourite with friends and family. More information on this donut recipe can be found at http:www.cookeryskills.comrecipescake-and-pastry-recipesdoughnuts.The ingredients for making approx. 12 hot ring doughnuts are as follows:350g strong white flour Pinch salt 30g caster sugar 50g margarine 7g fast-action dried yeast 65ml warm milk 65ml warm water 1 large egg, beaten Vegetable oil, to deep fryFor the coating: 3 tablespoons caster sugar ½ tablespoon ground cinnamon
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How to Make Bread from Scratch NO BREADMAKER NEEDED

In this video I show you step-by-step the way I was taught to make your own bread at home with no fancy equipment or machines. This method and recipe is super easy to do and anyone can do it. It is also a versatile recipe that allows you to throw in any extra ingredients or mix-ins like fresh or dried herbs, spices, purees, etc. Let me know what ingredients you put in your bread when you try out this recipe! I love to hear from you!INGREDIENT LIST:1 12 cups of hot water (103-108 degrees F) 12 teaspoon of honey or sugar 1 12 teaspoons of dry yeast 1-2 teaspoons of salt (start with 1 tsp if you don't like it salty) 1 tablespoon of oil (any oil is fine... olive oil, canola oil, peanut, etc.) 12 cup of whole wheat flour white bread flour added in 12 cup increments until needed consistency is reached any extra ingredients- fresh or dried herbs, spices, seasonings, oats, raisins, pumpkin puree, etc.
827,087 views | Apr 03, 2011

cara cara buat roti mudah!!

RESEPI ROTI KENTANG. http:bit.lyxcVQuF Bahan-bahan doh 500g tepung 10g yis 1 biji telur 3g bread improver 5g garam 70g tepung campuran kentang 50g majerin 30g shortening 120g gula kastor 350 ml air sejuk Inti 50g tepung kastad 125ml susu segar cara membuatnya 1. Campurkan tepung kastard bersama susu segar. Kacau sehingga sebati. 2. Campurkan bahan -bahan doh seperti tepung, garam, gula, air dan kesemua bahan dan uli sehingga menjadi doh. Rehatkan selama 15 minit. 3. Ambil doh dan bentukkan menjadi doh yang kecil seberat lebih kurang 30g, bulatkan dan susun dalam dulang pembakar. Proof selama 1 jam. 4. Setelah naik, paipkan atasnya dgn campuran kastad yang telah disediakan sebentar tadi dan bakar selama 25 minint. 5. Setelah siap. Boleh lah makan! :) Diharap anda dapat mencubanya dan semoga berjaya.. anda boleh juga dapatkan resepi roti yang lain di sini -- http:bit.lyxcVQuF "segalanya tentang roti" Ikhlas,
220,393 views | Jan 07, 2012

素菜班 素叉燒包 Vegan cha siu bao steamed buns filled with bbq vegan pork whe...

2011年 真英雄素菜廚房 第一期素菜班點心班 證書課程 Vegan cooking Lesson 5 Part B 素菜班-素叉燒包 Vegan cha siu bao "steamed buns filled with bbq vegan 'pork' (wheat protein)" (4 Dec 2010)
140,009 views | Dec 15, 2010

How To Make Morning Buns

Morning Buns Recipe. Tasty, satisfying buns which are extremely versatile and great to enjoy at breakfast, lunch or tea. Savour our Morning Buns recipe. Subscribe! Check Out Our Channel Page: Like Us On Facebook! https:www.facebook.comvideojug Follow Us On Twitter! http:www.twitter.comvideojug Watch This and Other Related films here: http:www.videojug.comfilmhow-to-make-morning-buns
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Roti Bun in the making!

35,194 views | Aug 01, 2013

Watermelon Look Alike Raisin Bread with yoyomax12

How to make raisin bread that looks like a watermelon when sliced! Watermelon Goodies playlist: is the same bread recipe that I used for the panda bread and the rainbow bread.Recipe: 3 cups all-purpose flour (375g) 2 12 tbsp white granulated sugar (14g) 1 cup milk (250ml) 1 egg yolk 34 tsp salt (about 3g) 1 12 tbsp unsalted butter (21g), softened (I used salted butter, not enough salt to make a difference) 2 14 tsp instant active dry yeast (1 envelope or 8g) 34 cup raisins (120g)Mix milk, butter and egg yolk together in a large bowl and place in microwave for 40-60 seconds until mixture feels very warm to the touch. Add sugar, salt and yeast and mix together. Blend in one cup of flour with a spoon or whisk. Blend in second cup of flour with spoon, dough will pull away from sides, You want the dough to be wet and sticky but firm enough to cut it into halves or quarters. Divide the dough in half. Cut one of the halves into two pieces. Place the smaller pieces into individual bowls. Leave the whole half in the big bowl.Add red or pink (or both) food colour to the largest portion of dough and stir until combined, add in about 34 of a cup of raisins (120g) (I used Thompson raisins because they are darker than Sultanas and look more like watermelon seeds). Stir until raisins are incorporated into the dough, Then add small amount off flour and stir until you can't stir any more. Turn out onto a counter and knead the bread dough, sprinkling small amounts of flour onto the counter if the bread dough sticks. Continue to knead for about 8-10 minutes until the dough is smooth and elastic. Poke any raisins that fall out back into the dough ball. Either coat the dough ball lightly with oil or flour and place in the bowl. Cover with plastic wrap and place in a warm spot to rise until doubled in size. Repeat the above procedure with one of the small pieces of dough by adding green food colour to it and then enough flour to be able to knead it. Knead until smooth and elastic and place in a covered bowl and allow to rise until doubled.Repeat same process with last small piece of white dough. Only add flour and knead (no food colour required).Once dough balls have doubled in size (about 1 12 to 2 hours) do the following. Place the red dough ball on the counter lightly dusted with flour. Punch down to remove large air bubbles and roll into a log shape, making it as smooth as possible. The length of the red log should be the length of the bottom of your bread pan.Roll out the white dough ball with a rolling pin until large enough to completely cover the red log. Brush some milk on the red log and on the white piece of dough and then wrap the white piece around the red log. Make sure all the red is covered and pinch the seams firmly to seal.Roll out the green piece of dough large enough to cover the now white log shape. Brush with milk and wrap completely around the white log, covering it completely and pinching seams to seal.Place the completed dough log into a greased loaf pan. Cover loosely with plastic wrap (I greased my plastic wrap lightly so it wouldn't stick to the dough) and let rise in a warm place until doubled in size (about an hour).Bake at 375F (176C) (I say 350F in the video, this is wrong, sorry!!) for about 20-25 minutes. I said 15 in the video, but it is much closer to 20-25. I was having a bad editing day. Basically bake it until the outside is nice golden brown and when you tap on the loaf it makes a hollow sound. Let cool slightly in the pan and then remove and let cool on a wire rack. As much as you might want to cut it right away, wait until cool. A hot loaf releases lots of steam when cut and this is moisture that you want to keep inside the loaf, it will help the bread stay moister longer.Her is the inspiration for today's video: http:taste-for-adventure.tablespoon.com20120517watermelon-shaped-chocolate-chip-bread I didn't use their bread recipe and changed the chocolate chips to raisins. I did try chocolate chips but they smeared and made brown streaks when I cut the bread even after it had cooled completely. I also added a white layer and I think it looks more realistic that way.INFO ABOUT ME :)My name is Tammy and I live in Northeastern Ontario Canada. I am a married, full-time working mom of one teenaged son.My favourite channel here on YouTube is CookingAndCrafting. The lovely lady from Hawaii on this channel is Beth. We have been friends for years, please check her out!
1,817,903 views | Jul 18, 2013

Kuih Bingka Ambon Ambon Honeycomb Cake; Kue Bika Ambon

Recipe: http:kitchentigress.blogspot.sg201209kuih-bingka-ambon-video.html Bika Ambon is a cake from, not Ambon, but Medan. Aka kuih bingka Ambon and kueh bengka Ambon, the Indonesian cake may be found in Malaysia and Singapore too. The cake is leavened with yeast, which creates the honeycombs when it releases carbon dioxide. The little tunnels are not just pretty to look at but also help caramelise the coconut milk and sugar. The cake is gorgeously golden brown and tastes of coconut milk and caramel.
234,597 views | Sep 08, 2012

Cara cara Membuat Roti Pizza yg simple

50,947 views | Mar 26, 2013

How to make homemade bread

If you love homemade bread then you will love this recipe! It's soft, fluffy, and you know EXACTLY what you are putting in it! Please click on the link below for a full listing of ingredients! Thanks for watching!Link to the recipe: http:eatnowcrylater.comwhite-sandwich-breadMy new blog: http:eatnowcrylater.comMy old blog: http:www.eatnowcrylater.blogspot.comFacebook Page: http:www.facebook.compagesEatNowCryLater294629477266249Instagram: http:instagram.comeatnowcrylaterTwitter: https:twitter.comits_savTumblr: http:savedale.tumblr.comGoogle +:
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Cara Membuat Donat Resep Rahasia Agar Empuk Lembut

Resep rahasia cara membuat donat yang empuk dan lembut. Agar empuk dan lembut perlu melalui proses yang cermat. Membuat kue donat selembut dunkin donuts.
122,871 views | Dec 01, 2013

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