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Nasi Biriyani Singapore Malaysia Style Tasty Biriyani Recipe!

Nasi Biriyani is a fusion of Indian and Malay Cuisines.(Nasi means Rice) The resulting rice is very aromatic and the meat is cooked tender and delicious. Can...
46,968 views | Feb 02, 2014

How to Make Hainanese Chicken Rice 海南雞飯 Recipe 炊飯器で簡単!海南鶏飯の作り方 レシピ

FOLLOW ME HERE♥ https:www.facebook.comochikeron http:twitter.comochikeron http:instagram.comochikeron...
73,605 views | May 21, 2013

Chicken Rice Nasi Ayam

FOOD GENERATION MALAYSIA Recipes of Malaysian food from the students of SMK Pantai Remis Chicken Rice Ingredients For the rice: 3 cups of uncooked rice, rins...
2,618 views | Jul 28, 2013

How to Make Hainan Chicken AKA Chicken Rice

Hainan Chicken is essentially fresh chicken steamed in its own juices accompanied with rice steamed in chicken broth. It's a famous dish in Asia and has also...
244,245 views | Dec 08, 2009

Resepi Nasi Ayam Special

Resepi Cara Membuat Nasi Ayam Special 1. Ayam dipotong ikut suka besarnya (x potong pun boleh)..bersihkan dan di lumur dengan 2 ulas bawang putih yg ditumbuk...
15,729 views | Dec 16, 2013

Recipe Hainan Chicken Rice

Ingredients: 3 Cups of Jasmine Rice, 3 Cups of Chicken Stock, Garlic, Ginger, Shallots, 3 Chicken Drumsticks, 2 Thigh Fillets, Soya Sauce, Salt, Sesame oil, ...
122,333 views | Apr 08, 2009

Tanya Mami Smashed Crispy Chicken Ayam Penyet

Produced by Muse Pte Ltd (Singapore) - Tanya Mami Cooking Program DVD + Recipe Booklet. Learn to prepare delicious, healthy meals from Singapore's Celebrity ...
41,674 views | Aug 20, 2011

Nasi Lemak Malaysian s Favorite Dish

If there is one dish which represents Malaysia, I think we Malaysians will pick Nasi Lemak to be THE ONE! A basic plate of nasi lemak can be rather plain but...
60,461 views | Feb 15, 2014


Cara- cara buat nasi : cuci ayam dan bersihkan. masukkan ke dlm periuk bersama-sama air dan kesemua bahan untuk nasi. Masak lebih kurang 15 minit. Tos kan ay...
13,678 views | Dec 15, 2013

Claypot Chicken Rice 瓦煲鸡饭

Claypot chicken rice (Chinese: 砂煲鸡饭, 瓦煲鸡饭or 煲仔鸡饭) is usually a dinner dish in the southern regions of China and Malaysia. It is typically served with Chines...
6,158 views | Apr 26, 2014

Malaysian Food Made Easy Village Egg Fried Rice Nasi Goreng Kampung

Another short cooking video by Chef Norman Musa of Ning Restaurant showing how to cook a very simple Malaysian egg fried rice.
73,084 views | Jul 29, 2012

Recipe for Nasi kuning yellow rice by Inez Slamet Loedin

Nasi kuning (yellow rice) is a traditional Indonesian rice dish cooked with coconut milk and turmeric that is usually eaten during special events. The yellow...
483 views | Jul 08, 2014

How to make Hainan Chicken RIce 海南雞飯

You can learn how to make Hainan Chicken in 5mins This is the original way and how those professionals out there does it. For how long you have to cook the c...
93,379 views | Apr 29, 2011

Cooking Nasi Kunyit Simple Recipes Malaysia

In this video, Mrs. Lee shares with us a how she makes Nasi Kunyit. This was a rare opportunity as she only cooks this on special occasions. It is usually ea...
9,392 views | Apr 05, 2012

Malaysia favorit food resepi nasi lemak

find more recipes on http:goo.glBCeT93 resepi nasi lemak how to make nasi lemak nasi lemak recipe singapore sambal nasi lemak nasi lemak 2020 nasi lemak s...
1,220 views | Oct 15, 2013

Nasi ayam Hai Nan 海南鸡饭

我最喜爱的菜单之一。朋友试吃时都要加饭。Menu masakan favorite saya;Semua teman yg mencoba pada tambah nasi.Bumbu sambal:Lombok,Bawang Putih,Serei diblemder digoreng dgn minyak s...
125,819 views | Oct 08, 2012

Crispy Pork Asian style with 5 spice belly pork recipe how to cook gre...

As part of the HOW TO COOK GREAT NETWORK - Also take a look at our channel for other great cooking genres. And look at the w...
7,816 views | May 15, 2013

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