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How to Cook Pakbet or Pinakbet Recipe English

Pakbet or PInakbet Recipe with English Procedure Hello! Here we go again with a new and full of veggie recipe. A dish that is very popular among Ilocanos jus...
6,968 views | Sep 25, 2013

How to Cook Pata Tim

In this episode, Chef Maricel Manalo of the San Miguel Culinary center cooks up her version of Pata Tim which is a favorite Filipino dish. Pata Tim is a Chin...
215,909 views | Jan 21, 2010

Cook s Kettle Chicken Adobo over White Rice

This is a delicious chicken recipe from Cook's Kettle, a student run restaurant by Victory Trade School. Student chef, Robert Marques, shows you how quick an...
64 views | Mar 21, 2014

Pig Feet and Cabbage Recipe

Today I will be making a pig feet and cabbage dish, and it is one of my favorite dishes. You will need: Pig Feet Cabbage Parsley Garlic Bay Leaf.
3,939 views | Nov 21, 2013

Pritong Isda easy fried fish how to cook great filipino pinoy recipes ... As part of the HOW TO COOK GREAT NETWORK - Also take a look at our channel for other ...
2,141 views | Feb 05, 2013


INGRIDIENTS: *12 kilo Pork Breast *3 pieces Ripe Guava *14 kilo of taro root *String beans as desired *Ladies Fingers "Okra" *MSG *Salt *Fish Sauce *Finger...
745 views | Nov 22, 2013


PINOY RECIPE - HOW TO MAKE PINAPAITAN [BEEF BITTER SOUP] In this video, you will learn how to make pinapaitan HISTORY OF PINAPAITAN Papait...
8,021 views | Mar 24, 2013

Philippinisches Rezept Pancit Hipon und Lumpia als Nachspeise von Cook...

Julias philippinisches Pancit Hipon: Zutaten: 3 Karotten 150 g grüne Bohnen 12 Weißkraut 2 Zwiebeln 250 g Shrimps 1 Knoblauchzehe 200 g Sojasprossen 200 g G...
214 views | Jun 25, 2014


Higadillo is a Filipino pork and liver stew. This recipe is best eaten with white rice. Get the details of this recipe here http:panlasangpinoy.com201309...
29,191 views | Sep 24, 2013

Pork Nilaga

Pork or beef nilaga is onother traditional Filipino food dish, this is a stew type recipe, pork or beef boiled until tender then add some vegetables,very sim...
827 views | Feb 12, 2014

Beef Pares

Beef Pares has become popular in the Philippines. It is by far one of my personal favorites. The use of star anise give the dish a unique and delicious taste...
18,980 views | Mar 28, 2013

Baked Chicken with Swiss Cheese

Baked chicken with Swiss cheese is simple and delicious. It makes a perfect mid-week dinner. Get the full recipe: http:cooknshare.comrecipebaked-chicken-...
1,604 views | Oct 11, 2013

Nilaga The Aimless Cook

In this episode, I will teach you how to make simple Filipino comfort food. We are going to cook up a nice batch of Nilaga. It's a hearty beef soup, using ju...
8,350 views | Aug 30, 2010

Kitchen Hirit Recipe Shrimp Tempura Unang Hirit

Some of the dishes that Pope John Paul II ate in the Philippines during World Youth Day 1995 are the Grilled Gindara and Shrimp Tempura. Jesus "Boyet" Tupaz,...
386 views | Apr 23, 2014

Pancit bihon Filipino Recipe Pinoy Philippines‬ How to cook great shri... As part of the HOW TO COOK GREAT NETWORK - Also take a look at our channel for other ...
9,684 views | Jan 31, 2013

Totsong Bangus.. Taucho Milkfish

How to make Bangus Taucho Milkfish cooked with vinegar,tausi,tofu and some veggies..Tagalog Recipes...
12,250 views | Apr 06, 2013

Recipe for Filipino Pork Adobo World of Flavor

Best Recipe Filipino Pork Adobo 3 pounds of pork cut into cubes, large hunks of fat cut off. 2 tablespoons of garlic 1 cup of soy sauce. Mix the pork say sau...
12,058 views | Sep 24, 2012

Shakshuka Kate s Kitchen S01E7 8

Put this on your must-try recipe list. In this episode of Kate's Kitchen, chef Kate shows you how to make shakshuka, a recipe of eggs poached in a spicy toma...
6,207 views | Mar 20, 2014

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