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Chocolate Mousse With Cocoa Nibs Little Paris Kitchen BBC Food

Francophile cook Rachel Khoo demonstrates how to make Chocolate Mousse With Cocoa Nibs. From episode 3 of hit BBC 2 show, Little Paris Kitchen. Watch more high quality videos on the Food ...
109,596 views | Feb 16, 2013

Moelleux au Chocolat Chocolate Lava Cake from Rachel Khoo

The ooey goeey inside of a molten chocolate cake with a salted caramel filling! Recipe on my blog:
8,067 views | Jan 16, 2013

How To Make Mini Molten Lava Cakes THHS Audio Podcast

Website: Quote "There is only one person who could ever make you happy, and that person is you." David Burns Hint There is a new show on the cooking channel...
216 views | May 29, 2013

Easy Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe

(READ ME!) A simple recipe for an out-of-this world comfort dessert! Ingredients: - 170g dark cooking chocolate - 110g unsalted butter - 14 tsp cinnamon - dash nutmeg - 12...
175,994 views | Feb 26, 2012

Rachel Khoo s Lemon curd

I love lemon curd. A spoonful in your yoghurt or on hot buttered toast is a like a little ray of sunshine in the morning. How do you like to eat your lemon curd? Recipe up on the website....
11,215 views | Jan 22, 2015

Rachel Khoo s Matcha and White Chocolate Creams

Turn pastry cream into something extra special with my Matcha and White Chocolate cream pots. A delicious, yet simple dessert - maybe one to treat your mum to on Mother's Day? Full recipe...
4,199 views | Mar 12, 2015

Raspberry and Lemon Madeleines Little Paris Kitchen BBC Food

Rachel Khoo bakes a modern twist on tradition French Madeleines, with a raspberry and lemon, in her little Paris kitchen. Watch more high quality videos on the Food YouTube channel from BBC...
158,418 views | Jan 10, 2013

Rachel Khoo gourgeres hearts

Nothing beats a hot cheese pastry snack in the form a heart to impress your date (or to just enjoy yourself!). Full recipe on http:www.rachelkhoo.comrecipe Don't forget to subscribe!
7,607 views | Feb 05, 2015

Chocolate Melty Pudding Recipe Choco Lava Cake

Whether you call them molten chocolate cakes, chocolate pudding cakes, or chocolate lava cakes, one thing's for certain: These warm and decadent desserts are brimming with melty chocolate ...
16,750 views | Dec 11, 2013

Rachel Khoo s Chorizo and Lentil Hot Pots

For a quick and speedy supper, rustle up my chorizo and lentil hot pots for a heart warming dish. The leftovers also make a delicious lunch the next day. Full recipe is up on the blog http:www....
4,752 views | Mar 19, 2015

Rachel Khoo s ginger and lemon meringue tart

It's hard to beat a lemon meringue tart but I've put a special twist on mine. I've spiked the pastry with some crystallised ginger. A delicious twist on a classic. Enjoy! Full recipe on www.rachel...
9,585 views | Jan 22, 2015

Rachel Khoo s Leftover tortillas

Give your leftovers a little love with my tortilla recipe. Fresh, crunchy and vibrant way to give them another lease of life. Full recipe on Don't forget to subscribe!
10,561 views | Jan 29, 2015

Rachel Khoo French Meringue Kisses

French meringue is the easiest meringue to make. A great basic dessert recipe to know that can be used for a multitude of recipes or simply piped into some cute French meringue kisses. See...
5,085 views | Jan 22, 2015

Rachel Khoo Winter salad

Here's an exclusive mouthwatering recipe adapted from my new book, Rachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebook. This Winter salad is great for a quick and simple supper, or you could serve it as part of...
4,128 views | Feb 12, 2015

Rachel Khoo s Spiced Cherry and Matcha Meringue

I'm a big fan of both cherries and matcha, and the two together is a divine combination. Whip up this lovely meringue for a lovely sharing dessert. Full recipe is up on the blog http:www.rachel...
2,276 views | Apr 01, 2015

Rachel Khoo Veggie noodle soup

If you're looking for something healthy but delicious, then my Veggie Noodle Soup recipe is for you. This is also great for anyone following a gluten-free diet, thanks to the courgette noodles....
7,429 views | Jan 15, 2015

Rachel Khoo s Galette cannelloni

Pancakes don't always have to be sweet - try my Galette Cannelloni for a delicious savoury alternative, packed full of roasted veg and creamy mascarpone. It also happens be gluten-free and...
6,741 views | Feb 19, 2015

Rachel Khoo s Caraway and cabbage quiche

Have some leftovers lurking in the fridge? Then I have a solution for you, quiche! Don't forget to subscribe.
11,840 views | Jan 08, 2015

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