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Quad Pod Campfire Grill by Grate Mate Outdoor LLC

From - Posted: Sep 25, 2008 - 20,734 views
Cooking | Quad Pod Campfire Grill by Grate Mate Outdoor LLC | Quad Pod Campfire Grill by Grate Mate Outdoor LLC
Quad Pod Campfire Grill by Grate Mate Outdoor LLC
Quad Pod Campfire Grill by Grate Mate Outdoor LLC
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This four legged (quad pod) campfire grill is the master of all campfire grill. It's light weight (14 lbs), portable and compact design provides the novice of outdoor chef's with an adjustable cooking surface, giving them complete control of cooking temperatures. The Quad Pod is the most stable campfire grill available in today's market.
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Cooking Eggs on the SlikVik

Sunnyside, scrambled, or anyway you like your eggs can be done on a slikvik. Let nature fuel the fire, not electricity.
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New Fire Pit Grills at David s Stove Shop

Outdoor Cooking on our New Line Of Fire Pit Grills. Great for the BBQ in the back yard, deer lease, family camp outs, lake house, cabin, ranch, business, etc. Watch our Fire Pits in action! Now available online: http:www.davidsstoveshop.comdss_smokers.html
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WARNING! From the Fish Market to the plate!
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Portable Campfire Grilling Stand With Rotisserie.

Just build a fire over the angle iron bottom base or use a existing fire pit. Built from 2 x 2 x 316" angle iron. 1 34" upright tube slides into a sleeve on frame and tightens with a T nut. Comes with one adjustable 18" x 18"grill. Grill turns left and right and moves up and down. You can use 2 grills.Optional rotisserie assembly.Battery Motor runs the rotisserie for 14 hours. Ph.763.438.0356
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Making And Maintaining Campfires Made Simple

This video is designed to help those who are having problems with campfires. It also has a few tips that the more experienced may find helpful as well. Through the years I have come across a lot of people who have a hard time mastering the campfire. Many of those people didn't have the chance to learn those skills when growing up or even as an adult. If you happen to be one of those people, there is no reason why you need to feel ashamed. Fires are really not too difficult to understand but it really helps if you have someone who is willing to teach and give guidance to help you master the art of campfires. If you will allow me, I would love to be that person. This video is an attempt to dispel some of the "mystery" and give a few tips that might just be the key to understanding fires and opening up a whole new area of the outdoor world.
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Cowboy Campfire Grills

Cowboy Campfire Grills description, as seen on Cowboy Flavor on RFDTV.
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Tough Tripod Grill
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Vid showing field preparation of pigeon, nettle gathering and cooking the pigeon and nettles over open fire using billy can. The pigeon was shot in the morning using a Ruger .22 caliber rifle using a Winchester subsonic hollow point bullet. I thought it would be a nice idea to cook and eat it outdoors and cook some fresh nettles to go with it. Nettles are an abundant source of nutritious plant food full of iron and minerals and sting goes when they are cooked. Avoid harvesting nettles from road verges and farmland as nettles might be contaminated with pollutants and only pick tops of new growth. Nettles taste like a milder form of spinach when cooked. I made a bit of a hash of the pigeon prep as felt under pressure to get the job done quick and knew I could only do that section in one take...lesson learnt! Pigeon is very tasty, it is not in my opinion a strong meat in taste. I was pleased to be able to utilise the pan from the zebra billy can and will now try to cook other things in it apart from eggs. Thanks for watching!
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DIY Campfire Tripod Grill

In this video, I show you one method to make a DIY Campfire Tripod Grill. Have other ideas to make it better? Subscribe and comment, I'd love to hear your ideas!
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Adjustable Camp Fire Grill for cooking over open fire

Wrought Iron Hand forged Adjustable Camp Fire Camp Grill , For cooking over wood or charcoal fire . 48 inch by 30 inch with 16 inch by 24 inch grill . Comes with chicken spit and three S hooks . for other information , check out my web sight at
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Ron s Dutch Oven Biscuits

Ron, a real deal cowboy, shows you how to make some of the best dutch oven biscuits you'll ever eat at Buffalo Bill Center of the West.http:centerofthewest.orgYou'll wish you took this recipe on your last camping trip. He cooks at the chuck wagon in in front of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, and is there most of the summer, Monday thru Friday from 10AM until 3PM. Stop by if you want to try these tasty treats. I guarantee you won't be
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Unique Cooking System UCS 101 Campfire Grill

The Unique Cooking System has been a MIdwest secret for the past 25 years. Campers and Rv'ers have been sharing the product with the friends and family. Formerly only available a a few select RV dealers in WI, and MN, it is now available direct from the factory on our website and at dealers across the country as new dealers are being added for 2010. There are many accesories, all the highest quality and made to last. Go to for orders, more pics and next day shipping.
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