Cooking Puerto Rican Salchichon Soup Recipe

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2,769,035 views | Apr 17, 2015


Note:it's my first cooking video I might have some errors but the recipe is delicious :) Ingredients: 12 oz goya salchichon salami cut in cubes 2 tbsp oil 2 medimum potatoes cut in cubes...
3,083 views | Oct 07, 2013

Asopao de Camarones Boricua Puerto Rican Shrimp and Rice Soup

Hi and welcome back! Today I made for you my version of asopao de camarones or shrimp and rice soup. Perfect for the cooler weather! Buen Provecho! You can follow me on Facebook ...
14,911 views | Nov 15, 2014

Puerto Rican Soup

Brain Igarta uses annatto to color this flavorful and delightful soup! Go to www.everydaydish to get the recipe.
7,642 views | Dec 12, 2008

How to make Boricua style Sopa de Salchichon

Hi and welcome back! Today I made for you sopa de salchichon or salami soup. It's one of my favorite puertorican soups. It brings back fond memories of my grandma. Here are the ingredients:...
9,573 views | Nov 17, 2013

How to make Puerto Rican Picadillo Boricua style

Today's video is a classic Puerto Rican dish, picadillo. Picadillo is our version of chili without beans or sloppy Joe meat and is used as a main meal or as a filling for a lot of dishes like...
95,596 views | Mar 02, 2013

Arroz Con Gandules Con Salchichon Fried Chicken

Puerto rican Rice. Arroz Con Gandules Con Salchichon & Fried Chicken :) Requested by my girl missgoddessoflove Thanks for the request i hope you like it :) Enjoy! ❣◕ ‿ ◕❣ CONTACT...
28,554 views | Jun 27, 2012

Pollo Guisado y Arroz Blanco Puertoriqueño Chicken stew with white ric...

Welcome Back to my Channel! This is my next video in a series of authentic Puerto Rican dishes that I will be posting. In this video we make Pollo guisado con Arroz blanco. (Chicken stew with...
112,373 views | Jan 24, 2013

Puerto Rican Rice and Beans Arroz con Habichuelas Recipe EcoRico

Giselle and her Mom cook up yummilicious Puerto Rican rice and beans or, as they say on La Isla, "arroz con habichuelas", EcoRico style - all organic! Vegan, healthy and loaded with SABOR,...
27,742 views | Sep 20, 2011

Carne Guisada or Puerto Rican Beef Stew

Hi and welcome back! Today I made for you Carne guisada, or Puerto Rican beef stew. Here are the ingredients: 3 lbs of beef stew meat 1 8oz can of tomato sauce 1 packet of Sazon Knorr or Goya...
91,617 views | Jan 27, 2014

Sopa de Pollo Boricua Puerto Rican Chicken Soup

Hi and welcome back! Today I made for you a highly requested video of sopa de pollo or chicken soup my way! Here are the ingredients: 2 chicken breasts, 3 chicken thighs with some of the...
35,156 views | Aug 22, 2014

Salchichas Guisadas Receta How to make Puerto Rican Sausage Stew

Our family's favorite stew! Savory, filling, quick & easy - this recipe will warm up on a cold winter day. SUBSCRIBE for more fun recipes: http:YouTube.comiloveflavor Facebook http:Facebook.c...
6,572 views | Nov 19, 2012

How to make a Pernil or Boricua style Pork Roast

Hi and welcome back! Today I made for you my version of Pernil or Boricua style Pork roast. This is the main dish at any holiday dinner in Puerto Rico! Buen Provecho! You can follow me on Facebook...
21,856 views | Dec 10, 2014

Puerto Rican Asopao

For recipes, visit http:www.ciaprochef.comWCA No Puerto Rican culinary voyage would be complete without a sample of the soupy rice and chicken stew that is a hallmark of the island's cooking...
11,253 views | Sep 14, 2012

Arroz Con Gandules Recipe Ingredients for Puerto Rican Arroz Con Gandu...

Learn what ingredients you'll need and how to get started cooking arroz con gandules, an authentic Puerto Rican meal, with expert cooking tips in this free Puerto Rican cuisine video clip....
6,393 views | Oct 22, 2008

Spanish style Rice with sausages Arroz con salchichas..Celly Cooks

puertorican style Rice and sausages made with vienna sausages.. Easy and simple recipe to follow, great side. Un Arroz con salchicha delicioso.
6,514 views | Nov 03, 2011

Recipe Sopa de Salchichon

Recipe: Sopa de Salchichon Hey Guys! I hope you enjoy my version of this spanish recipe! It's super easy to make and SO DELICIOUS! The prep work takes no time at all and the soup tastes even...
370 views | Mar 13, 2014

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