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Produksi kue semprong.mp4

From - Posted: Mar 16, 2010 - 27,118 views
Cooking | Produksi kue semprong.mp4 | Produksi kue semprong.mp4
Produksi kue semprong.mp4
Produksi kue semprong.mp4
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Recep buat bikin semprong atau Bricelets kata orang Swiss

Recep membuat bikin semprong
6,619 views | Nov 04, 2012

Kuih Kapit, The Love Letters of Malaysia

Kuih kapit is a crispy and delicious wafer, and it's one of the most important biscuits of the Chinese New Year festivities. Kuih kapit is also popularly known as Love Letters, as the biscuits were used by lovers in olden times to communicate their feelings across. Making kuih kapit is a very labour-intensive process. The ingredients are quite simple, as kuih kapit is made from only flour, sugar, eggs and coconut milk. Yet to achieve its delicate shape and its crispness, a layer of thin batter has to be slowly cooked over charcoal fire while being sandwiched between two moulds. Then, the wafer is removed from the mould and quickly folded into a triangle while it remains pliable for a short while. Preparation of the kuih kapit requires proper attention and time, as it's quite easy to ruin the biscuit if its prepared incorrectly.
18,970 views | Feb 07, 2013

Hitam Putih Ratna Setianingsih Penjual Kue Jala

Dari sebuah tayangan acara di televisi, saya mencoba menghadirkannya di YouTube. Semoga dapat menghibur dan bermanfaat.Saya ucapkan juga terimakasih buat tanda suka dan komentarnya yang baik. Jika tidak berhalangan saya akan segera membalasnya...!!Akun Facebook https:www.facebook.comkulikseraAkun Twitter https:twitter.comK_PengetahuanAkun Blogger http:www.kolom-pengetahuan.comEmail:
37,378 views | Jun 04, 2013

Cara membuat Kuih Sepit

18,361 views | Dec 11, 2012

Jakarta Street Food 159 Kamir Cake Kue Kamir .

Indonesia Jakarta , we can buy Kamir Cake (Kue Kamir) Rp.1.000 (less than 11 Cents USD) per piece. the taste is so good.
141,935 views | Jun 08, 2010

Cherating Night Market The Making of Malaysian Traditional Foods Kuih ...

http:letztravel.blogspot.com201003malaysia-vacation-cherating-and-rompin_08.html At the Balok Cherating night market, we saw the making of many Malaysian foods including traditional foods like the Kuih Akok which is indigenous to the East Coast of Malysia.
37,387 views | Mar 15, 2010

Semprong Dan Stik Buah Naga Buatan Devi BATAM - Menjalani usaha dengan gigih dan tekun, dilakukan oleh Devi, ibu 2 orang anak yang memiliki usaha pembuatan kue semprong dengan bahan baku buah naga. Selain kue semprong buah naga. Devi juga membuat kacang kejepit serta stik buah naga. Berikut ini adalah produk-produk makanan hasil buatan Devi.
2,227 views | Jun 14, 2013

一口茶屋 たい焼き

832,889 views | Mar 08, 2010

The Making of Kuih Sepit

We visited this place in Mukah last year & witnessed how people make 'kuih sepit', a traditional Malay snack. Some of us even tried to make one..really had fun..
31,687 views | Jul 13, 2009

Tips Memasak Cara Membuat Kembang Goyang dengan Mudah

Tutorial ini sengaja saya bagikan kepada Anda, yang gemar akan memasak atau membuat camilan. Selamat Mencoba..!!!
22,049 views | Oct 09, 2012


Pelbagai jenis mesin penghasilan makanan. Penggunaan mesin tingkatkan kapisiti pengeluaran.Rahsia untuk tambah pendapatan KLIK http:bit.ly15qdDtWMESIN PAU, MESIN SATEY
16,734 views | Apr 01, 2011

Kuih Sepit

If you like traditional cookies, head on over to Homestay Kg. Ujung Bukit where you can learn how to make kuih sepit. With just simple ingredients such as flour, coconut, eggs and sugar, a full packet of these would only take about 4 hours to be done. These cookies are in high demand during festive seasons.
21,073 views | Feb 09, 2011

Donut Pancake Art by Jenni Price

Join my daughter and I as we have fun making donuts in pancake art!The purpose of this tutorial is to share with you: Donut Do drugs*************************************************************************************************** John 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.My blog: Music from (thank you!)
241,385 views | Oct 28, 2013

Video Cara Membuat Lidah Kucing Keju Kraft

Jangan ragu untuk membuat Kue Lidah Kucing dengan Keju Kraft, lihat cara membuatnya di video ini ya Bu!
87,814 views | Jul 25, 2012

Mesin Kuih Sepit.wmv

16,095 views | Jan 24, 2011

Kuih Bingka Ambon Ambon Honeycomb Cake; Kue Bika Ambon

Recipe: http:kitchentigress.blogspot.sg201209kuih-bingka-ambon-video.html Bika Ambon is a cake from, not Ambon, but Medan. Aka kuih bingka Ambon and kueh bengka Ambon, the Indonesian cake may be found in Malaysia and Singapore too. The cake is leavened with yeast, which creates the honeycombs when it releases carbon dioxide. The little tunnels are not just pretty to look at but also help caramelise the coconut milk and sugar. The cake is gorgeously golden brown and tastes of coconut milk and caramel.
234,597 views | Sep 08, 2012

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