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No Beef Tacos Filipino Style

(Mexican Food).. ,Who Love Tacos?? I love Tacos so much..i used to eat tacos with my own recipe..i never add beef meat to my tacos,i made my own sarsa ..if n...
3,989 views | Jul 20, 2013

BEEF NACHOS Todd s Kitchen

If you love Nachos then your going to love my recipe for them. Best of all it is so simple and easy to make at home. New recipes every: TUESDAY, THURSDAY, SA...
102,273 views | Jan 31, 2013

Filipino Tacos Leftover Ideas Freshedovers

It goes without saying that leftovers can get stale and boring. In our new show Freshedovers, cooking expert Aida Mollenkamp demonstrates how to give your le...
3,707 views | Apr 08, 2013

How To Make Tacos!!! Crispy Beef Taco Recipe

Learn how to make crispy beef tacos with this video recipe. These Tex-Mex tacos will blow your mind and I'll show you how to make low-fat baked taco shells a...
256,217 views | Apr 10, 2012

How to Make Tacos

Learn how to make tacos with Chef Mark from For a taco recipe to accompany this video please visit http:learntocook.comtacoshow-to-make-...
29,896 views | Apr 03, 2013

Carnitas Pork for Tacos Burritos, Mexican Style

A Taco Truck favorite - Homemade Mexican-style Carnitas. Done in The 99 Cent Chef stop motion animated style. And visit my cooking blog for photos & the reci...
26,661 views | Feb 08, 2013

Ulam Pinoy 27【HD】— Beef Mechado Beef Stew in Tomatoes

Hearty beef stew slowly cooked in tomatoes, potatoes and vegetables. More at our website: http:www.ulampinoy.comcookingvideobeef-mechado INGREDIENTS for...
33,892 views | Nov 28, 2012

Empanadas Recipe Chicken and Cheese Easy How To Make Diane Kometa Dish...

Chicken and Cheese Empanadas Recipe: Learn How to Make an Easy Empanada Recipe: Mexican Style appetizers in minutes with pie crust! No dough making! Baked no...
41,824 views | Apr 20, 2013

Kare Kare Filipino Recipe HD

Hi guys! If you like to try another Filipino recipe at home, try to cook Kare Kare! It's yummy! It might soundlook complicated but it is defintely easy :) G...
1,876 views | Dec 26, 2013

Electrolux DiscoverE Series Episode 6 Pinoy Maki

Electrolux DiscoverE Episode 6: Pinoy Maki by Chef Rosebud Benitez (Best viewed in 720p HD) Discover how to make Pinoy style Maki from Chef Rosebud Benitez r...
8,499 views | Jun 13, 2013

How to Make Lumpia Filipino Egg Rolls itsJudysLife

Try Mom's delicious lumpia recipe! You'll need: 1 12 lbs shredded pork 1 cup minced carrots 1 cup minced water chestnuts 14 cup red onion 6 cloves garlic 2...
737,463 views | Nov 08, 2011

Filipino Style Spaghetti

This is my version of Filipino style spaghetti. The difference between Italian spaghetti and Filipino spaghetti is the addition of banana ketchup and using h...
19,873 views | Jan 30, 2013

How to make real authentic Mexican tacos I am going to show you how to make real authentic Mexican tacos. Making real authentic Mexican tacos is not difficult. T...
19,927 views | Oct 29, 2012

Beef Tacos Cooking Demo

I got this recipe from Cooks Illustrated Magazine several years ago... Beef filling: 13 cup onion, chopped small 12 tbsp garlic cloves, minced or pressed 1...
21,442 views | Nov 28, 2008

Shrimp Tacos

Shrimp Tacos : Get Easy Food Recipes : Healthy Food, Vegetarian Recipes, Breakfas...
87 views | Apr 24, 2014

Stir Fry Noodle with mix meat and mix veggie Pinoy Style

My brother & his family visited us and my sister in law, name Mariz , will demonstrate, Philippines Style of cooking Noodle. so, we took this cooking video t...
1,215 views | Jul 08, 2014

Crock Pot Recipe 2 Teriyaki Tacos Cooking with Carolyn

I wanted to show the versatility of crock pot recipes. Pull it out, dust it off and let's get it working. Don't be afraid of your crock pot. I decided to mak...
6,337 views | Oct 25, 2012


Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. I hope you like my homemade Lasa...
888,416 views | Apr 12, 2012

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