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Pije denaturat odbija mi sie no to dobrze

From - Posted: May 07, 2012 - 4,050 views
Cooking | Pije denaturat odbija mi sie no to dobrze | Pije denaturat odbija mi sie no to dobrze
Pije denaturat odbija mi sie no to dobrze
Pije denaturat odbija mi sie no to dobrze
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jak przyrządzić "rum na kościach"
6,673 views | Sep 05, 2010

Rycho świruje

Podczas powrotu z Pragi na jednej ze stacji benzynowych spotkaliśmy tego przemiłego Pana o imieniu Ryszard. Reszta na filmiku xD
40,414 views | Apr 16, 2010

How to make an alcohol stove Tornado Cask Stove

This is a tutorial video of alcohol stove named  " Tornado Cask Stove Double Crump Version ". Including " How to make Retractable Pot-Support ". - Contents - 00:33   01. Outer case  (外ケース) 05:22   02. Internal parts  (内部パーツ) 10:19   03. Bracket  (金具) 12:04   04. Combine the upper part and the inner wall (内壁と上部パーツの接合) 13:10   05. Pot-Support & Legs (ポットサポートと安定脚) 14:41   06. Ignition (点火)
7,730 views | Feb 27, 2014

How To Turn A Beer Can Into The Only Camping Stove You ll Ever Need

How To Turn A Beer Can Into The Only Camping Stove You'll Ever Need... Awesome!!!!
27,096 views | Nov 22, 2013

Pijak Dostał Drgawek Po Denaturacie

No to jeden z najlepszych momentow jakie wyprawia pijak, po denaturacie.
866,576 views | Aug 31, 2007

Nieciekawa Historia z Bezdomnymi Opowiada Krzysiek

Krzysiek Opwiada Jak Stracil Znajomego,Konczac Rozmowe Lykiem Denaturatu
22,972 views | May 22, 2009

Kaprys z tamponem !

1,896 views | May 08, 2012

Żul i deneturat Czadmen

Kolejny film o miłości Żula do flaszki denaturatu ! The best of Polish Żul & Menel is Cool Czadmen Mada Faka... !!!
41,628 views | Mar 20, 2008

Awantura o rozbity czołg !

Człowiek dba bardziej niż o żone!
4,903 views | May 08, 2012

How to make Chimney Jet alcohol stove

Difficult to cause thermal runaway than any other pressurized alcohol stove.
314,932 views | Mar 26, 2011

Portable Stove How to make a Soda Can Stove

This video shows how to make a portable stove from a Soda Can. It is very simple to make. The method I am doing is the easiest as there are a few variants on the net at the moment. The tools you need are: 1 x Pocket Knife 1 x Flamable Liquid (that can be ignited by a flame) 1 x Soda or Beer CanThese are great for those travelling or backpacking in remote destinations that need something compact yet effective. They can be made within 10 minutes and can be re-used.
3,671 views | Nov 22, 2013

The RUCAS Repurposed Ultralight Compact Alcohol Stove

Made from a repurposed extruded aluminum beverage bottle, the RUCAS is primarily a stove for boiling water. The ultralight, incredibly strong, and compact design lends itself to backpacking where weight, space, and durability are premium qualities. As with any backpacker stove, the use of a windscreen of some kind is recommended to increase stove efficiency and protect the burner flame from being blown out. Unlike most stove makers who send a cheap tin-foil windscreen with their stoves, I choose to include a high-quality fuel bottle. Anyone can make an effective windscreen (you can go watch my video on how to make one for $1), but finding a good bottle for transporting alcohol can be a chore.The RUCAS is sold on eBay under seller id: Wheelie_Pete You can ask questions and find out about special offerspricing (and international sales) if you contact me directly at:
57,424 views | Feb 26, 2012

Evernew Ti Alcohol Stove VS Trangia Spirit Burner and other Boil tests...

http:www.fireboxstove.comEvernew Ti Alcohol Stove VS Trangia Spirit Burner and other Boil tests Folding Firebox 5" and NanoHere I do some testing of the Evernew Ultralight Titanium Alcohol Stove in a few different configurations in both the Folding Firebox Original 5" Stove with a stainless steel water bottle and pot and our new ultralight backpacking stove the Folding Firebox Nano. Then I do a side by side comparison between the Trangia Spirit burner and the Evernew Ti alcohol stove and talk about the pro's and con's of
10,663 views | Nov 29, 2013

Pali Rura Pije Denaturat

50,508 views | Jan 10, 2013

Denaturat Shizzle Insanity

This is what happens when you drink Denaturat in public. Subscribe our channel and watch other crazy stuff! Like our fan page: https:www.facebook.compagesShizzle-Insanity259148584210275?fref=ts
20,754 views | Aug 14, 2013

gonzo i picie wina;

16,123 views | Jun 11, 2009

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