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http:learn-how-to-garden.comTEN MINUTE GARDENER A GENTLE PLEA FOR CHAOSI think in nature we very rarely see rigid singularity of planting. I feel that mixed planting benefits us in many ways. What at first appears to be chaotic is in fact deliberate softness and harmony.
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cooking | Full Version UMass Permaculture Documentary Video

Full Version UMass Permaculture Documentary Video

1,626 views | Oct 13, 2013
cooking | Emulate a Permaculture Food Forest In Your Vegetable Garden

Emulate a Permaculture Food Forest In Your Vegetable Garden

Create a highly productive, self-sustaining, low maintenance vegetable garden bed by emulating a permaculture food forest.Join me on Facebook: https:www.facebook.comoneyardrevolutionBaker Creek Heirloom Seeds: https:www.rareseeds.comHere are links to some of the seeds used in this garden bed:Claytonia (aka miner's lettuce): http:www.rareseeds.comminers-lettuce?F_Keyword=claytoniaMache (aka corn salad): http:www.rareseeds.comcorn-salad-dutch?F_Keyword=corn%20saladRadicchio: http:www.rareseeds.comrossa-di-verona-radicchi?F_Keyword=radicchioTatsoi: http:www.rareseeds.comtatsoi-green?F_Keyword=tatsoiMizuna: http:www.rareseeds.commizuna-green?F_Keyword=mizunaRed Veined Sorrel: http:www.johnnyseeds.comp-7309-red-veined-sorrel.aspxSpinach: http:www.rareseeds.comgigante-d-inverno-spinach?F_Keyword=spinachCarrots: http:www.rareseeds.comcosmic-purple-carrot?F_Keyword=carrots
1,626 views | May 14, 2013
cooking | Permaculture Garden, A Functional Design system

Permaculture Garden, A Functional Design system

In our permaculture garden our system harvests its own; water (rain-water harvesting system), fertilizer (through nitrogen fixing microbes and dynamic nutrient accumulating plants), and its own seed. The only thing we have to do is harvest large branches throughout the yard for stakes, and harvest some of the crop for food.
1,626 views | Jun 08, 2013
cooking | AD Designs Dual 500 Series 12 SPL Demo

AD Designs Dual 500 Series 12 SPL Demo

Another SPL demo, showcasing our entry level 500 Series 12" subwoofers.
1,626 views | May 08, 2015



http:learn-how-to-garden.comIn my video I will explain and show you why you have to make the decision on how big your tomato plants grow. If you dont you will have a dramatically reduced crop so watch my video and get the best out of what is left of the growing season for your tomatoes.Ten Minute GardenerMark
1,626 views | Aug 25, 2012
cooking | Keyhole Garden Design Keyhole Garden Design Permaculture

Keyhole Garden Design Keyhole Garden Design Permaculture

raised bed garden design, raised garden bed designs, flower garden designs, raised bed garden designs, garden design plans, raised garden bed design, garden design, flower garden design, keyhole gardening, vegetable garden designI love the collection of videos on youtube. And I like to collect them. And this video is the link: http:youtu.beWBLBzKb4SR0 And all other information you can follow Facebook: https:www.facebook.comhomedesigninterior Twitter: https:twitter.comhomedesign87 Gplus: Pinterest: https:www.pinterest.comhomedesigndeco Instagram: http:instagram.comhomedesigndecorideas LinkedId: http:id.linkedin.cominhomedesigndecorideas Livejournal: Tumblr: http:homedesigndecorideas.tumblr.comraised garden designs vegetable garden designs garden designs garden design online herb garden design english garden design rock garden designs raised garden design how to build a keyhole garden small garden design garden design ideas raised vegetable garden designs japanese garden design raised garden beds design keyhole garden plans permaculture garden design how to make a keyhole garden raised vegetable garden raised flower beds cottage garden design backyard garden design raised garden bed plans keyhole garden plan raised planter boxes garden boxes keyhole garden beds raised bed garden plans diy raised garden beds raised bed garden gardening design raised garden boxes container gardening elevated garden beds raised garden bed ideas vegetable garden layout formal garden design garden designer raised bed plans garden layout raised garden beds raised flower bed raised garden bed building a raised garden small garden designs front garden design garden plans cheap raised garden beds garden beds garden planning raised garden ideas raised garden flower beds tropical garden design garden bed design raised bed gardening raised garden plans small garden design ideas raised vegetable garden plans garden bed garden planner raised planters raised garden beds plans how to make a raised garden bed raised planting beds herb garden building raised beds above ground garden raised beds garden design raised gardens raised bed garden ideas garden bed ideas elevated garden bed garden design pictures keyhole vegetable garden design planning a garden flower garden design ideas garden fence designs raised beds raised bed planters low maintenance garden design raised bed gardens urban garden design raised flower bed plans raised vegetable garden design sustainable garden design flower garden plans raised bed gardening tips raised herb garden raised bed
1,626 views | Mar 16, 2015
cooking | How To Design A Garden

How To Design A Garden's no better salve to the stressed eyes or the weary soul as a calming garden. Once in a while, everyone needs to stop and smell the roses, literally, and pause from a busy day. Even better is if you have your own garden to serve as your respite from the exhausting daily grind of work or even what can sometimes be a demanding family life.So the first step to having thmat aesthetically calming respite is knowing how to design a garden. A garden is basically a collection of plants of either the flowering or non-flowering type or a combination of both arranged in a way that they complement and balance out each other.
1,626 views | Nov 16, 2011
cooking | The beginning of my backyard permaculture set up.

The beginning of my backyard permaculture set up.

I have a lot of changes planned for my backyard, and have already started! If you can't wait to know what I have in plan, key in to the Youtube searchbox the words "Geoff Lawton Permaculture" to fast track your mind.My goal in taking the course offered by Geoff Lawton is to produce 90% of the dried, canned, and frozen fruits and vegetables for my wife and I. Plus three months of fresh food, over the course of a year. Food is becoming more expensive, and as i reach retirement, I don't want to spend all my retirement income on food!This course is teaching me how EVEN MORE than my goal can be accomplished. Oh, so much more! I have already started, check out this video to find out what I have to work with.
1,626 views | Jun 19, 2013

cooking | Rock Gardens Herb Gardens

Rock Gardens Herb Gardens

Episode 5 of 10 In this episode, plantswoman Carol Klein shares her infectious passion for a style of gardening that she thinks is in much need of a revival - the rock garden. She tracks its history from its pinnacle during the Victorian era, visits a community in Bolton who have pulled back their local rockery from neglect, and drops in on an old friend in the Midlands to find out more about this much-maligned gardening style. From her base at Edinburgh Botanic Gardens, Carol demonstrates tried and tested techniques for growing success, as she shows us how to plant up a trough with some of her treasured rock garden favourites and gives advice on the best alpine bulbs for containers.Also in this show, Toby Buckland is on the campaign trail for herb gardens. He discovers how useful herbs have been throughout history, learns that there was no such thing as a weed in Tudor times, meets a woman whose garden is overflowing with herbs we have forgotten, and talks to a botanist who grows plants to capitalise on their unique fragrances and essential oils. Toby also demonstrates how to harvest seeds and grow herbs, whether you have a garden or not, and how to make the most of herbs by storing them in clever and unusual ways
1,626 views | Feb 21, 2014
cooking | Lovely Courtyard Garden Design Ideas

Lovely Courtyard Garden Design Ideas

They usually are living solitary or in colonies, which vary in number from a few individuals to hundreds.Read more: http:www.howtobuildahouseblog.comhow-to-get-rid-of-bats#ixzz3aT7oCZBnFollow us on GOOGLE PLUS: Follow us on PINTEREST: http:pinterest.comGrig55 Follow us on TWITTER: https:twitter.comGrigStamate1 Check us out on FACEBOOK: https:www.facebook.comHowToBuildAH...Garden, Garden Design, Courtyard, Courtyard Design, Gardening, Design Idea, Design Ideas, Lovely, Beautiful, Wonderful, Plants, Green, Flower, Flowers, Patio, Patio Furniture, Town, City, Home, House, Houses, Outdoor Living
1,626 views | Mar 28, 2015
cooking | Modern garden design ideas

Modern garden design ideas

Modern garden design ideas. Get design ideas for a modern garden, including contemporary paving, fences, plants & patio furniture. Use these clever garden design ideas to create a stunning contemporary outdoor space.
1,626 views | May 23, 2013
cooking | Small Urban Garden Design Ideas

Small Urban Garden Design Ideas

Keeping and maintaining properly your garden tools is important if you want to have a beautiful garden or a stunning greenhouse.Read more: http:www.howtobuildahouseblog.comhow-to-keep-and-maintain-garden-tools#ixzz3aBwtX05hMusic: Forest Birds in MayFollow us on GOOGLE PLUS: Follow us on PINTEREST: http:pinterest.comGrig55 Follow us on TWITTER: https:twitter.comGrigStamate1 Check us out on FACEBOOK: https:www.facebook.comHowToBuildAH...Garden, Idea, Ideas, Garden Idea, Garden Ideas, Garden Design, Gardening, Small, Green, Flower, Flowers, Urban Garden, Landscape, Landscaping, Grass
1,626 views | Apr 08, 2015

cooking | Minimalist Garden Design Ideas

Minimalist Garden Design Ideas

Minimalist gardens may seem boring, simple and plane to many but there are many others that think they are stylish and charming.Read more: http:howtobuildahouseblog.comhow-to-design-a-minimalist-garden-like-a-pro#ixzz2gP8o73iC
1,626 views | Sep 30, 2013
cooking | Is Epsom Salt Beneficial for Organic Gardening?

Is Epsom Salt Beneficial for Organic Gardening?

Can Epsom salt fix Magnesium deficiencies? Can you Fight Diseases by the Foliar Application of Epsom Salt? Does Epsom Salt help Increase Nutrient Absorption and Yields of garden Plants? Will it help me Grow Tastier Tomatoes and Sweeter Fruit?Dr. Linda Chalker-Scotts paper on Epsom Salt If your into Organic Gardening and a part of one of the many online communities you have no doubt come across claims surrounding the use of Epsom salt in the garden.As you know I have been putting garden practices and claims to the test to see which ones are supported by science and which ones are not. For example the science behind the use of coffee grounds in the garden is supported whereas the use of cold coffee to fertilize and lower the pH around your blueberries is not. Today we are going to see if Epsum salt really good for your garden?Epsom salt is made of magnesium sulfate (MgSO4) when dissolved in water it releases Magnesium and Sulphur.Magnesium and Sulphur are both essential elements for plant growth and production. Magnesium playing a key role in chlorophyll and sulphur plays a key role in amino acids. [2][3]It would seem logical that more Magnesium and Sulphur in the soil would help your plants and support these claims right?Lets talk about a few of these claims and for the purpose of discussion focus on Magnesium. Magnesium DeficienciesThumbnail Credit: http:www.urban-wellness.carmt-tip-the-epsom-salt-bath
1,626 views | Mar 27, 2015
cooking | Great Gardens of England

Great Gardens of England

the Gardens at Hidcote Manor, Mottisfont Abbey, Sissinghurst Castle With a cameo appearance by Nigel NicolsonWhy did American-born Major Lawrence Johnston spend much of his lifetime creating a storied garden in a remote part of the Cotswolds? What is Graham Stuart Thomas's glorious collection of antique roses doing in a medieval English Abbey? What persuaded author, poet and plantswoman Vita Sackville-West and her husband Harold Nicolson to buy a derelict ruin on the edge of the Kentish Weald to create their fabled garden? Their son, Nigel Nicolson, reminisces about this most beloved of gardens and his now legendary parents.An extensive tour of each garden examines design, plantings, close-up details, and observations by gardeners. An hour of sheer enjoyment, beauty, and an excellent source of inspiration for those with a love for gardens.
1,626 views | Jul 23, 2014
cooking | Sid s Punk Permaculture Garden

Sid s Punk Permaculture Garden

Hi my name is Sid, i'm the founder member and drummer of Day-Glo punk band Rubella Ballet. I decided this spring to pull up all the paving stones in my garden and make some permanant raised beds out of them so we can try growing some normal vegetables like tomatoes, sweet corn, carrots, cauliflower and onions but we wanted to try growing some rare Incan vegetables as they pythochemicals in them that have anti cancer properties, plants like Amaranthus that are packed with vitamins A, B12 B6 when eaten raw like purple sprouting broccoli, along with red white Quinoa which is a great source of protein and exploding hedgehogs which are great in salads, as you can see at the end of the film it all grew more than I thought which was awesome and we are still reaping the benefits of some of it like the mass of tomatoes which have really tasted like tomatoes and the three months of mixed leaf salad, Roquette and baby red and yellow chard that costs so much at the supermarkets as well as all the herbs that I use all the thyme. We've had loads of yellow courgettes up and till now and loads of basil, wild, Thai and giant basil which gardener claim is really difficult, so smashed that myth. Some of the stuff I planted needed more room to grow and others plants needed more nurturing or something but all had no pesticides of any description.As this was an experiment and I just wanted to make a start by using the concrete slabs as raised beds but now I want help to prepare and plan for next year so I am asking for some expert advise from Graham Burnett who runs permaculture workshops at Dial House to mention a few, check him out at http:www.facebook.comprofile.php?id=1485255060&ref=name#profile.php?id=530817588&ref=ts and my good friends William & Monica Faith (Anima Mundi) who originally inspired me when I stayed at their house in California and saw the transformation they had made to his garden. We are all presently planning to run the first of many workshops starting on the 5th and 6th of December with plans to transform the Rubella Ballet's garden into a fully functional inner city permaculture garden and provide information on energy flows, permenant crops, the functions of each component, stacking, the order of permanance, the ethics, the principles etc etc. for people who want to transform their gardens into their own vegetarian super gardens. More info on inner city permaculture workshops will be posted here soon. www.facebook.comSIDATION
1,626 views | Oct 10, 2009


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