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From - Posted: Aug 25, 2012 - 3,003 views
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http:learn-how-to-garden.comTEN MINUTE GARDENER A GENTLE PLEA FOR CHAOSI think in nature we very rarely see rigid singularity of planting. I feel that mixed planting benefits us in many ways. What at first appears to be chaotic is in fact deliberate softness and harmony.
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Emulate a Permaculture Food Forest In Your Vegetable Garden

Create a highly productive, self-sustaining, low maintenance vegetable garden bed by emulating a permaculture food forest.Join me on Facebook: https:www.facebook.comoneyardrevolutionBaker Creek Heirloom Seeds: https:www.rareseeds.comHere are links to some of the seeds used in this garden bed:Claytonia (aka miner's lettuce): http:www.rareseeds.comminers-lettuce?F_Keyword=claytoniaMache (aka corn salad): http:www.rareseeds.comcorn-salad-dutch?F_Keyword=corn%20saladRadicchio: http:www.rareseeds.comrossa-di-verona-radicchi?F_Keyword=radicchioTatsoi: http:www.rareseeds.comtatsoi-green?F_Keyword=tatsoiMizuna: http:www.rareseeds.commizuna-green?F_Keyword=mizunaRed Veined Sorrel: http:www.johnnyseeds.comp-7309-red-veined-sorrel.aspxSpinach: http:www.rareseeds.comgigante-d-inverno-spinach?F_Keyword=spinachCarrots: http:www.rareseeds.comcosmic-purple-carrot?F_Keyword=carrots
20,935 views | May 14, 2013

Permaculture Paradise Edgewood Gardens August Update!

Dennis Decker, John Jessup, and the volunteers of Our Fertile are still working and starting to harvest the fruits of their labors in their permaculture garden. Reach them at and on Facebook at "PermacultureJax."
17,291 views | Aug 31, 2013

Organic, no till agroecolgy permaculture farm suppresses insect and di...

Woodleaf farm is a leader in two important areas of organic fruit production: farm design to suppress insect and disease pests and systems soil management to improve plant health. Over 30 years, Woodleaf has developed effective design and management strategies to generate specific ecosystem functions, such as insect pest suppression, foliar disease management, and balanced Nitrogen:Carbon soil fertility cycles. The systems management strategies utilized for insect and disease suppression and soil health are intertwined and synergistic.  Here we present a summary of the details of Woodleaf's system approach to pest and soil management:
9,637 views | Dec 30, 2013

Vegetable Beds How to make Keyhole garden bed Permaculture Design

WEBSITE: In this video you will learn how to make your own keyhole vegetable bed. A Permaculture design idea to help make your garden beds more accessible.Hey there. So today we're in Switzerland, and yesterday I spent the whole day pretty much digging this bed for the guys inside, and I wanted to show you just quickly in a quick video how to go about it. It's actually a bed system which is known as a keyhole system. And, just to show you, it's designed as a keyhole. If you look from the top you can see it's like a keyhole, the old fashion keyhole. And what you have here is the reason it's designed in this shape is because, first of all, as I said, you can reach, but it's kind of, it's round at the top so you can actually reach back into the beds as well. So you have almost the optimum way of kind of reaching into your garden bed. So it's a really good structure, but the other thing about it as well is that you can have your tools actually right next to you. You have a nice round space here where you can just actually leave your tools and you're kind of optimizing space. You only make a small path here, but a nice little area here where you can actually just feel comfortable as well. So you actually just grab your tools and do whatever you need to do as well. So I kind of went by this design here, which is the drawing that the guys made in the meeting. You can see here that this is maybe the bush. Another thing you can actually do as well is you can maybe actually put a stone here and then, you know, get rid of the bush and actually put plants there as well. Just so you don't step on the soil and you can actually reach from all areas. Now, what I've done here is, the last step is now to add these poles and some weavers inside the actual pathways of the keyhole beds. And this just prevents the actual beds from collapsing onto the pathway. A really neat kind of trick, especially in the round kind of paths. If you want to save a bit of time, because it's a bit time consuming, you can also just get boards in the straight paths, but it just looks really well to have all these weavers around the actual bed itself. 
16,037 views | Jun 27, 2013


http:learn-how-to-garden.comIn my video I will explain and show you why you have to make the decision on how big your tomato plants grow. If you dont you will have a dramatically reduced crop so watch my video and get the best out of what is left of the growing season for your tomatoes.Ten Minute GardenerMark
1,458 views | Aug 25, 2012

Practical Permaculture Workshop Series

This summer P3 Permaculture Design and Valhalla are collaborating to bring you some practical techniques in permaculture that you can build at home, on your balcony and back yards. These topics are intermediate level so there is details available that we would not cover in an introduction to these topics. All workshops are taught by Graeme Calder, Vivika Viva and supported by some guests. Our goal is to materialize permaculture into something tangible that any and all people interested can grasp and apply as they need. Contact for more info: info@valhallamovement.comCome join us for this special series: Price: 75$WorkshopPassionate about Permaculture? You can sign up to the entire workshop series for a discounted price: 450$. That's 8 workshops for the price of 6.Only interested in some of the workshops? Sign up to four workshops to get one more for freeWe will all be sharing our meals together during lunch Potluck style.Schedule: August 23rd - Compost Toilet August 24th - Intro to Permaculture August 31st - Water Management Earthworks September 14th - Ecological Gardening (Fancy Gardening Techniques) September 21st - Edible Gourmet Mushrooms Cultivation October 5th - Rocket Stove October 19th - Edible Forest Gardens October 26th - Season Extension and Solar DehydrationFind out the schedule and all the details here: http:valhallamovement.comblog20140729practical-permacultue-workshop-seriesLooking forward to seeing you there!
884 views | Jul 23, 2014

GCC Permaculture Garden Designs

GCC Students present their final project design plans for permaculture gardens on the grounds of Greenfield Community College.
1,161 views | Jul 05, 2012

Home garden design ideas

Home garden design ideas
12,784 views | Jul 14, 2013

Permaculture A Quiet Revolution

39,455 views | Apr 06, 2013

The beginning of my backyard permaculture set up.

I have a lot of changes planned for my backyard, and have already started! If you can't wait to know what I have in plan, key in to the Youtube searchbox the words "Geoff Lawton Permaculture" to fast track your mind.My goal in taking the course offered by Geoff Lawton is to produce 90% of the dried, canned, and frozen fruits and vegetables for my wife and I. Plus three months of fresh food, over the course of a year. Food is becoming more expensive, and as i reach retirement, I don't want to spend all my retirement income on food!This course is teaching me how EVEN MORE than my goal can be accomplished. Oh, so much more! I have already started, check out this video to find out what I have to work with.
23,067 views | Jun 19, 2013

Permaculture Design Course Design Project

(audio gets better at 1:33 minutes) Subject Property is in Austin Texas, 215 miles from Gulf of Mexico. Hot Humid Temperate environment. Main consideration is hot southeastern winds that accelerate evaporation. Food Forest based on multiple swales. The system provides food and lumber. The lot is ~4.75 acres. Soil is mostly clay with small amount of limestone rocks. The property is very accessible and very visible, great spot for a permaculture institute. The limiting factor is raw cost per acre. There are many plants to choose from for each Food Forest layer. The pioneer tree species would make great woody raised beds on contour. Rain in Austin comes hard and fast, on the high end 1 foot per day. The 3 to 4% gradient swales would be able to slow the water down to allow for absorption. The animals in the system would need lots of shade, in zone 23 a portable housing structure would be used to spread animal fertilizer around. Also electric fencing would be used in the fields between forest in order to shift the animals around. A livestock guardian dog would be needed to guard animals from 2 legged rats that might live nearby. Forest Layers -- Top story: Pecan, Persimmon, Post oak (good acorns)... Lowmids-ided Trees: Fig, pomegranate, mulberry, Pear, Peach... Shrubbush Layer: Pea shrub, buffalo berry, berry bushes, asparagus, goumi ... Herb layer: rosemary, comfrey, artichoke, dill, fennel, parsley, yarrow, cilantro ... Ground cover: clover, vetch, gooseberry, earth chestnuts... Root Layer: wild onions, wild garlic, yams, potatoes... Vine: grapes, Malabar, jasmine, kiwi, beans...
4,515 views | Aug 31, 2013

Permaculture Paradise Permaculture Garden Created at Rethreaded in Jac...

Val and her Val-unteers create a permaculture garden and explain their techniques and philosophies. Watch her new video of her own homestead permagarden here: View Alex Ojeda's permaculture tour here: more permaculture videos here: View more permaculture videos here:
38,958 views | Jul 01, 2012

Introduction to Planting Plans

An introduction to planting design for landscape and garden designers. How to plan a garden flower border. It takes you through the rudiments of planting design looking as plants in terms of 3d space and how to plan your flower beds and borders to create the maximum all year round impact.
6,753 views | Feb 10, 2012

Minimalist Garden Design Ideas

Minimalist gardens may seem boring, simple and plane to many but there are many others that think they are stylish and charming.Read more: http:howtobuildahouseblog.comhow-to-design-a-minimalist-garden-like-a-pro#ixzz2gP8o73iC
36,886 views | Sep 30, 2013

PERMACULTURE Production intensive en espace restreint 1ère partie la b... Première partie : Vidéo montrant la fabrication de buttes de culture avec ados, bois dans la base, BRF en surface et paillage. Buttes destinées à la culture de légumes en 2014. 12 m2 réalisé dans un espace restreint... Hügelkultur en allemand. English version on my video channel
93,045 views | Oct 25, 2013

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