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pepa y silvia love story

From - Posted: Sep 29, 2010 - 327,883 views
Cooking | pepa y silvia love story
pepa y silvia love story
pepa y silvia love story
Duration: 6 minutes 3 seconds 
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esta pareja me encanta (L)
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cooking | Marian Laura I got you

Marian Laura I got you

THE TRANSLATION IS BELOW!Este vídeo se lo dedico a dos de mis artistas favoritas, a las que adoro con todo mi corazón, porque son geniales! Marian Aguilera y Laura Sanchez.TRANSLATION THAT THEY SAYOf course!! no problem!!! :) Laura: You keep in contact with Marian? My redhead, of course yes! Marian (Well, the man lol) : It was difficult to make the lesbian scene or not? Marian: It was really cool that she came to the tv show Laura: Why I not be in contact with that beautiful? Marian: She is a very nice girl, very happy and she brought a lot life Laura: Call the redhead... I call her? Marian: I've had many followers and fans because of the story of Pepa and Silvia Laura: I'm calling her Laura: She doesn't answer the phone... She doesn't loves meEspero que os guste!! :D
4,568 views | Sep 19, 2012
cooking |

2,323 views | Dec 31, 1969
cooking | Pepa Silvia Nothing Else Matters

Pepa Silvia Nothing Else Matters

Pepa & Silvia :: Nothing Else Matters Musicvideo Los Hombres de Paco, Antena 3 Silvia : Marian Aguilera Pepa: Laura Sanchez Music: Nothing Else Matters - Metallica
2,323 views | Dec 23, 2009
cooking | PepSi s Love! Pepa Silvia

PepSi s Love! Pepa Silvia

If you like GAY STUFF click HERE : http:tinyurl.comgay-pride-products You know I am in love with PepSi! (Especially with my Pepa!) So I made this video just to dedicate and praise this immortal and intese love!!! Cause I LOVE THEM!!! Everyone whould be jealous for a love like this one!.... ....And Silvia...Silvia will always be alive too!!! ;:-)))*I dedicate this video to all the women who have lived a lesbian love story which looked - even a little- like this one...and it was really worth it!*Thanks sooooo much for watching my friends!!!! I'd love to see your comments! ( I own nothing!) Special thanks to "pepsienglish" 's profile and to all of you too!!!Music Soundtracks: 1) Enya-The Memory of the Trees 2) Blue Foundation-Bonfires 3)The Cardigans-ParalyzedP.S. I never thought that- thanks to this video- I would meet the girl of my dreams...! My real soulmate!!! Thank you PepSi!...
2,323 views | Jan 23, 2010

cooking | Silvia y Pepa la nalgada xDDDDDDD

Silvia y Pepa la nalgada xDDDDDDD

Me cague de risa con esta escena xDDDDD jajajajaja, en epecial cuando Leo le da una paliza a Silvia y esta pega un grito de lo mas copado!!!!!! jajajajajajajajajaj xDDDDDDDDD Lo comparto xq es lo mas, disfrutenlo como yo!! xDDDDDDDDD jajajajajaja cool!!!
2,323 views | Oct 07, 2010
cooking | Pepa, Silvia Sara Scena inedita

Pepa, Silvia Sara Scena inedita

Pepa y Silvia & Los Hombres de Paco Italian Forum
2,323 views | Jul 24, 2010
cooking | Pepa Silvia Learning to love a woman

Pepa Silvia Learning to love a woman

WATCH IN HD-720p for the best quality :) «I've never been so in love with someone in my life.»Hey there! Oh my god, after vidding their story I cannot believe that I've never made a video of these two before. I mean, I've always loved them but this summer I started to see the last seasons of 'Los hombres de Paco' and I've really appreciated their intense scenes. I think that Pepsi is one of the best love stories showed on tv. The way it was related makes my heart melt. Because it's so different and sweet. Too sweet. I know this is so long but adding their quotes... I couldn't stop and maybe you could get tired watching this, but if you're a really pepsi shipper you wouldn't haha :') And ofc, I didn't show the tragic side of this couple... Silvia's death, 'cause it was so unfair and I just wanted the happy ending that they deserve, like an own bubble. I hope you enjoy it, and please comment and rate, because feedback is always so appreciated and your words mean a world to me :')Obviously, I dedicate this to Irina, 'cause I know she loves Pepsi with all her heart, so even before I started this vid I thought about her. Besides, she's an amazing vidder and person so she deserves this kind of gift. I hope you like it, hun! And of course, sub to her, she's an artist! LOVE YOU!Hugs and love, Lachicadelalluvia.
2,323 views | Sep 01, 2013
cooking | Layla and Jackie Kick Pt 1

Layla and Jackie Kick Pt 1

Scenes from the Australian show, Kick. Layla (Nicole Chamoun) is a university student arranged to be married to Sharif, but everything changes when Layla falls for fellow fencer Jackie (Romi Trower).Full episodes of the entire series can be found on my channel.No Copyright infringement intended.
2,323 views | Jan 12, 2011

cooking | Lesbian Song Woman vs. Woman new better version

Lesbian Song Woman vs. Woman new better version

This was the first lesbian song I ever uploaded, and I wanted to restore it's honor by giving it a brand new video that fits this beautiful song so well. Song: Mecano - Mujer Contra Mujer All scenes of the Pepa and Silvia storyline from the show Los Hombres De Paco
2,323 views | Jan 25, 2011
cooking | Pepa y Silvia me voy con ella

Pepa y Silvia me voy con ella

2,323 views | Sep 04, 2009
cooking | Pepa y Silvia scena inedita

Pepa y Silvia scena inedita

Scena inedita da Los Hombres de Paco
2,323 views | Jul 06, 2010
cooking | Marian Aguilera y Laura Sánchez Pepa Silvia

Marian Aguilera y Laura Sánchez Pepa Silvia

pictures of marian and laura. enjoy!!!!
2,323 views | Feb 27, 2009

cooking | Your Love is a Song

Your Love is a Song

MultiFandom - Your Love is a Song Callie & Arizona (Sara Ramirez Jessica Capshaw) - Gina & Ani (Crystal Chappell Jessica Leccia) - Cara (Tabrett Bethell ) - MyE (Fatima Baeza Patricia Vico) - Pepa y Silvia (Laura Sánchez Marian Aguilera) - Rizzoli & Isles(Angie Harmon Sasha Alexander)
2,323 views | Oct 06, 2010
cooking | Pepa y Silvia Want You So Bad

Pepa y Silvia Want You So Bad

This was a song request, by my good friend Mila (MedinaSaberRouge) Thanks guapa, for letting me work with you again, I have much fun! Thanks for all your help, through the endless drafts! lol And also and always, thanks to my Obi-wan (proudtobeme1122) who also suffers through drafts with me! lol Thanks, my friend, for all your help! Song is by Heart. clips property of Antena3. no infringement intended
2,323 views | Oct 06, 2009
cooking | Ana y Teresa AETR Cap. 220 Parte 2 AUDIO CORRECTO

Ana y Teresa AETR Cap. 220 Parte 2 AUDIO CORRECTO

El día después de haber agredido a Ibáñez en el Café Teatro, Héctor aún no ha dado señales de vida pero Ana, que ha convencido Bonilla para que le dijera donde estaba, empuja a Teresa para que llame a su marido y solucione las cosas. Sin embargo, los intentos de Teresa fracasan cuando al llamar la primera vez, Héctor no está y, la segunda, el hombre le cuelga el telefono después de haberle dicho, sin rodeos, que lo único que le interesa es Ana y todos los demás se le dan un ardite. Ana intenta consolarla pero, cuando Teresa le dice "menos mal que tengo a ti, Ana. Eres la única que me comprende de verdad", la Rivas se acuerda de las palabras que había dicho hablando con su madre y besa a Teresa, que no huye como de costumbre, sino que corresponde el beso y se lanza a su vez a los labios de Ana. Las dos hacen el amor y Ana confiesa a Teresa que está enamorada de ella y que es el amor de su vida. Pero, cuando Teresa le pregunta que qué va a pasar con su matrimonio, Ana le dice que la deje que la quiera y que nunca le pediría que deje a Héctor por ella.
2,323 views | Jul 14, 2010
cooking | Eloise When you fall

Eloise When you fall

Check out : http:youtu.bepzBay-OrnY0
2,323 views | Mar 24, 2011


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