Cooking Panlasang Pinoy Ginisang Gulay

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Ginisang Repolyo

Ginisang Repolyo or Sauteed Cabbage is a quick and easy vegetable recipe that goes well with white rice. Get the details of the recipe here http:panlasangp...
206,942 views | Dec 11, 2013

Ginisang Pechay

How to cook Ginisang Pechay the panlasangpinoy way
172,455 views | Jun 28, 2009

Adobong Sitaw

How to cook Adobong Sitaw the Panlasang Pinoy way. Visit us at
336,847 views | Jun 09, 2010

Ginisang Togue Sautéed Mung Bean Sprouts

How to cook Ginisang Togue the panlasangpinoy way
145,344 views | Jun 13, 2009

Ginisang Ampalaya

How to cook Ginisang Ampalaya the panlasangpinoy way. Please visit for the English translation and measurement details.
290,628 views | Jul 28, 2009

Ginisang Upo

How to cook ginisang Upo (Sauteed White Squash) the panlasang pinoy way. Visit us at
113,697 views | Aug 13, 2009

Ginisang Repolyo Baboy Pinoy cabbage Pork recipe Tagalog Filipino As part of the HOW TO COOK GREAT NETWORK - Also take a look at our channel for other ...
5,435 views | Feb 19, 2014


More recipe info and photos at -- http:www.ulampinoy.comcookingvideoginisang-monggo INGREDIENTS for 3 250 grams monggo 14 kg. pork belly, cut in to chu...
80,002 views | Oct 29, 2011

Ginisang Sitaw

Ginisang Sitaw or Sauteed String Beans is a nice vegetable recipe that you will surely enjoy. Get the details here: http:panlasangpinoy.com20120601gini...
80,409 views | May 31, 2012

Ginisang Repolyo

diet si mrs kaya eto naisip kong menu. gulay naman tayo ngayon..
148,964 views | Jan 18, 2010

Ginataang Sitaw at Kalabasa

Filipino Recipes - Cook n' Share how to make ginataang sitaw at kalabasa http:www.filipinocooking.netrecipeginataang-sitaw-at-kalabasa Music by: Kevin M...
50,942 views | Feb 05, 2012

Ginisang Munggo Recipe

Ginisang Munggo or Sauteed Mung Beans is a nice and budget friendly Filipino Recipe that you should try. Get the details here: http:panlasangpinoy.com2009...
143,125 views | Sep 07, 2012

Ginisang Sayote Recipe

Ginisang Sayote or Sauteed Chayote is a simple vegetable dish that anyone can prepare. This tastes great and is also budget friendly.Get the details here htt...
73,138 views | Aug 22, 2012


Bulanglang (Batangas) is a Healthy vegetable soup dish. Get the full recipe at http:panlasangpinoy.com20120114bulanglang
189,148 views | Jan 14, 2012

Pork Giniling

How to cook Pork Giniling the panlasangpinoy way. Visit us at
540,102 views | May 31, 2010

Ginisang Baguio Beans

gulay naman tayo.
43,836 views | Mar 29, 2009

Kangkong with Oyster Sauce

KainangPinoy shares MgaLutoNiMahal's recipe, Kangkong (Swamp Cabbage or Water Spinach) with Oyster Sauce. Enjoy watching at tara na pong kumain!!!
222,270 views | Jan 22, 2010

Pinoy Recipe Ginisang Gulay Sauteed Vegetables

Visit for details of this video recipe.
63,492 views | Jan 21, 2011

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