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Ophthalmology tropias versus phorias

From - Posted: Mar 10, 2009 - 145,852 views
Cooking | Ophthalmology tropias versus phorias | Ophthalmology tropias versus phorias
Ophthalmology tropias versus phorias
Ophthalmology tropias versus phorias
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This video shows animated cartoons demonstrating the difference between a tropia and a phoria. We go over the cover-uncover test and the cross-cover test. This segment was extracted from the Pediatric Ophthalmology lecture from
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Ophthalmology Lecture Tropias Phorias part 1 2 This presentation demonstrates an approach to eye-movement disorders commonly seen in an ophthalmology or optometry clinic. This is the first half of the lecture, and focusses on large-angle tropias and how to document and name tropias (exotropia,esotropia,hypertropia,hypotropia).
99,881 views | Nov 07, 2010

Ophthalmology Lecture Tropias Phorias part 2 2 The second half of this lecture focusses on the difference between phorias and tropias. Specifically, the cover-uncover test and the cross-cover test (also known as the alternate-cover test) are demonstrated.
129,500 views | Nov 07, 2010

tropia vs foria

Video educativo que trata de mostrar las diferencias al aplicar el Cover Test para medir una tropia y una foria Music by grapes http:ccmixter.orgfilesgrapes16626
49,952 views | May 24, 2011

Binocular Vision Made Easy

In this two part lecture we discuss and demonstrate techniques you can use when investigating suspected binocular vision disorders. Part one concentrates on history and symptoms, the cover test and motility testing.Part 2 can be seen here: http:youtu.beHnDQZD8k2fE
10,438 views | Jun 13, 2013

Cover Test Cover Uncover Test

A quick demo of how a cover test and a cover-uncover test is done on someone with a latent strabismus (exophoria)
93,094 views | Sep 24, 2010

Ophthalmology Lecture Amblyopia

This video excerpt describes how amblyopia develops in children. Basically, if one eye doesn't see well from an early age, the wiring never forms correctly back to the occipital cortex. This is an excerpt from a larger pediatric ophthalmology lecture from
46,143 views | Mar 10, 2009

Cranial Nerve Palsies ophthalmology lecture A presentation covering common nerve palsies involving the eye. This includes 3rd nerve palsy (oculomotor), 6th nerve palsy (abducens palsy) and 4th nerve palsy (superior oblique). The first portion of the lecture focuses on basic anatomy and nerve function ... while the second half involves patient examples to drive the points home.
23,093 views | Feb 10, 2013

Alternating Cover Test

70,920 views | Mar 23, 2009

Retinoscopy of the eye Ophthalmology

This video shows animated sequences on how to perform retinoscopy. Specifically, you'll see what the retina reflex looks like and the theory behind "with" and "against" movement. This is a usefull skill for checking glasses prescription in pre-verbal children and elderly. This clip was excerpted from the 23 minute long Pediatric Ophthalmology video which you'll find at
99,865 views | Mar 09, 2009

Direct Ophthalmoscopy Tutorial

Video tutorial on use of the direct ophthalmoscope as part of an ophthalmic examination. Part of a series of tutorials on
125,726 views | Aug 24, 2011

How to examine RAPD

A short video demonstrating how to correctly examine a patient's pupils to find a relative afferent pupil defect. Get my new (May 2013) interactive book on your iPad, http:itun.esi6xT3Yf
192,604 views | Apr 05, 2008

Ophthlmology Lecture Eye Anatomy Part 2 This is the second part of the eye anatomy from Here we cover the sclera, cornea, anterior chamber, iris, and lens (including cataract).
84,038 views | Feb 06, 2009

Glaucoma Introduction

introduction to glaucoma basic in diagnosis.. (
19,213 views | Jan 15, 2011

Orthoptic Clinical Skills Assessment of Binocular Vision

A video performed by La Trobe University's Orthoptic students explaining how to test a patients's binocular function.-Cover test -Bagolini Striated Glasses Test -4 Prism Dioptre Reflex Test -Binocular Visual Acuity -Lang2Any queries please comment below.
6,157 views | Sep 02, 2013

How I improved my Eyesight with Eye Exercises

READ BEFORE COMMENTING! FAQs: How is your eyesight now? It's about the same as when I made the video: I injured my right eye causing permanent vision impairment which then destroyed my motivation, so I'm still around -2. However, I am back to doing eye exercises as of Sept 2014 and plan on continuing doing them daily.Should I wear glasseslenses while doing the eye exercises? No. I'm assuming it's okay to palm while wearing lenses, but I have never tried lenses so I can't say for certain unless someone lets me know.Is it okay to wear my glasses all the time? The more you wear them the more you are letting your eyes be lazy. Of course some people, and especially those with higher prescriptions, will need to use their glasses almost all the time, but try to take some time off and do some exercises. As you progressively improve, you can ask your optometrist for a slightly lower prescription than what heshe would originally prescribe, to allow your eyes to work towards that prescription.Can these exercises be used to maintain current vision? Yes. It can take a lot of work to improve your vision, but to maintain it, much less effort is required.I am assuming 95%+ of the people who watch this video will not start doing eye exercises, which is totally understandable seeing how much time they can require. For those of you who do however, you should do more reading on the topic, and not only rely on the information presented in this video. (Disclaimer)WARNING: If you have glaucoma, longer sessions of palming will actually raise your eye pressure, which would of course be detrimental. For glaucoma it is recommended to massage and stretch the neck, and do the peripheral exercise described in the video.Further recommended resources: My other video demonstrating a few more eye exercises, with details in the description: http:bit.ly1wTD4Sg Yoga for Your Eyes DVD (free on youtube) by Meir Schneider: http:bit.ly1vsrluB David's Method: http:www.iblindness.orgdavids-method I highly recommend Meir Schneider's latest book, Vision for Life http:bit.ly1rzhiBr In addition to his earlier book, Yoga for Your Eyes. A forum containing lots of vision improvement enthusiasts: http:bit.ly1pLCFvu Article on sunlight improving vision: http:www.marksdailyapple.comsunlight-myopiaWhile on my computer I use very helpful and customizable software which reminds me to take breaks from using the computer. Every 20 minutes I have a 1 minute break, in which I stand up from my desk, move around a bit and either look out of the window or do a short stretch or eye exercise. It can be downloaded for free at this site (Mac OSX only) : http:bit.ly1eqNH9R If anyone knows of a PCwindows equivalent, please let me know and I'll link to it here.
52,713 views | Nov 01, 2012

Comparative Eye Anatomy ophthalmology A video rich examination of the various eyes in the animal kingdom, and what they can teach us about the human eye. The first half of this lecture discuses the progression of ocular complexity from single-celled organisms through mammalian eyes. The second half discuses alternative eye designs such as mirrors, compound eyes, slit-pupils, and inverted retinas.
12,022 views | Feb 12, 2012

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