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Ophthalmology tropias versus phorias

From - Posted: Mar 10, 2009 - 130,420 views
Cooking | Ophthalmology tropias versus phorias | Ophthalmology tropias versus phorias
Ophthalmology tropias versus phorias
Ophthalmology tropias versus phorias
Duration: 05 minute 13 seconds 
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This video shows animated cartoons demonstrating the difference between a tropia and a phoria. We go over the cover-uncover test and the cross-cover test. This segment was extracted from the Pe...
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Ophthalmology Lecture Tropias Phorias part 1 2 This presentation demonstrates an approach to eye-movement disorders commonly seen in an ophthalmology or optometry clinic. This is the first half of the lecture, and focusses on large-angle tropias and how to document and name tropias (exotropia,esotropia,hypertropia,hypotropia).
79,072 views | Nov 07, 2010

Direct Ophthalmoscopy Tutorial

Video tutorial on use of the direct ophthalmoscope as part of an ophthalmic examination. Part of a series of tutorials on
102,210 views | Aug 24, 2011

Cover Test Cover Uncover Test

A quick demo of how a cover test and a cover-uncover test is done on someone with a latent strabismus (exophoria)
72,333 views | Sep 24, 2010

Optometrist vs Ophthalmologist vs Optician

Here is an informative video explaining the difference between the three O's....Optometrist, Ophthalmologist and Optician
58,768 views | Jul 25, 2008

tropia vs foria

Video educativo que trata de mostrar las diferencias al aplicar el Cover Test para medir una tropia y una foria Music by grapes http:ccmixter.orgfilesgrapes16626
41,848 views | May 24, 2011

The Doctors Double Vision and Strabismus with Drs. Elise Brisco and Tr... Dr. Elise Brisco on the Emmy award winning show, "The Doctors" discusses double vision with Dr. Travis Stork. Double Vision can result from developmental eye problems such as strabismus, and convergence insufficiency or excess. Diplopia can also be the result of astigmatism and cataracts. Be aware of a sudden onset of double vision which could indicate a serious neurological problem such as stroke, aneurysm, or brain tumor. Poor eye muscle coordination affects your ability to enjoy 3D movies, read comfortably and efficiently, and impairs your depth perception. This can result in poor eye hand coordination while playing sportscatching a ball, parking a car, and can make you clumsy due to poor spatial localization. SEO Keywords: Dr. Elise Brisco, OD Los Angeles Optometrist Los Angeles Eye Doctor Eye Doctor for Children Children's Vision Double Vision Diplopia Strabismus Convergence Insufficiency Convergence Excess Eye Muscle Problems Vision Therapy Orthoptics Eye Exercises Dr. Travis Stork The Doctors TV show Optometrist 90048 Eye Hand Coordination Eye Body Coordination 3D movies Hollywood Vision Center Optometry Sports Vision How your Brain Sees Prism glasses Hollywood Optometrist Avatar
55,464 views | Mar 21, 2011

Retinoscopy of the eye Ophthalmology

This video shows animated sequences on how to perform retinoscopy. Specifically, you'll see what the retina reflex looks like and the theory behind "with" and "against" movement. This is a usefull skill for checking glasses prescription in pre-verbal children and elderly. This clip was excerpted from the 23 minute long Pediatric Ophthalmology video which you'll find at
92,808 views | Mar 09, 2009

Binocular Vision Made Easy

In this two part lecture we discuss and demonstrate techniques you can use when investigating suspected binocular vision disorders. Part one concentrates on history and symptoms, the cover test and motility testing.Part 2 can be seen here: http:youtu.beHnDQZD8k2fE
5,057 views | Jun 13, 2013

Actions of the ocular muscles

This short video demonstrates how the eye muscles work together to move the eye. Get my new (May 2013) interactive book on your iPad, http:itun.esi6xT3Yf for pupil examination.
232,412 views | Aug 06, 2008

Understanding Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy

Dr. Rodger Bodoia, M.D., Ph.D., specialist in diabetic eye care, explains the nature of proliferative diabetic retinopathy and how it is cared for.
56,317 views | Nov 26, 2010

exotropia, alternante, prequirurgico. doctor Alex Silva Sanchez, hospi...

esta chica de 22 anos con estrabismo, alternante y astigmatismode 2.50 en ambos ojos. con solo estrabismo horizontal, video previo a la cirugia
22,864 views | Feb 21, 2011

How to refract by dudley harris.wmv

technique for refraction
23,907 views | Aug 10, 2010

Ophthalmology Lecture Amblyopia

This video excerpt describes how amblyopia develops in children. Basically, if one eye doesn't see well from an early age, the wiring never forms correctly back to the occipital cortex. This is an excerpt from a larger pediatric ophthalmology lecture from
42,447 views | Mar 10, 2009

Estrabismo, Parte 2 2 FOSCAL

El estrabismo conocido popularmente como ojo bizco es una desviación ocular que registra de 2 a 5 casos por cada 100 niños menores de 15 años y uno de sus principales signos de alerta es la presencia de la enfermedad en la familia. No hay razón para esperar a que el niño sea mayor para iniciar el tratamiento, un diagnóstico oportuno evitara significativas limitaciones visuales en el futuro.
43,173 views | Feb 23, 2011

Ophthalmology Lecture Eye Anatomy Part 1 This lecture covers basic eye anatomy. This is the first 6 minutes of the powerpoint, which can be viewed in its entirety at Here we discuss eyelid and external eye structures.
182,558 views | Feb 05, 2009


7,555 views | Feb 02, 2011

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