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Officer Refuses to Apologize For Taking Paper Goes to Jail

From - Posted: Dec 15, 2009 - 2,263,848 views
Cooking | Officer Refuses to Apologize For Taking Paper Goes to Jail | Officer Refuses to Apologize For Taking Paper Goes to Jail
Officer Refuses to Apologize For Taking Paper Goes to Jail
Officer Refuses to Apologize For Taking Paper Goes to Jail
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Officer Goes to jail after taking paper from lawyer's folder in court proceedings and not apologizing.
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Deputy Takes Papers From Defense Table

In Maricopa County (Arizona) a detention officer walks over to the defense table, starts reviewing document, and with the assistance of a deputy removes a number of documents from the table. The judge appears to be alright with this activity.
155,298 views | Nov 06, 2009

Sheriff arrested

Okaloosa County Sheriff Charlie Morris is arrested fraud, theft and money laundering.
2,070,402 views | Jul 21, 2009

We need more Judges like this

Court room judge telling off the victims mother!I'm re-enabling comments on this video. I previously disabled them because I got sick of all the hate talk, but people have a right to speak their minds, so I'm going to try this again. I'm NOT a racist. I believe in equal rights for ALL people. A bad mother is a bad mother. Her skin color doesn't matter.
6,590,213 views | Jul 23, 2007

Shock Video Cop Protects First Amendment

Sheriff defends free speech rights against airport official during opt out campaign A shocking video has emerged of a police officer who abides by the oath he swore to uphold the constitution by defending the free speech rights of activists who were targeted by airport officials during the opt out and film campaign.The clip shows activists Ashley Jessica and Jason Bermas handing out flyers warning travelers about the dangers of x-ray body scanners at Albany International Airport in New York.Almost as soon as the activists begin to hand out the flyers, they are confronted by an aggressive airport official later named as Douglas I. Myers, the airport's Director of Public Affairs.Myers orders the activists to leave the top floor and later takes the unprecedented step of closing off the entire level and preventing families from meeting their loved ones. He subsequently claims the activists need a permit and a $1 million dollar insurance liability merely to film inside the airport, despite the fact that the TSA's own website clearly states that TSA checkpoints can be filmed at any airport.Myers' attempts to get the activists in trouble with police are derailed when Sheriff Stan Lenic steps in to handle the situation, pointing out to Myers that they have a right to film under the First Amendment."Obviously this is your constitutional right, as far as we're concerned you're not breaking any laws," Lenic tells Bermas.When Myers asks the Sheriff to detain the activists, Lenic responds, "I can't do that."Myers then asks for Bermas' identification, to which Sheriff Lenic responds, "He doesn't have to show you his identification.""I need to get it from you," Myers tells the Sheriff as he winks at him, to which Sheriff Lenic responds "I can't give you that.""Just so you know, he's not doing anything wrong," Deputy Lenic forcefully tells Myers, before quoting the New York penal law code."If I was to ask for his identification he does not have to give it to me because he's not doing anything wrong," adds Lenic.Myers' claim that Jessica is blocking the escalator is also dismissed by Lenic. Myers then claims the filming is illegal because it is "commercial" and could appear on the Drudge Report -- which is a news aggregator and not a commercial website.Lenic should obviously be commended for his fine job in upholding constitutional rights. If there's an award for cop of the year, he should win it hands down. He is a shining example to other police officers who have completely failed to apply the law in similar situations.!RealAlexJones http:www.facebook.comAlexanderEmerikJones [Join The Alex Jones Team and Start Getting Healthy Today!]
2,136,437 views | Nov 27, 2012

Biker spanks Cop in court Part1

Part 1 is the prosecutor questioning his witness. Part 2 is the biker defendant questioning him.
693,549 views | Aug 05, 2011

75 Years in Prison For Videotaping Police

Wtf I'm sick of this police state
629,491 views | Sep 05, 2011

Federal Agents Breaking the Law Arlington,VA 10 5 09

Arlington,VA - Clarendon Area Defense Intelligence Agency - Defense Department
1,011,094 views | Oct 07, 2009

Judge scolds jury for getting the verdict wrong

FRANKLIN COUNTY, OH -- Judge Amy Salerno told a jury that they reached the wrong verdict. Showing her lack of impartiality, she publicly chastised the jury in open court. Disgraceful behavior for a judge. https:www.facebook.comPoliceStateUSA"The judge came off the bench, and she indicated she thought they had gotten the verdict wrong," Judge Green said. "They were further told, 99 percent of the time, the jury gets it right. It's now 98 percent. They brought that percentage down by getting it wrong."Jurors have the unequivocal right to vote the way they want to vote. They have the power to judge both the case, and the law itself. If the law is unjust, they have the right to nullify that law, even if the defendant broke it. Corrupt judges hate jury nullification, and lie to jurors about their rights. And in some cases, publicly throw fits when the defendant is set free.FAIR USE SOURCE: http:abc6onyourside.comsharednewsfeaturestop-storiesstorieswsyx_franklin-co-judge-scolds-jury-after-not-guilty-verdict-25391.shtml
1,381,890 views | Aug 06, 2013

Trooper Caught Fighting With Paramedic Suspended

An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper caught on video cussing and fighting with the driver of an ambulance carrying a patient has been suspended for five days. (July 23)
697,185 views | Jul 23, 2009

Cop Quits Over Traffic Stop of Elderly Speeder

An elderly man racing to the hospital says a Texas police officer almost cost him his life after the officer held him up for over an hour during a traffic stop. (Aug. 6)
1,915,986 views | Aug 06, 2010

NYPD cop arrested for Extorting restaurant owner !

A NYPD cop and two fellow thugs — including a reputed gangster who was involved in a fatal stabbing of a groom-to-be — were arrested Tuesday for extorting monthly "protection" payments from an Albanian restaurant in Queens, federal authorities said.The cop, Besnik Llakatura, conspired to shake down the restaurant owner with Llakatura playing the role of the good cop with the victim who was his friend, authorities said.The restaurant owner went to Llakatura, a friend, and asked what he should do. Lakatura advised the restaurant owner from reporting the extortion telling him he had no choice but to make the payments, authorities said.The victim shelled out $24,000 over five months for the phony protection. In a phone call intercepted by the feds, Llakatura jokingly referred to how he "taxes" local businesses, according to court papers filed in Brooklyn Federal Court. Also charged were Redinel Dervishaj — who allegedly warned the victim that he had to pay up because he had opened the restaurant in "our neighborhood" — and Denis Nikolla who allegedly menaced the victim at gunpoint when he initially refused their threats."The defendants told their victims they offered 'protection' but in reality they peddled fear and intimidation through the Albanian community," said Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch
382,112 views | Dec 03, 2013

Two brothers are harassed by police Then one officer gives a shove and...

Detroit Police deemed it reasonable and appropriate for their officers to harass and shove two brothers, Tywonn Mitchell and Naybon Moore who had stopped at a Coney Island to eat last May. When cameras were rolling, police officers tailed the two from the parking lot and entered behind the boys presumably to get something to eat. But soon they approached the two boys and began questioning them and asking for their identification. Citizens are not required to present identification if they are not suspected of a crime however, so it is puzzling why they were asking for the ID. The boys initially argued with the two police, asking them why they wanted the identification. One of the men is studying criminal justice and knows his constitutional rights. It could have stopped right there. Officers have been asked about why they initiated a confrontation. The officers claim the two young men made a "grim expression". The officer asked about what happened in the parking lot and they argue the boys were unruly and aggressive. Tywonn and Naybon say the tape disproves that however. Detroit police are claiming that slapping an officer's hand away is assault and a crime.
1,771,566 views | Aug 31, 2013

Man s Unexpected Last Words Before Execution

A man's surprising last words before execution.Texas death row inmate Richard Cobb was recently executed. When asked for his last words, the man said, "Life is death, death is life. I hope that someday this absurdity that humanity has come to will come to an end. Life is too short. I hope anyone that has negative energy towards me will resolve that." As the lethal injection took effect, Cobb completed his final words to the world with, "Wow! That is great. That is awesome! Thank you, warden!" Cobb earned his capital charge by killing one of the three people he and a partner abducted during a convenience store robbery. All three were shot and left for dead, and one woman was raped.One of his victims attended the execution, but said she did not see the remorse she was hoping for. The father of the man slain by Cobb said, "I think justice was served but it doesn't change anything to speak of. All he did was go to sleep. That's it." The violent crimes occurred on September 2nd of 2002. At his trial, Cobb said he robbed the store to support his drug habit.
6,249,619 views | Apr 29, 2013

The Most Dangerous Prison In USA

Check Out More Videos At
2,099,769 views | Feb 03, 2014

State Trooper vs Local Police Cop Pulls Gun Out On Another COP!

NEW JERSEY (WABC) -- An angry confrontation between a New Jersey State trooper and local police officers was all caught on camera. It was an embarrassing verbal slugfest and a turf war between cops.The anger, the swearing, and a gun pulled from a holster, all played out on the New Jersey Turnpike in front of two suspects pulled over by a plain clothes policeman. The state trooper who confronts the undercover cop was skeptical about the whole thing. That's when the fur flies.
745,905 views | Aug 30, 2013

NYPD Cop hits Supreme Court Judge in the throat !

Justice Thomas Raffaele says he was calling 911 to get help for NYPD officers that were attempting to subdue a suspect when one came over and gave him a swift chop to the throat. The Judge found himself doubled over gasping for air as the officer walked off laughing according to his friend that was with him.All to often citizens claim they are assaulted by NYPD officers which falls on deaf ears in court as the officer's word is almost always taken over the citizen's. I wonder how this will play out being that this time the victim of the police brutality is Supreme Court Judge with credibility.This Supreme Court judge experienced 1st hand the brutality that many innocent bystanders have endured at the hands of NYPD officers that are very angry that the public is waking up to their oppressive and sinister practices.I believe we should all look out for one another and record all police interaction, this way it will become very easy to weed out the corrupt elements of the NYPD that wish to abuse the authority granted them by the people.New York Gun license information:
271,934 views | Jun 06, 2012

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