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Niño de Mongolia canta a su Madre Spanish subs

From - Posted: Oct 12, 2011 - 1,581,401 views
Cooking | Niño de Mongolia canta a su Madre Spanish subs | Niño de Mongolia canta a su Madre Spanish subs
Niño de Mongolia canta a su Madre Spanish subs
Niño de Mongolia canta a su Madre Spanish subs
Duration: 03 minute 39 seconds 
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El niño de Mongolia, Wudamu de 10 años de edad, canta la canciòn "Madre en mi sueño" en el programa "China tiene talento" 2011. Ganò el concurso con esta canciòn.
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niño hace llorar cantando a su madre que esta en el cielo

Aqui esta el video clip ..
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Niño brasileño con una voz como la de Michael Jackson Agnus Dei Jotta ...

JOTTA A. sings AGNUS DEI by Michael W Smith ( ) Also look for his renderings of AMAZING GRACE, OH HAPPY DAY, SONDA ME, and HALLELUJAH
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voz impresionante niño de 11 años

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Madre en el Sueño Mother in the Dream Español subt

Este es Uudam , El pequeño de 12 años audicionando para el Show, China Got talent, el nos demuestra el AMOR PURO A LA emocion con una voz divina, la traduccion se hizo tomada de los subtitulos de un video de ingles al español: No soy dueño de video , PLUS: i dont own this video, no copyright intended. solo queremos compartir esta hermosa experiencia
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Niña Lita Pezo Sorprende al Jurado cantando cancion de Isabel PantojaE...

Niña Lita Melissa Pezo sorprende cantando como Isabel Pantoja en el casting de Peru Tiene Talento. Presentaciones de LITA PEZO ► Lita Melissa Pezo participo en la Temporada 2014 de Yo Soy Kids ganando y sorprendiendo al Jurado.
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Korea s Got Talent Sung Bong Choi in El Homiguero

Thank you all for the many views and I LikeChildhood Abandoned in an orphanage at the age of three, Choi claims that he ran away from the institution when he was 5 years old because of having been beaten. He lived in stairwells and public washrooms and sold chewing gum and energy drinks to survive. He also delivered milk and newspapers in addition to working as a laborer, beginning at age eight. Choi said that very bad things happened to him as a child and that he was sold to someone. However, he met a woman who ran a food cart outside a night club. She gave him the name "Ji-Sung". She also encouraged Choi to take the Korean equivalent of a GED (General Educational Development) exam so that he could complete his elementary and junior high curricula in order to enter high school. He graduated from Daejeon Arts High School. Choi stated during the audition that he had attended the high school. He also mentioned that there were no teachers to give him vocal training at the school since he did not have the financial resources to pay for master classes. He work at a delivery service to earn tuition and money for lessons, but it resulted in a traumatic fall during his 8:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. shift. Choi subsequently received medical treatment at Kun Yang University Hospital. Prior to the fall, as a child, Choi had two car accidents for which he did not receive proper medical treatment for many years. When Choi got admitted at Kun Yang University Hospital due to other medical issues related to the earlier car accidents, he voluntarily performed a recital for four students who needed the financial aid for schools during his in-patient stay. He initially considered dropping out of high school, and his high school music teacher noted that Choi was often absent from classes due to his difficult situation. Choi could not continue with post-secondary education due to his limited financial resources.Instead, he worked as a construction worker with the type of work similar to that of a day laborer. Choi was able to track his official record with the name Sungbong Choi at the orphanage. However, this was not the name given to him by his parents. It was the name he was given by the orphanage; as a result, Choi preferred the name Ji-Sung over Sungbong. Due to his immense TV exposure and popularity from Korea's Got Talent, Choi's background has been intensely searched and has been verified by Netizens and South Korean media[citation needed] . Musical background Choi was inspired to pursue a career in music when he was 14 years old, after listening to a classical vocalist at the nightclub where he sold chewing gum. He later found a teacher, Park Jung-So, who agreed to teach him without charge and helped him get into an arts high school at age 16. Choi mentioned during the Korea's Got Talent audition that he was particularly fascinated by the sincerity of the vocalist. He became a musical autodidact and later pursued classical vocal training at the musical department of Daejeon Arts High School.Choi stated that his favorite vocalist is Andrea Bocelli. Korea's Got TalentAppearance and Performance On 6 June 2011, Choi's performance of "Nella Fantasia" moved judges and audience members to tears. He introduced himself as a manual laborer who had made a living selling gum and energy drinks for ten years. All the judges, including Kolleen Park, were impressed with his vocal talent. Choi advanced to the finals of the competition, finishing second by 280 votes. During his first appearance in replying to a judge's question on whether he had vocal training, Choi said he studied on his own, but took master classes whenever he had opportunities. YouTube sensation Choi's performance clip made it to YouTube and triggered a worldwide Internet sensation. One version with English subtitles has triggered international press interest and a worldwide view that Choi was "the next Susan Boyle".The video itself has more than 60 million views.
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Lucky Area 51 Britain s Got Talent 2012 Audition

5 May 2012Britain's Got Talent (often shortened to BGT or Got Talent) is a British television talent show competition which started in June 2007 and originated from the Got Talent series. The show is produced by FremantleMedia's Talkback Thames and Simon Cowell's production company SYCOtv. The show is broadcast on ITV in the UK and TV3 in the Republic of Ireland. The spin-off show Britain's Got More Talent is shown in both countries also. Anyone of age with some sort of talent to audition for the show can audition. Acts will compete against each other in order to gain the audience support while trying to win the title of "The winner of Britain's Got Talent". Each year, on the morning of the first show of the new series, Britain's Got Talent has a special program titled "Most Talented", featuring interviews of the winners from the previous series and their progress since winning."Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship,research and Enjoyment. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use."& Thanks To Wikipedia For All The Information.Please Enjoy.
13,105,413 views | May 05, 2012


The Zimmers, a 15-strong group of singing pensioners, audition for Britain's Got Talent with their own unique version of (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!) by the Beastie Boys. The band members are aged between 66 and 88 !
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niños genios con la guitarra

la destreza y habilidad e inteligencia de estos niños indican talento de genios
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Cutest little Chinese girl on China s Got Talent

My wife was in tears laughing at the computer the other night. When I asked her what was wrong, she made me look at this little gem. It's priceless. Simon Cowell must be making a packet!I obviously do not own or claim copyright of chinas got talent which this clip is from.edit: China's Got Talent English Blog: CopyRights belongs to SMGBB.COM
3,860,236 views | May 18, 2011

Bebe Tocando la Guitarra

Quieres saber más?
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Factor X Chile Hector Nuñez El Yerberito HD

La tragica experiencia de Hector se contrapone a la energia y alegria que pone en su interpretacion de el Yerberito en Factor X Chile
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Susan Boyle Casting Impresionante y Conmovedor Subtitulado en Español ...

Este video Único es una maravillosa experiencia de Susan Boyle mujer escocesa, especial, que ha compartido con el mundo su gran belleza, su gran sencillez, su voz única, dulce y cristalina han dado al mundo una gran lección cumpliendo su gran sueño!!! Gracias por compartir también con nosotros tu gran sueño hecho realidad y por hacernos soñar a cada uno de nosotros! Gracias por existir y por hacer este mundo mejor, siendo y estando! Desde México te agradecemos, te amamos y te apoyamos Susan Boyle!
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2,956,752 views | Apr 08, 2010


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